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Te toia, Te haumatia - The Maori Leadership Forum 2017

Wharewaka, Wellington
29 March 2017 - 30 March 2017

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Despite volumes of research, leadership cannot be singularly defined and is naturally perceived differently depending on cultural and national differences. However, it is almost inarguable to state that effective leadership is a notion of positive influence, and is built upon variations of beliefs, attitudes and core cultural values.

The contemporary world is a global village, and so the contemporary leader must be equipped with the skills and expertise to influence across cultures while still remaining true to their own values. Successful Māori leaders have perfected their style based on the collaboration of both tradition and that of mainstream contemporary society.

Cultural differences encompass distinct leadership prototypes that have been influenced and developed by a long chain of inspirational leaders. By recognising and building on the collective ideals of these authentic and passionate leaders, contemporary Māori leadership successfully brings together this tradition and combines it with the practices of modern-day leadership.

In association with the Global Centre of Indigenous Leadership, this forum will focus on providing existing and aspiring Maori leaders with inspiring leadership insights while discussing challenges faced by industry when engaging Māori leaders, prioritising the retention of cultural heritage whilst creating clear leadership pathways for the future.
Inspirational Māori leaders will share their personal journey and provide guidance and advice on key issues confronting contemporary Māori leadership. This event builds on the success of previous leadership forums and aims to unlock potential through providing a platform for sharing ideas and encouraging this wisdom to be passed on to the next generation of leaders.
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- Inspiring leadership wisdom from passionate Māori leaders
- Understanding your values and strengths and how they align with your career
- Balancing your whānau, hapu and iwi obligations with your professional aspirations
- Overcoming common career challenges and obstacles
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Established, emerging and aspiring Māori leaders in various roles in all sectors including:

- CEO's / Managing Directors
- Directors / Assistant Directors
- General Managers / Managers
- Branch / Section Managers
- Advisors / Senior Advisors
- HR / Organisational Development
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Leadership Programs / Trainers / Coaches
- Community Programs
- Māori Affairs / Business
- Education / Academia
- Board Members / Trust Representatives
- Iwi Representatives

28 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


He Kākano Ahau - Nō ngā Kāwai Tupu Leading from the Edge - Igniting seeds of potential

The legacy we have inherited is imprinted in the indelible footsteps left by our ancestors.  Not only did they lead their nations through some of our country’s most challenging times, they utilised such opportunities to envision a new future, overcome change and uncertainty but most certainly embrace their own personal challenges and vulnerability.  Transformational change is not something that is new to our whakapapa – our gene pool, but to overcome this current climate of change, we must push beyond our existing limitations to embrace the new.

Today we are faced with a myriad of situations and life circumstances.  Like our ancestors, we live in a time where influential leadership isn’t an option but a pre-requisite to our future.  We require diverse, multi-level approaches that are premised upon traditional values and practices, but also harnesses a suite of knowledge and skills relevant to developing sustainable futures for whānau - families, hāpori - communities, hapū and iwi - tribal nations.   

It is essential as Māori leaders of families and organisations, cutting-edge businesses and tribes to know who you are? what you do? and how you show up that forms your own personal brand of leadership.  After all you are totally unique.  There is no one like you in the world.  

When we know who we are and our own story, we carry this blueprint into our work and ultimately our mission in life.  As igniters of Māori potential, we are not only required to apply skills and knowledge in our field of expertise, but most importantly we are being asked to lead and activate our most valued resource – our people.  At a time with global uncertainty, leading with soul, purpose and passion is an absolute must.  For the seeds planted today, will influence the quality of Māori leadership tomorrow.  I wonder will our grandchildren be proud of our leadership legacy 100 years from now?

This full-day hands on workshop will offer you the opportunity to reflect upon and build on your own journey into and through leadership.  You will build greater awareness of your leadership drivers and how to harness and sustain your own cultural identity, harness your skills, knowledge and experience as a Māori leader of influence.  

Sharlene is experienced in business, leadership and community development. She has an instinctive and acquired knowledge of the drivers and needs of Māori in business, and is dedicated to harnessing strengths and growing the extraordinary potential. During this interactive and empowering workshop, participants will have the opportunity to network, share experiences and learn effective strategies to enhance their leadership impact and influence. Sharlene will teach practical tools to build resilience, develop self-belief and strategies to establish and promote a confident leadership style.

