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Women in Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Quay West Suites Melbourne
28 February 2018 - 01 March 2018

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Women are undeniably underrepresented across executive-level leadership roles in the Manufacturing realm. It is more critical than ever to identify ways to overcome these barriers in order to reach your career goals. Both emerging and established leaders within this space need to enhance essential skills and develop strategies to take the next step and stand out in their leadership journey.

The Women in Manufacturing Leadership Summit will provide you with the tools necessary to unleash your leadership capabilities and lead with purpose. This unmissable event will explore how to build confidence, seize opportunities and break the glass ceiling - a recipe for success!
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- Network with and learn from established leaders
- Develop and define your leadership qualities
- Position yourself for career advancement
- Formulate a plan to accelerate growth
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Female leaders with the manufacturing industry who work in Mid-level to Senior Executive roles with the organisation. Including:

- Heads of
- General Managers
- National Managers
- Group Managers
- Senior Managers
- Line or Business Managers
- Team Leaders
- Chief Executive Officers
- Chief Financial Officers
- Chief Marketing Officers
- Managing Directors
- Vice Presidents
- Directors

27 February 2018

09:00 - 16:30


Authentic leadership through self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Genuine leadership starts from within; it requires you to identify what drives you, map out your professional purpose and take ownership of your pathway. A clear understanding of Emotional Intelligence and practicing self-awareness will allow you to break through both internal and external barriers, gain control of your cognitive perspectives and lead from the heart. 

This interactive workshop will enable delegates to delve into the basics of Emotional Intelligence and apply it to their personal leadership style to promote authenticity and self-awareness. This workshop will provide delegates with valuable skills to lead better and brighter. 

Self-leadership - Your personal leadership matrix

• Explore your personal leadership framework

• Understand your strategies and thinking styles

• Map out your drivers, strengths and purpose

Exploring cognitive perspectives

• Explore beliefs and values and how it shapes your world

• Identify your current leadership style

• Create your vision for how you want to show up as a leader

Emotional Intelligence for leadership

• What is Emotional Intelligence?

• Understand the impact of EQ to self-leadership 

• Learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence 

Practicing self-awareness 

• Create a self-leadership goal and plan

• Develop strategies to overcome internal and external barriers

• Identify the resources needed to execute your plan

Mary-Anne Kamel - Executive Coach and Facilitator
MAK Executive Pty Ltd

28 February 2018

09:00 - 09:50

Case Study

How to be a successful woman in a manufacturing environment

The underrepresentation of females in the manufacturing industry is undeniable. The gender imbalance creates barriers that women must overcome to advance their career. In this session, Fran will discuss how she has paved her leadership pathway and reached success.

- Overcome unconscious bias

- Harness your strengths as a female

- Navigate the gender gap

Fran Murphy - Executive Director
BAE Systems Australia

09:50 - 10:40

Case Study

Advice to my younger self

When looking back at one’s career, many leaders have experiences which they have learned valuable lessons to help shape them into who they are today. In this session, Andrew will reflect on his career journey and offer insight into key lessons learnt throughout the way.

- Learn from mistakes

- Overcome fear of failure

- Important takeaways

Andrew Spence - National Manager Operations and Supply Chain
BlueScope Steel

11:45 - 12:35

Case Study

Maximise your full potential

Positioning yourself for career success requires utilising an array of skills to stand out and ensure your voice is heard. In this session, Angelica will discuss how she has cultivated her management presence and encompassed the many traits of a modern leader.

- Step into your leadership capabilities

- Gain credibility and acceptance

- Go above your job title

Dr. Angelica Vecchio-Sadus - HSE Manager
CSIRO Manufacturing

13:35 - 14:25

Case Study

Unleash your leadership capabilities

Recognising your strengths and utilising your key skills is important to reach leadership potential and progress in your career journey. In this session, Anne will reflect on how she has reached success and provide advice to those looking to propel their professional pathway.

- Advice to aspiring leaders

- How to harness your strengths

- Step up and go after your goals

Anne Koopmann - Head of Quality and Lean Manufacturing Australia
Bombardier Transportation

14:25 - 15:15

Expert Commentary

Utilising Emotional Intelligence for workplace excellence

Identifying and managing the emotions of both yourself and your team is an important attribute of a leader working within a complex environment. In this session, Angela will delve into the foundations of Emotional Intelligence and how it can be applied within your workplace.

- Understand how emotionally intelligent leaders can drive high performance and employee engagement

- The impact emotions can have on your performance, decision-making ability and behaviour

- Understand and enhance your Emotional Intelligence

Angela McWiggan - Leadership Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and Trainer
Sure Trac Consulting

15:30 - 16:20

Expert Commentary

What is your personal brand and why does it matter?

