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Higher Education Developing Scorecards, Dashboards and KPI’s Workshop

Cliftons Melbourne

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The Higher Education sector is currently undergoing a period of significant transformation as it continues the transition into a demand-driven commercial environment. In order to thrive, the role of strategy and finance functions are evolving to cope with multiple interdependent forces. Through this complexity, success can be achieved with a clear and focused strategy that considers diverse information and allows decision makers to act with confidence.

Many institutions across the Higher Education Sector are currently overhauling performance management systems in line with new strategic priorities. While sound progress is being made by many, this process can be time-consuming and difficult - with the pursuit of comprehensive, organisation-wide performance impact and benefits-realisation often being elusive. In a dynamic operating environment underlined by competition for resources and market share, significant operational and uncertainty, now more than ever the performance and efficiency gains which a well-developed scorecard and KPI system can bring are a high priority for Higher Education institutions.

This unique workshop is designed to provide a thorough grounding in how scorecards, dashboards and KPIs can be developed, implemented and comprehensively utilised to drive organisational performance. Attendees will benefit from case study examples of how this process has been achieved in a variety of organisations and the interactive work shop format will enable a combination of structured learning and peer-to-peer experience sharing. Be a part of this exciting program and take away the tools and knowledge required to take your scorecard and KPI system to the next level and fast-track the process of realising organisation-wide performance impact.

This workshop will be delivered using a three tiered approach. The structure of each session is as follows:

1. Technical overview and review of research into the topic area under discussion
2. Practical application of management principles in the review of case studies, worked examples and interactive exercises
3. Discussion of outcomes and implementation issues

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to include comments and questions about issues outlined in the program by way of a pre-course questionnaire. This feedback will enable the course facilitator to adjust content accordingly. The workshop has limited places to allow for customisation, greater interactivity and for individual concerns to be addressed.
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• Understand the performance architecture that will drive results in the Higher Education environment

• Building a performance management system that is built around the organisations core purpose and desired outcomes

• Utilise best practices in planning and mapping strategy in your institution

• Fine-tune the art of developing and selecting effective and meaningful KPIs

• Gain a roadmap for implementing and executing the scorecard, dashboards and KPI system effectively

• Discover how to cascade KPIs across the organisation

• Facilitate a sound understanding of the scorecard and KPI system across your organisation

• Learn how KPIs can be utilised to measure, analyse and drive performance in the new environment

• Leverage your existing performance management systems

• Optimise the overall KPI system for comprehensive performance impact
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• Chief Financial Officers
• Finance Director / Manager
• Strategy
• Performance Management
• Performance Reporting
• Corporate Services
• Financial Services
• Management Accounting
• Management / Performance Reporting
• Business Planning / Budgets
• Financial Management Systems
• Governance

10 February 2017

08:30 - 16:30


Day Two

Implementing and executing the scorecard and KPI
• The importance of sound execution and implementation in
extracting value from KPIs
• Tips and strategies for laying the groundwork to ensure that
the system will be understood by staff and buy-in can be
achieved across the organisation
• Common implementation challenges and how these can be
• Monitoring the execution and roll-out to ensure implementation
is on track
Group Discussion: Common challenges experienced in
implementation and potential solutions
Cascading KPIs across the organisation
• Facilitating a sound understanding of the scorecard and KPI
system across the organisation
• Ensuring KPIs are strategically aligned and integrated across
the university
• Cross checking of scorecard measures and targets against
strategic objectives and ensuring consistency, integration and
• Involving stakeholders in the process and facilitating effective
and productive communication
• Cascading KPIs down to teams and individual levels to ensure
clear accountability and performance impact
Case Study: Effectively cascading KPIs across an
How technology intertwines with your scorecard,
dashboards and KPI frameworks
• Connecting your KPI regime effectively with key business
systems and platforms
• How technology can assist with building strong data collection
and analysis capability
• Leveraging your existing technology investments and how these
may complement the performance management system
Optimising the overall KPI system for comprehensive
performance impact
• Having a clear picture of where we are heading - an overview
of what a mature scorecard and KPI system looks like
• Building a high performance culture and ensuring
organisational buy-in for performance improvement
Kevin Riley - Managing Director
Riley & Riley - Strategy Advisors
Kevin Riley
Managing Director
Riley & Riley - Strategy Advisors
Cliftons Melbourne
Phone: +61 3 9993 9999
Level 1, 440 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC
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