He Kākano Ahau - The value of looking internally
- Ko wai au? - Understanding and practicing self-awareness through reflection
- Ko Au - Understanding your own leadership style and influencers
- Ka Kā te Rama - Igniting inner-belief and confidence
- Ko Au, Ko Koe – Strategic relationships and leveraging change


Whakaarikihia tō ake Rangatiratanga – Influencing leadership success
- Whakawātea – Dispelling fears, illusions and untruths
- Pū Rākau - Understanding patterns of leadership success, resilience and transformational change
- Rā-Ngāti-Ra – Leading your family, team, community or nation
- Tū Rangatira - Strengthening your presence as a leader
- Rangatiratanga – Spreading seeds of success
- Te Rangi Haeata - Taking aligned daily action – an action plan for success

Sharlene Maoate-Davis - Pou Arahi- Managing Director
MokoPuna Solutions Ltd

29 March 2017

09:40 - 10:30

Case Study

Tuakiri - What is a Māori leader?

Paora Maxwell is the Chief Executive Officer at  Māori Television and has had a fascinating career as a distinguished leader. At Māori Television, their mission is to engender love and appreciation for Māori culture and to share this with all New Zealanders. In this opening Keynote, Paora will discuss his determination to stay in touch with his Māori heritage while creating new and exciting pathways for the future of Māori. He will discuss:
- Māori leadership in the modern world
- Acknowledging differences
- How do we develop more Māori leaders? ​
Paora Maxwell - Chief Executive Officer
Māori Television

11:40 - 12:30

Case Study

‘Whiria te tangata’ – Strategically creating strong teams in and out of the workplace

By creating strong, positive relationships you are surrounding yourself with a reliable network of people on which you can rely, influence and support. In this session Atene will share key leadership advice on creating strong teams in the workplace. Discuss:
- Creating and maintaining strong relationships in and out of the workplace
- The value of reliable support on the road to leadership success
- Inspiring and encouraging your colleagues to reach their full potential
Atene Andrews - Kaiwhakahaere Whakarata Maori

13:35 - 14:35

Case Study

Manukau takoto, kawea ake - Take up the challenge

It is important for Māori to embrace leadership regardless of age. In 2015, 50% of the Māori population were under the age of 24 years. Our most productive resource for the future are our youth. Māori development must focus on how to effectively develop our young people. We cannot afford to leave them to their own devices and see what happens. Nor can we afford to create Māori development opportunities and hope that they embrace them. We must be more deliberate and more determined than that. Māori leaders today must be proactive in identifying ability, harnessing potential and guiding young people while creating leadership pathways that focus on the future of Māori development. This presentation is about harnessing Māori youth potential and the challenges it presents. Dr Wiremu Manaia is an expert of Māori development and Māori leadership research.  He will present the evolution of Māori leadership and discuss Mauri Kaiarahi, a five stage model for harnessing Māori youth potential.
He will also discuss:
- Addressing Māori development priorities.
- How we can develop our young people.
- What young Māori at university want, and
- The nature of Māori leadership development in the future
Dr Wiremu Manaia - Northern Regional Manager Maori Education & Adjunct Lecturer, Post Graduate School of Management, .
Ministry of Education NZ & Southern Cross University,

30 March 2017

09:00 - 09:50

Case Study

'Ka pu te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi' - Embracing new and innovative ways to effectively lead

Truly innovative leadership fosters new thinking, intuition and collaboration. It encourages you to re-frame challenges, create business opportunities and ask powerful questions. Penciling out time in your calendar to sit and 'think innovatively' is daunting and requires practice, perseverance and a supportive network of people. Lil has more than 25 years’ experience spanning the public service and wider state sector. Leadership, relationship management and improving outcomes for Māori, particularly in Treaty settlement negotiations, have been key features of her career to date. She will discuss:
- Her personal leadership journey
- The importance of challenging assumptions
- Bringing in multiple perspectives
Lil Anderson - Deputy Chief Executive, Policy and A/g Deputy Secretary, Office of Treaty Settlements
Te Puni Kokiri

11:45 - 12:35

Expert Commentary

Creating Hauora, Oaoa a Mauritau in the workplace - Communicating with, listening to and understanding your team

Proactive and effective communication is essential when in leadership. It is the leader’s job to guide, influence and support their team and to create a positive working environment. By having mutual understanding between leader and employee, where values, goals and expectations are clear, you can create a harmonious working relationship. Shirley is an expert in leadership, and will discuss the value of positive and effective communication in the workplace. Discuss:
- Understanding verbal and nonverbal communication
- Being aware of body language
- Achieving empathetic and genuine leadership
Shirley Tuteao - Māori Liaison at University of Waikato & Founder of Indigenous International
University of Waikato & Indigenous International

13:35 - 14:35


'He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata'