Your personal brand represents who you are, what you do, how you do it and so much more. It represents both how you show your brand and how others perceive it. In this session, Grace will explore how to evolve your brand and how it impacts your professional leadership presence.

- The importance of your authentic and compelling personal brand

- How can you discover, communicate and align your brand?

- Simple steps in the right direction to evolve your brand

Grace Thomas - Executive Leadership Coach

01 March 2018

09:00 - 10:00

Case Study

Breaking the glass ceiling

For women working within manufacturing roles and organisations, overcoming the gender gap and navigating unconscious bias is an inevitable part of your career. In this session, Tina will discuss how she has broken both her personal and professional barriers and accomplished her leadership goals.

- How to identify your barriers

- Create a plan of action

- Utilise your strengths

Tina Hu - Supply Chain Director
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

10:00 - 11:00

Case Study

Standing out in a large organisation

When working within a large organisation, sometimes it's easy to become 'just another face' and lose track of how to progress in your career. In this session, Wayne will discuss the steps he took to advance his leadership journey and stand out from the crowd.

- Make a name for yourself

- How to gain recognition

- Ensure your voice is heard

Wayne Angus - Chief Supply Chain Officer
Asahi Beverages

11:15 - 12:15

Case Study

Taking smart risks

A successful leadership journey requires dedication, hard work and taking strategic risks to further your career. In this session, Adele will discuss her defining moments and the impact of these on her career progression. 

- Identify opportunities

- Find the courage to step up

- Important lessons learnt

Adele Keating - Head of Human Resources, Supply and Manufacturing

13:15 - 14:15


Seizing opportunities & positioning yourself for advancement

For every leader, there comes a time when a career change is necessary, so it is important to recognise opportunities and take smart risks. This interactive panel discussion will explore how to spot opportunities for career progression and navigate transitions.

- Recognise opportunities

- How to manage change

- Know when to make your move

Dr. Angelica Vecchio-Sadus - HSE Manager
CSIRO Manufacturing
Sally Renshaw - Global Talent and OD Manager
GM Holden
Amanda Jackson - General Manager Human Resources, Australia and New Zealand
LG Electronics

14:15 - 15:15

Expert Commentary

Apply coaching to existing skill sets for leadership excellence

To successfully support both personal and team growth within your organisation, enhancing current and emerging skill sets is essential. In this session, Sam will explore the role coaching can play in ​leading your team and expanding your own personal career.

- The role of coaching in ​management

- ​Create the context and culture for coaching

- ​The critical components in the relationship between coach and coachee

Sam Patterson - Leadership Coach and Director of Training
Health Coaches International

15:30 - 16:20


Future directions for women in manufacturing

As Angela brings the Summit to a close, delegates will be asked to reflect on key takeaways from the conference, highlight valuable advice that speakers offered and summarise the strategies needed to break the barriers to reach your leadership potential.

- Key takeaways from the Summit

- Techniques for reaching your career goals

- How to thrive as a women within the manufacturing realm

Angela McWiggan - Leadership Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer
Sure Trac Consulting

02 March 2018

Wayne Angus
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Asahi Beverages
Dr. Angelica Vecchio-Sadus
HSE Manager
CSIRO Manufacturing
Sally Renshaw
Global Talent and OD Manager
GM Holden
Andrew Spence
National Manager Operations and Supply Chain
BlueScope Steel
Anne Koopmann
Head of Quality and Lean Manufacturing Australia
Bombardier Transportation
Amanda Jackson
General Manager Human Resources, Australia and New Zealand
LG Electronics
Mary-Anne Kamel
Executive Coach and Facilitator
MAK Executive Pty Ltd
Adele Keating
Head of Human Resources, Supply and Manufacturing
Tina Hu
Supply Chain Director
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Fran Murphy
Executive Director
BAE Systems Australia
Angela McWiggan
Leadership Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer
Sure Trac Consulting
Grace Thomas
Executive Leadership Coach
Sam Patterson
Leadership Coach and Director of Training
Health Coaches International
Lara Hendriks
Senior Director, Antarctic Tasmania, Advanced Manufacturing, Defence, Maritime and Northern Engagement
Department of State Growth
Pollyanna Lenkic
Company founder
Perspectives Coaching
Jeney Isbel
Site Quality Director
Pfizer Melbourne
Quay West Suites Melbourne

Phone: +61 3 9693 6010
26 Southgate Avenue
Southbank, Melbourne
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