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Communication Professionals Leadership Toolkit

Novotel Canberra

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In an era defined by unprecedented media connectivity and 24 hour interaction, the success of any organisation rests on the ability of the communication team to ensure staff are engaged, understand what is expected of them, and that external stakeholders are kept informed and satisfied. Communication professionals are technical specialists, but mastery of this specialised knowledge doesn’t equate to successful leadership.

Transitioning from a technical communication specialist to a strategic leader who not only supports the business, but adds value through decisive guidance, is not a straight forward process. As a leader, it’s vital to consider the broader organisational goals and constraints and align not only yourself but your team with them. Leaders in the communication profession need to create an environment conducive to fast, creative, and considered decisions.

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a number of activities and be presented with strategies designed to assist their progression from technical specialist to strategic leader. The interactive course will explore the demands of communications leadership and the skills and attributes needed to lead an effective team and achieve key organisational outcomes.
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Management vs. Leadership - What's the difference?

Identifying and developing your existing leadership qualities

Strategies for achieving peak performance

Collaborative working and relationship building

Increasing your influence and strategic lens

Maximising your personal leadership potential

Positioning yourself for success

Driving change within the organisation
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Professionals at all levels, from technical specialists, coordinators and officers through to management and executive seeking to improve their leadership capability in the following roles:

• Communications
• Public Relations
• Public Affairs
• Media
• Digital
• External Relations
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Community Engagement
• Social Media
• Corporate Affairs
• Marketing
• Publications / Editorial

06 April 2017

06:30 - 14:30


Day 1

Exploring personal strengths and areas for growth
-Management vs. Leadership - What's the difference?
- Identifying and aligning personal leadership traits with organisational goals
 - Recognising and  managing the demands of leadership 
- Understanding the expectations of internal and external stakeholders

Understanding and developing your leadership capability
- Explore your preference profile and the profile of others
- Identify skills by applying the competence model
- Explore the 4 competencies of leadership
- Motivating and driving performance

Building a cohesive and high performing team to improve productivity:
- Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your reports
- Explore and apply the Parker team player survey 
- Encouraging feedback and discussion to improve timeliness, creativity and effectiveness
- Understanding the needs and motivations of stakeholders

Getting the best out of people 
- Becoming a better listener
- Emotional intelligence and the emotional competence framework 
- Coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback 
- Exploring various mindsets 
Adrian Cropley - President and Founder
Cropley Communications

07 April 2017

06:30 - 14:30


Day 2

 Becoming an influencer and strategic advisor 
- Adding value as an advisor within your organisation 
- Be seen as the strategic advisor or trusted business partner in your organisation
- Create impact to drive the business forward

Developing a consultative approach to demonstrate your value:
- What does it mean to take a consultative approach?
- Explore the consultative model, understand what outcome you want to achieve 
- Hook/offer request to earn the right to consult
- Conduct a contracting conversation

Building trust and influencing your key stakeholders:
- Working through trust and the trust equation
- Know how you influence, what is in your toolkit
- Know who you need to influence and why
- Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations

Develope a leadership action plan for yourself and your team
- Identify skill gaps and how can you fill them?
- Build your plan to increase your leadership position
- Identify the plan for your team? What are the gaps? What are the opportunities and challenges?
- Final wrap up and reflection.
Adrian Cropley - President and Founder
Cropley Communications
Adrian Cropley
President and Founder
Cropley Communications
Novotel Canberra
Phone: 02 6245 5000
65 Northbourne Ave
Canberra, ACT
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