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Women in Retail and FMCG Leadership Summit 2017

Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto
22 March 2017 - 23 March 2017

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Despite gender equality with associate level employees in retail and FMCG there is a significant imbalance between women and men in executive leader roles. For women in retail and FMCG it is critical they build skillsets to compensate for this gender gap. These skills may include negotiating, authentic leadership, and communication. Aspiring and emerging leaders must master these techniques in order to achieve success in their career.

Liquid Learning presents the 4th Annual Women in Retail and FMCG Leadership Summit 2017 which brings together female aspiring, emerging, and accomplished leaders. Delegates will be provided the opportunity to hear uplifting and inspiring testimonies from successful women in this space. This annual two day conference will be comprised of case studies, expert commentaries, and panel discussions that will divulge the critical skillsets required of female leaders.

This is an outstanding networking and development opportunity not to be missed. Register your team early to be a part of this engaging conversation!
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- Network with like-minded women in your industry

- Motivational stories and career advice from senior leaders

- Developing strong communication and negotiating skills

- Discovering tips and techniques for work-life balance
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Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders from any role across the Retail and FMCG Industy, including:
- Chief Executive Officers
- Chief Financial Officer
- Chief Marketing Officer
- Managing Directors
- Vice-Presidents
- Directors
- Heads of
- General Managers
- National Managers
- Group Managers
- Senior Managers
- Line or Business Managers
- Team Leaders
- Leadership Programs
- HR / L & OD / Diversity

21 March 2017

22 March 2017

11:00 - 11:40

Case Study

Effective leadership in a fast-paced and competitive environment

As a leader in the Retail and FMCG space, it is critical to surround yourself with a supportive and collaborative team due to the competitiveness of the environment. To have a successful career in this industry requires one to build a toolset beyond the basics. Gaelle’s leadership has taken her from Kraft Foods to Lion Co to now the General Manager of Category and Marketing at Coca-Cola Amatil. She will discuss the transition between roles and the tips and techniques she has picked up along the way. Share:
- Building team rapport
- Transiting smoothly across organisations
- Staying one step ahead of the game
Gaelle Boutellier - General Manager Marketing and Category
Coca-Cola Amatil

11:50 - 12:25

Expert Commentary

Credible communication – Is your value visible?

You may be a powerhouse of knowledge and experience but if your language patterns and non-verbal cues do not support this truth then you might be facing leadership or career invisibility.To be an effective leader it is critical that you have strong communication skills, verbal and non-verbal. Anneli is an experienced leadership coach and will provide a fresh perspective on communication and the language of success by exploring the key credibility killers in any communication context : 
- Explore various language patterns that undermine credibility and confidence 
- Discover the non-verbal signals that enhance your professional presence when communicating 
- Learn how others see you and what that means for your career potential
Anneli Blundell - Director
Motivation Matters

12:50 - 13:25

Expert Commentary

The new FMCG and Retail Marketing Agenda

The FMCG and Retail industry is a constantly evolving environment requiring leaders to not only follow the latest trends but be the trendsetters themselves. Many new emerging trends will fundamentally change ​the way we connect with customers and consumers. Tara has extensive experience in the FMCG and Retail industry having previously held leadership roles at Simplot Australia, Schweppes, Cadbury, and Myer. ​ ​​As a passionate advocate of marketing and it's ability to drive real industry growth, she will share her views on the top trends we are facing and how to embrace this new world as marketers and leaders.  
Tara Lordsmith - Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Advisory
Lordsmith & Co

13:35 - 14:25


Achieving a blend between your personal brand and your organisations brand

Transitioning into a management role requires discovering your own personal leadership style while also keeping in mind and complementing the organisation's brand. The core brand values affects everyone in the organisation from the executive management to the newest employee. It is critical as a leader to align your style to blend with the organisations to have the maximum accomplishment. Share: 
- Understanding your own leadership style 
- Discovering your role in your organisation 
- Leading with confidence
Simone Anderson - General Manager Operations
Rachel Digby - General Manager
Breakaway Apparel Pty Ltd
Michael Edmonds - General Manager Marketing Aust/NZ
Asahi Premium Beverages
Allison Shevlin - Director Human Resources
Simplot Australia Pty. Ltd.
Mandy Chambers - Head of Retail Marketing
National Australia Bank

15:35 - 16:10

Case Study

The glass ceiling vs. the glass cliff: Making sure a step up isn't a step off the edge

Moving into a leadership role is not an easy task and for women the undertaking is even more challenging due to the lower number and less desirable opportunities for moving up the corporate ladder. In fact, a crucial question arises around why female CEO’s are more often external appointment than internal promotions. With more than 20 years in the retail industry starting as a Merchandise and Marketing Manager at Nike in Europe to now the Chief Operating Officer at Freedom in Australia, Rosanna understands the importance of breaking through the barriers while embracing the challenges along the way. Discuss:
- Understanding the difference between the glass ceiling and the glass cliff
- Tips for moving into a leadership role
- Delivering visionary leadership whilst negotiating stakeholder support
Rosanna Iacono - Founder and Director

16:25 - 17:00

Case Study

Achieving leadership in the FMCG Industry

Stepping up as a leader in the Retail and FMCG industry requires a balance between technical knowledge and soft skills. As the industry evolves, it is critical leaders stay ahead of the game by maintaining career momentum. With a career spanning across different continents, Sandy will share his experiences of staying relevant in a demanding, fast-paced industry. Discuss:
- Staying ahead of the game
- Pushing beyond your own limits
- Lessons learned from international experiences
Sandy Mellis - General Manager, ANZ

