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Leadership Skills for Contract and Procurement Professionals Workshop

Cliftons Wellington

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In the current business environment where agility is a necessity, and many traditional opportunities for competitive advantage have disappeared, organisations are expecting more from their Contract and Procurement teams than ever before. In order to meet the challenges presented by this dynamic business environment, Contract and Procurement professionals must rapidly evolve their skill-sets, pursue a renewed focus on performance and value creation and have a firm grasp on what it means to be a true business partner. Leadership skills are pivotal in making this transformation a reality.

Professionals from highly technical backgrounds like Contracts, Supply Management and Procurement Specialists usually advance in their careers on the merits of their specialised knowledge and skills. Contract and Procurement professionals who are transitioning, require strong business acumen that integrates traditional principles of Contracts and Procurement management with robust tools and analytical techniques. People management and leadership is often not on the radar or even a consideration early in their career. High potential Contract and Procurement professionals will exhibit a unique combination of hard and soft skills which extend beyond the traditional boundaries of the Contract and Procurement skill-set.

Contract and Procurement leaders must possess the ability to drive strategic change, communicate and influence at a top level and inspire transformation across the enterprise – from the shop floor to the boardroom. In order to progress and break through to the next level, Contract and Procurement professionals need shift their focus to ensure leadership and people management skills are on their development radar. Refining these skills will ultimately increase the opportunities to acquire higher level roles.

Based on extensive experience, this ground-breaking program will enhance the leadership and strategic capabilities of participants in making the transition from technical specialist to a leader in Contracts and Procurement . This course has been designed to support participants through discovery of how to do more with less, explore the theory of working smarter and not harder, and ultimately how to become transformational leaders who can position Contracts and Procurement to effectively partner with the business to unlock value and enhance business performance. Participants will come to understand the attributes of transformational leaders, how to overcome common causes of leadership failure, gain mechanisms for leading under pressure and learn high-level communication skills to assist in managing change and dealing with difficult situations and people. Participants will have the opportunity to network with other emerging leaders and take away the tools required to enhance effectiveness and impact as a key decision-maker and agent of change.
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- Explore the key attributes and capabilities of a next generation contracts and procurement leader
- Establish different communication channels that will enhance the sharing of contract/procurement skills and knowledge
- Strengthen relationships and contracts/procurement position as a valued partner within the business
- Benchmark your contract/procurement function against global best practise to provide insights for improvement and aid the decision-making process
- Harness the increasing demands of the business upon the contracts/procurement function
- Gain a roadmap for the successful transition from technical or operational management to senior leadership
Recognise the attributes of transformational leaders and common causes of leadership derailment
Understand the emerging techniques of business analytics
Consider how we react to challenging job demands and the effect on decision - making and leadership behaviour
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Directors/Managers/Advisors from sectors including central and local government, engineering, construction, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, transport and energy and resources in:
Maintenance/Facilities Management
Asset Services/Management
Infrastructure Management/Maintenance
Major Projects
Stakeholder/Contractor Management
Commercial and Business Development Management

15 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day One:

Clarifying leadership
  • Understanding various leadership types, how they evolve and how they interact
  • Understanding the differences between management and leadership
  • Capabilities, attributes, and skills of influential and transformational leaders
Understanding your own leadership style in the context of your organisation
  • Understanding where your organisation is heading and why, and where you fit in
  • Recognising the expectations and demands of organisations on their leaders
  • Understanding your expectations of team members and direct reports
  • Identifying your leadership traits and how they align with organisational goals
The leadership toolkit
  • Emotional intelligence and the role it plays in business
  • The power of positive language and the challenging conversations leaders must have
  • Understanding and embracing critical thinking and embracing complexity, uncertainty and diversity
  • Knowing who you need to influence and why - exploring stakeholder engagement
  • Earning trust and influence – tools and techniques for creating and maintaining valuable relationships
  • Dealing with conflict and boosting poor performance.
  • Managing competing priorities and pressure - how your reaction impacts on how you are perceived as a leader
  • Communicating change to employees
  • Leading through times of change.
Jason stace - Director
Link Consulting Group Ltd and Stace Consulting Ltd

16 March 2017

09:00 - 09:00


Day Two:

Procurement and supplier management leaders as key business influencers
  • Re-thinking our value – the current challenges and issues for procurement and supplier management teams
  • Understanding the importance of linking strategy to procurement and supplier management information
  • Harnessing information as crucial business data
  • Effectively engaging with senior leadership to demonstrate the strategic value of the procurement and supplier management function
Building the case for change
  • Understanding the Significant Service Contracts Framework
  • Using Treasury’s Better Business Case framework to our advantage
  • Turning information into ideas that will translate into action 
  • Breaking down complex jargon and processes for non-specialists
  • Demonstrating the ongoing value of procurement and supplier management to business operations
 Building and leading procurement teams for the future
  • Understanding the Procurement Capability Index (PCI) – developing a high performance paradigm for yourself, your team, your stakeholders and your organisation
  • Creating an innovative, diverse and responsive procurement and supplier management talent pool
  • Identifying your skills gaps and assessing strategies for filling them
  • Managing procurement and supplier management teams effectively
Expert partnering and relationship building for long term success
  • Balancing and maintaining relationships with existing suppliers vs. new suppliers
  • Investigating collaboration with suppliers and other organisations to leverage efficiency and innovation
  • Looking inwards - collaboration and relationship building within your organisation; sharing the wins and selling the dream.
  • Overcoming the challenges of partnering at all levels of the organisation.
Jason Stace - Director
Link Consulting Group Ltd and Stace Consulting Ltd
Jason stace
Link Consulting Group Ltd and Stace Consulting Ltd
Cliftons Wellington
Phone: +64 4 901 9011
Level 28, The Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street

New Zealand
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