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Engineers Leadership Toolkit

Cliftons Wellington

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Engineering projects and businesses succeed where relationships are strong and organisational goals, behaviours and results are owned and clear to everyone. In the contemporary private and public sector world of complexity and uncertainty, to emerge as a skilled leader you must remain resilient and build a team on a foundation of trust to draw out their natural abilities and strengths. This workshop will explore a variety of practical tools and techniques to lift the performance of teams and their leaders operating in an engineering environment.

Engineering leaders must be both technically proficient and business savvy, and be capable of solving complex business and client-facing problems quickly and efficiently. Even the most accomplished engineering professional will understand that technology and business skills alone will not assure either effective leadership or strategic thinking. To be a leader and add strategic value to the organisation, engineering professionals need to complement their occupational expertise with breakthrough leadership and coherent strategic business planning skills.

Leading professional, high-performance teams to both deliver for clients, and to add strategic value to the organisation, requires an ability to engage with and easily convey complex information to non-technical executive and leadership colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. An engineering leader must also inculcate in their team an understanding of their contribution to business strategy, and develop a workplace culture conducive to innovation, and focussed on results.

Moreover, the need to complete tasks and projects effectively and safely and on schedule means engineers also often find themselves in an environment where there is a zero margin for error, yet a natural tension between competing commercial and technical objectives. This two-day masterclass will introduce you to strategies for driving performance, modifying your communication style, engaging staff and stakeholders and adding strategic value. Delegates will address their own leadership styles, strengthen existing skills and develop new leadership techniques.

This workshop will equip engineers and technical professionals with the leadership skills to build high performance teams, to think strategically and plan coherently, interact with and encourage buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders; therefore adding value to their organisations. Throughout this interactive session, participants will explore a range of practical methods, tools and techniques, and exchanging ideas on how to solve real world problems.
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•Understanding yourself and others to positively change your leadership performance
•Leading with authenticity and purpose
•Establishing trust and achieving buy-in from teams and stakeholders
•Managing difficult conversations and turning conflict into a positive driver of performance
•Understanding and using the power of positive plain language and challenging conversations
•Creating and implementing effective strategy, and fostering innovation to add business value
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Engineers and related technical professionals and aspiring leaders within:

- Engineering
- Maintenance
- Asset Management
- Infrastructure
- Construction
- Mining / Oil and Gas
- Energy
- Defence
- Project Management
- Government
- Transport
- Information Technology
- Academia / Education / Research
- Science and Innovation
- Manufacturing

14 March 2017

08:23 - 08:23


Day One

The foundations of breakthrough leadership 
•    The essential qualities of a leader
•    The neuroscience of leadership - an evidence-based overview of the resilient leader
•    Emotional intelligence, understanding ourselves and others - a vital skill to better connect and communicate with diverse multi-disciplinary teams
•    Adaptive leadership: reconciling head, heart and gut in leadership conversations and decision making

Leading cohesive high performing teams
•    Defining the leadership team
•    The dysfunctions that derail team performance
•    Engineering the cohesive team: building trust, mastering conflict, achieving commitment, peer accountability, focus on results
Adaptive leaders as team performance coach
•    Coaching as a style of leadership
•    Leading and coaching the team effectively in uncertain and ambiguous environments, and to manage competing priorities
•    The myth of ‘360 degree’ surveys: Giving and receive feedback

The power of positive plain language and the conversations leaders must have
•    Change the future to deliver a results performance breakthrough: the power of clear, positive, future-based language
•    Conflict resolution: difficult conversations to address poor performance and behaviour; conversations with difficult people; and influencing upward
•    Compelling communication – business clarity for engineers, and technical clarity for business leadership
•    Overcoming our obstacles to performance as leaders
Stephen Dunkerley - Founder and Director
Matsue Pty. Ltd

15 March 2017

08:29 - 08:29


Day Two

The business of leading organisational change and complex projects
•    The governance and leadership of engineering and business projects
•    What leaders need to know about the neuropsychology of change
•    The cognitive and emotional processes underpinning resistance to change
•    Achieving resilience and adaptability in demanding environments
•    Engaging stakeholders as your change champions and partners

Leading the management of risk 
•    Explore the roadblocks to problem project recognition
•    Identifying and understanding risk 
•    Leadership: The courage to make the intervention decision, and the resilience to follow through
•    How to rapidly put troubled projects into recovery (Administration)
•    How to rapidly put failed projects into termination (Receivership)
•    Lessons learned: A governance and risk leadership framework for project success

Strategic planning as an engineering leader 
•    Blue Ocean strategy: Shifting your leadership focus for success
•    Identifying bad strategy, good strategy 
•    The kernel of good strategy: challenges diagnosis, guiding policy, coherent actions
•    Using SWOT analyses for informed decisions 
•    Strategic challenges and priorities for Engineering leaders
•    Navigating challenging business scenarios: conflict resolution and difficult decision making and nurturing innovation a political environment 

Open Forum 
Participant led conversation on the ‘hot-topic’ contemporary issues for engineering and technology leader
Stephen Dunkerley - Founder and Director
Matsue Pty. Ltd.
Stephen Dunkerley
Founder and Director
Matsue Pty. Ltd
Cliftons Wellington
Phone: +64 4 901 9011
Level 28, The Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street

New Zealand
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