17:30 - 18:20

Expert Commentary

Discovering the mutual relationship of a mentor and mentee

The connection between a mentor and mentee is a unique relationship that provides countless benefits to both parties and the organisation in which they work for.  In this session, Kirsten will explore the mentoring relationship using practical case studies to discuss: 
- Benefits from both the mentor and mentee perspective
- Key factors for a successful mentoring partnership
- Strategies to find your own mentor or mentee
Kirsten Majidi - Director
Career Mastery

23 March 2017

11:00 - 11:40

Case Study

Lessons learned from transformational and change leadership

Every organisation will go through a companywide change at some point. As an aspiring and emerging leader you want to make sure to be at the forefront of the move. Alison has significant transformational and change leadership capability in the retail industry including Group Head of HR Transformation at Woolworths. Share:
- Advantages of change leadership
- Understanding the importance of transformation
- Lessons learned from her personal experience
Alison Merner - General Manager, Human Resources, Big W
Woolworths Limited

11:50 - 12:30

Case Study

Learning to embrace the bumps in the road

Every successful leader has had to learn how to overcome and embrace difficult challenges along their leadership journey to make it to where they are today. Difficult obstacles can come from specific work projects or broad leadership challenges but both have the possibility of leaving a lasting effect on your career. With over 17 years working in the consumer goods industry, Tamara has learned the importance of overcoming and embracing every hurdle on her path. Discuss:
- Overcoming and embracing challenges
- Turning obstacles into opportunities
- Bouncing back from negative experiences
Tamara Howe - Marketing Director - Australia
Kellogg Company

12:55 - 13:45


Balancing Act: Personal and professional life

There is no perfect equation or solution to balancing your personal and professional life. Instead, the equation has to be constantly modified and the solution is different for each individual. Maintaining a balance requires planning your time carefully, setting your priorities, and monitoring your health. Setting boundaries will help to maintain important separation between personal and work life. Share: 
- Overcoming work and personal life challenges 
- Developing time management 
- Lowering your stress levels
Kathy Karabatsas - Finance Director & Managing Director Adjacent Business Units
Lion Australia – Lion Dairy & Drinks
Joanne Higham - General Manager, Business Development and Communications
Pacific Brands
Therese Kallie - Director - Communications and Marketing Excellence
Shelley Nolan - General Manager Human Resources
Sugar Australia

13:45 - 14:25

Expert Commentary

Stepping into leadership with confidence

When you step into a leadership role it can bring up all kinds of fears and doubts that affect your ability to do the job. It’s important to have the right mindset, to recognise the unique qualities you bring to the role, connect with your purpose, speak up and develop your personal power so that you can become the strong, confident leader you know you are capable of being. Denise will discuss:
- Building your confidence
- Facing your fears
- Creating the right mindset for success
Denise Mooney - Career Coach
Denise Mooney

16:25 - 17:00

Case Study

Essential skills for leadership success

In order to take your career to the next level, you must surround yourself with a team and organisation that is on the same future path as you. By building strong communication skills and empowering team bonding you will have the toolset to succeed as a leader. Kirstie has a background as a pharmacist in the UK, moved to Australia and started working at Coles, and now is the the General Manager of Sales at Sigma. She will explain how she was able to lead her team and self to success. Discuss:
- Exploring key skill sets to be an effective leader
- Discovering your individual career path
- Building team morale in the workplace
Kirstie Hepburn - General Manager Sales
Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited

17:30 - 18:20


Making it Happen: What are the future steps for leaders in Retail and FMCG

Moving up the career ladder in Retail and FMCG industry does not always follow a linear pathway due to the industries being fast-paced and progressively competitive. This interactive roundtable will explore the key-takeaways and address the major themes that have been discussed throughout the summit to provide advice on how to overcome common challenges, embrace new opportunities, and discover your authentic leadership brand. This session will explore: 
- The future for women in Retail and FMCG 
- Defining moments through out the summit 
- Action plan for making it happen
Gill McLaren - CEO and Founder

24 March 2017

Simone Anderson
General Manager Operations
Kathy Karabatsas
Finance Director & Managing Director Adjacent Business Units
Lion Australia – Lion Dairy & Drinks
Rosanna Iacono
Founder and Director
Shelley Nolan
General Manager Human Resources
Sugar Australia
Rachel Digby
General Manager
Breakaway Apparel Pty Ltd
Therese Kallie
Director - Communications and Marketing Excellence
Denise Mooney
Career Coach
Denise Mooney
Gaelle Boutellier
General Manager Marketing and Category
Coca-Cola Amatil
Kirstie Hepburn
General Manager Sales
Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited
Kirsten Majidi
Career Mastery
Anneli Blundell
Motivation Matters
Joanne Higham
General Manager, Business Development and Communications
Pacific Brands
Gill McLaren
CEO and Founder
Alison Merner
General Manager, Human Resources, Big W
Woolworths Limited
Allison Shevlin
Director Human Resources
Simplot Australia Pty. Ltd.
Michael Edmonds
General Manager Marketing Aust/NZ
Asahi Premium Beverages
Tara Lordsmith
Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Advisory
Lordsmith & Co
Rose Schiavello
General Manager Entertainment
Tamara Howe
Marketing Director - Australia
Kellogg Company
Mandy Chambers
Head of Retail Marketing
National Australia Bank
Sandy Mellis
General Manager, ANZ
Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto
Phone: 1800 593 932
495 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC
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