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APS 5-6 High Performance and Leadership Workshop

Cliftons Canberra

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Due to new strategic directions and ongoing transformational change occurring within the Australian Public Service, there is now an enhanced focus and greater need for more effective leadership performance across all levels. Public Sector leaders are now required to undertake work of a more complex nature, operating in a more autonomous and strategic manner. As such, emerging leaders eager to take their career to the next level must be better equipped with the appropriate tools and strategies in order to achieve success. This is particularly at the APS 5-6 banded level, which increasingly requires greater strategic awareness and effective engagement with senior leadership.

Aimed at APS 5-6 level officers and management, this two day workshop will provide an opportunity to advance core skills and explore the emerging leadership capabilities required for effective APS 5-6 level management. It will explore the core attributes required for successful leadership within the Australian Public Service and will delve into the practical strategies relating to leading productive teams, improve decision making, apply strategic management thinking and develop key skills of stakeholder engagement and communication. These areas are of increasing importance for APS 5-6 level management leaders to perform at a higher level and to reach their full leadership potential.

This interactive workshop will provide participants with a unique professional development opportunity to enhance and refine a solid toolkit in order to achieve leadership goals. It is ideal for career driven individuals who aim to unlock their potential advance their career within the Australian Public Service.
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- Identifying and developing your capabilities as a confident and successful Public Sector leader
- Building productive relationships and leading proficient and capable teams
- Leveraging your emotional intelligence to advance as a leader
- Practical, autonomous and effective decision making processes
- Career planning and pathways in APS roles
- Driving strategic change and management to improve procedures and meet agency goals
- Developing and maintaining internal and external stakeholder engagement
- Strategies to identify problems and implement effective problem solving solutions
- Implementing agile and effective change management strategies
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Aspiring, emerging and existing leaders across all disciplines and departments throughout the Public Sector, including:

- Officers
- Senior Officers
- Principal Officers
- Advisors
- Senior Advisors

14 March 2017

09:00 - 17:00


Day One

Personal Leadership Values: 
- The capabilities, attributes and skills of an effective leader
- Identifying your core values and goals as a leader
- Advocating your value as a leader 
- Shaping your leadership brand

Managing and Leading Productive Teams:
- Maintaining team cohesion and building productive relationships 
- Understanding the differences between technical management and people leadership
- Leveraging off your own leadership skills to better motivate your team
- Building team capacity through coaching and performance feedback

Emotional intelligence
- Evaluating your EQ level and identifying opportunities for further growth and leadership development
- Understanding your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 
- Leveraging emotional intelligence to the workplace
- Embracing qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader 

Effective and Practical Decision-making:
- Making autonomous and independent decisions 
- Drawing on your experience, knowledge and judgement to make the most effective decisions
- Dealing with complex issues: making the ‘right’ decision 
Kim Vella - Founder and Principal Executive Coach
Kim Vella Coaching

15 March 2017

09:00 - 17:00


Day Two

Successful Change and Strategic Management:
- Setting achievable, manageable and measurable goals 
- Problem identification and problem solving strategies 
- Supporting and influencing stakeholders through change 
- Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change 

Thriving in Times of Change:
- Effectively managing change and uncertainty in the workplace.
- Identifying and monitoring changes that impact your work environment
- Supporting your team, organisation and stakeholders through change
- Implementing policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change

Stakeholder Engagement and Management
- Managing stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals
- Identifying and meeting stakeholder needs and expectations
- Developing effective relationships with stakeholders
- Maintaining strong internal and external networks

Core approaches for APS Leaders to advance their confidence in their capabilities:
- Being an authentic leader and communicator
- Trusting your initiative and judgment
- Planning and committing to actions that will lead to success
- Embracing resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills
Kim Vella - Founder and Principal Executive Coach
Kim Vella Coaching
Kim Vella
Founder and Principal Executive Coach
Kim Vella Coaching
Cliftons Canberra
Phone: 02 6122 0999
Level 2, 10 Moore Street
Canberra, ACT
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