This interactive discussion will provide insight into the value of supporting peers, aspiring and fellow leaders on the road to leadership. Our inspiring panelists will share their experiences in creating opportunities for the future of Māori as well as encouraging peers and mentees to actively take responsibility for their own futures - rather than to spectate. It is essential to set achievable goals and put practices in place to accomplish them. They will discuss the value of community in the workplace and the essential notion that Kāhore taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini. Discuss: 
- Engaging young people in leadership 
- Supporting others to remain humble, modest and to earn respect as a leader 
- Mauria te pono and encouraging others to also believe in themselves
Wayne Tainui - National Leader, Manukura Māori Business
PriceWaterhouseCoopers New Zealand

15:40 - 16:30


'Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuaha koe me he maunga teitei'

This interactive discussion will provide delegates with an opportunity to revisit the themes and topics covered over the course of the event. This will provide scope to continue conversations on issues raised, reflect on advice and solutions and set a personal goal for the future. Discuss:
- Strategies to set up your leadership career
- Discussing prominent and valuable themes
- Setting up an action plan
Selwyn Katene - Professor of Māori and Indigenous Leadership and Director, Global Centre of Indigenous Leadership
Massey University

31 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Te Heke Mai – Māori Leadership in Modern Times: Creating an Innovative Working Environment While Embracing Traditional and Cultural Values

In general terms, a person who is labelled an effective leader is someone who inspires, innovates and influences. They develop new strategies; they implement change; they operate efficiently and strategically by keeping on top of contemporary management thinking and strategy. It is so important for leaders to continuously create powerful visions of improvement and success, and to develop new initiatives to unleash exceptional workplace potential.

It is a common conception that passionate and authentic leaders are born with these skills and develop them naturally. This simply isn’t true. Effective leadership can be unlocked with the right training, guidance and determination to improve daily. Leaders can access and practice the qualities and skills needed to ensure influential and innovative leadership.

In order to instil a strong work ethic, leaders must create a working environment conducive to innovation and creativity. Shirley Tuteao works hard to provide Māori with mentoring and guidance with their academic and professional careers. She provides pastoral and procedural support to Faculty of Education of Māori students at the University of Waikato and has inspired young Māori to pursue their careers. She has also used that ability to bridge the generation gap by motivating young Māori leaders to become involved in their respective hapū and iwi leadership forums and decision-making bodies. This workshop will provide delegates with opportunities to explore the necessary skills needed to increase team performance and embrace innovation. You will learn the benefits of taking time out of your day to focus on creative thinking and to become successful innovators. Delegates will learn how to develop the ability to anticipate future trends in Māori leadership and development and to inspire yourself and others to create ground-breaking initiatives.

Implementing strategies to unlock your innovative leadership potential
- Defining your purpose and vision
- The key behaviours of powerful innovative leaders
- Understanding the differences between technical management and people leadership

Creating innovative cultures to inspire young people
- Enabling a climate for innovation within your organisation
- Putting specific time aside to develop innovative strategies
- Ways in which to create a culture of innovation

From Innovation to Change
- Making decisions to transform innovative ideas to make effective change
- The value of gaining your team’s insight and keeping them informed on any decision-making
- The steps you take to encourage change 
Strategic planning for change 
- Planning for the future
- Create an action and vision of success through targeted planning
- Designing positive change initiatives for Māori leadership
Shirley Tuteao - Maori Liaison at University of Waikato & Founder of Indigenous International
University of Waikato & Indigenous International
The Honourable Minister Flavell
Minister and Co-Leader
Te Puni Kokiri
Selwyn Katene
Professor of Māori and Indigenous Leadership and Director, Global Centre of Indigenous Leadership
Massey University
Lil Anderson
Deputy Chief Executive, Policy and A/g Deputy Secretary, Office of Treaty Settlements
Te Puni Kokiri
Dr Wiremu Manaia
Northern Regional Manager Maori Education & Adjunct Lecturer, Post Graduate School of Management, .
Ministry of Education NZ & Southern Cross University,
Paora Maxwell
Chief Executive Officer
Māori Television
Sharlene Maoate-Davis
Pou Arahi- Managing Director
MokoPuna Solutions Ltd
Allison Southgate
Head of Relationship Services
ANZ Bank
June Jackson
Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust
Atene Andrews
Kaiwhakahaere Whakarata Maori
Shirley Tuteao
Māori Liaison at University of Waikato & Founder of Indigenous International
University of Waikato & Indigenous International
Wayne Tainui
National Leader, Manukura Māori Business
PriceWaterhouseCoopers New Zealand
Anne Haira
General Manager, Māori Business
Primary ITO
Pouroto Ngaropo
Head of People, Language and Culture
Maori Television
Wharewaka, Wellington
Phone: 64508 386 2846
1 Taranaki Street
Wellington Waterfront, Wellington
New Zealand
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