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Leadership Skills for Learning and Development Professionals

Primus Hotel Sydney

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Learning and development professionals own a unique place within their organisation, tackling the complexities of aligning workforce capability with organisational goals, through sourcing and implementing the perfect training methodologies and technologies. Frameworks and forecasts form the backbone of any successful learning and development agenda, but in order to raise this to the next level and emerge as a true leader, learning and development professionals need to expand their knowledge base and master a new set of leadership skills.

This 2-day interactive workshop will give delegates the tools they need to effectively guide and support their team through complex changes, whilst fostering workforce development. Delegates will learn how to tailor their communication and behaviour and will gain an insight into how this affects their team’s capability. Throughout a series of expert-led sessions, delegates will experience a range of new techniques and processes to assist them in overcoming the common challenges of this dynamic field.

This hands-on workshop will explore the foundations of good leadership, provide insight into communication styles and engaging with staff and stakeholders, and provide practical solutions to problems commonly faced by learning and development professionals. Delegates will acquire and build on the key skills necessary to enhance their leadership performance.
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- The neuroscience of leadership: developing your authentic leadership style
- Achieving an engaged workforce
- Enhanced management and maintenance of resilience
- Negotiating change and leading your team through uncertainty
- Matching organisational goals with capability
- Overcoming obstacles while supporting your team
- The power of communication: effectively navigating difficult conversations
- Advanced coaching toolkit for L&D professionals
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Directors, Heads of, Managers, Academics, Consultants and Professionals working in:

- Learning and Development
- eLearning / Social Learning
-Training Facilitators
- Technology Assisted Learning Professionals
- Organisational Development
- Talent and Capability Development
- Human Resources / People
- Learning Centres
- Learning Management System Administrators
- Instructional Designers
- Curriculum Development Professionals

16 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day 1

The neuroscience of leadership
- Understanding your brain at work to enhance performance
- Techniques for optimising your mental performance
- Developing self-awareness: identify strengths and development needs
- Understanding the role of self-regulation on thoughts, emotions and leadership behaviour
Emotional Intelligence for leaders
- Why emotion belongs in the workplace
- Understanding and harnessing your emotion to enhance leadership performance
- Using emotion to motivate and influence
- Building and managing effective relationships
Enhancing team capability and performance
- Providing feedback that creates motivation and positivity
- Leading through conflict
- Incentives and the effects they have on team performance 
- Working effectively as a team: cohesiveness, shared direction and motivation
Building resilience in you and your teams
- The role and impact of judgement and emotional resilience on performance
- How to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity
- Self-management exercises and coping mechanisms to foster resilience
- Tools for creating and maintaining a resilient team
Nicole Grainger-Marsh - Executive Coach, ICF Coach, Business Leader
TPC Leadership

17 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day 2

Change management for L&D leaders
- Creating the right mindset to facilitate change
- Leadership drivers for successfully implementing change
- Leading people through change and uncertainty
- Tools to effectively manage the process of change
Strategies for overcoming leadership barriers
- Managing non-performance
- Understanding and setting appropriate expectations
- Breaking down barriers to critical thinking
- Framing situations to enhance positive outcomes 
Advanced coaching skills for L&D professionals
- Developing a toolkit to know when to ask and when to tell
- How to use effective questioning techniques for accountability
- Facilitating a ‘test & learn’ environment
- Encouraging support and buy-in
The power of communication
- Creating an open communication environment
- Strategies for 'managing up'
- Communicating to persuade and influence
- Overcoming communication challenges
Nicole Grainger-Marsh - Executive Coach, ICF Coach, Business Leader
TPC Leadership
Nicole Grainger-Marsh
Executive Coach, ICF Coach, Business Leader
TPC Leadership
Primus Hotel Sydney
Phone: +61 2 8027 8000
339 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW
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