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Secondary Education Leadership Forum 2017

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
15 March 2017 - 16 March 2017

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As increasing market demands drive the continual evolution of the Secondary Education sector, executive leaders are required to exhibit not only excellent staff and school management skills, but to also forge a path for innovation and development for their school's future.

The inaugural Secondary Education Leadership Forum 2017 hosted by Liquid Learning tackles the current and emerging challenges leaders face every day in schools and helps to improve the foundational skills and strategies needed to overcome these obstacles. This unique professional development and networking opportunity offers practical insights into improving both school and individual success through a combination of technical and leadership case studies and expert advice from the leading Secondary Education executives across Australia.

The future is beckoning - increase the knowledge, skills and strategies to grow as a leader and create an avenue for future success.
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- Develop your business enterprising skills as a leader to increase growth and resources for your school

- Improve your coaching techniques and create the right culture to foster success

- Learn to lead through times of change and overcome obstacles to your leadership

- Tackle the path to effective innovation and development for your school
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Executives and emerging leaders or "high potentials" within Secondary Education, including, but not limited to:

- Heads of Senior School and Heads of Campus
- Heads and Directors of Teaching and Learning
- Heads and Directors of Development and Innovation
- Heads and Directors of Staff and Students
- Business Directors and Business Managers
- Heads of Departments / Senior Teachers
- Directors and Managers in Community Engagement and Admissions
- Directors and Managers in Marketing and Communications
- Directors and Managers in Governance and School Administration
- Principals and Headmasters / Headmistresses and Deputies
- School Centres of Excellence
- Teaching and Learning / Innovation

14 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Building your Leadership Repertoire

In the demanding, competitive and often stressful world of Secondary Education, it is important to have access to the personal and technical skills and tools necessary to thrive in such a dynamic and complex environment.
With the progress and school improvement on the core agenda, your leadership repertoire should include the ability to think creatively, innovate and to plan systematically to build the substance and reputation of your school. Central to the achievement of your goals must be the high performance of the multiple teams for which you are responsible. Understanding their needs and how best to maximise their effectiveness will be essential to the achievement of your shared vision.
While developing technical capabilities is a vital part of your leadership toolkit, so too is your ability to manage competing demands. For even the most seasoned of educational leaders, mounting pressure can lead to feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. Building on your strengths, projecting calmly and confidently, focusing on core purpose and, above all, acting ethically will sustain you in your leadership.
This interactive workshop will explore some of these themes and the skills necessary to take your leadership capability to the next level. Join our expert facilitator as she brings her real-life experience as a former principal and leading researcher in the field of educational leadership to help you develop the thinking and the repertoire you need to succeed as a school leader.

Thinking creatively to design innovative models for your school
- Diagnosing your school to determine your innovation needs
- Enhancing your problem solving skills to overcome obstacles
- Having courage behind your convictions
Leading diverse teams and generating staff support
- Understanding the needs of a diverse staff
- Building a balanced team
- Establishing rapport and improving communication skills
Projecting confidence and surviving self-doubt and uncertainty
- Continually striving for improvement
- Recognising your strengths as a leader
- Dealing with resistance in the workplace
The art of educational leadership – Balancing the demands of today’s industry
- Improving your relational and organisational skills to lead a secondary school into the future
- Establishing and staying true to your values
- Keeping focused on the greater good
Pam Ryan - Author and Education Consultant
Pam Ryan Consulting

15 March 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

The art of change management in schools - Yielding results from radical reform

To make a dramatic improvement in your school, you must be willing to enact dramatic change. However, implementing such a change can feel incredibly daunting. Martin Culkin OAM successfully led Dandenong High School through a radical transformation which yielded fantastic results. The High School's design was featured at the OECD's Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011 for its ability to meet the needs of its community. With insight and advice on how to effectively manage change, he will discuss: 
- Getting the right people in the right jobs to succeed 
- Effectively communicating the drivers for this change and why it is needed 
- Being resolute with your direction and working intelligently within the system
Martin Culkin OAM - Former Principal
Dandenong High School

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Reaching the next level in providing exceptional education at your school

While academics are at the heart of any school, offering the right opportunities to expand a student's educational experience can be the difference that propels your school's success and increase enrolments. Robyn will share her advice on building a well-rounded school environment to engage your community and improve the outcomes of your school. She will discuss: 
- Applying a holistic approach to education 
- Designing the right programs to increase participation in extra-curricular activities 
- Engaging community support for all aspects of student enrichment
Robyn Hughes - Principal
North Sydney Boys High School

10:55 - 11:35

Case Study

Undertaking school improvement whilst valuing school tone

The Secondary Education sector is constantly evolving and with such rapid change in the sector, school leaders need to look for effective improvement measures to lead their schools into the future. Yet, a journey of improvement often requires changes that might seem to veer from the school's tone. Paul will draw on his experience to provide recommendations for how to perfect this balance. He will discuss: 
- Choosing the right improvements to match the needs of your school 
- Keeping your vision strong in times of change 
- Developing support from staff and the community along the way
Dr Paul Burgis - Principal
Presbyterian Ladies' College Sydney

11:45 - 12:35


Mentoring and coaching to develop capacity

With school numbers increasing and more staff per school, leaders are inreasingly required to oversee a very large faculty. Whether coaching through times of change, dealing with resistance, or just mentoring in general, our expert panellists will provide insight into how to manage a large faculty to develop capacity. They will discuss: 
- Coaching through times of change and development 
- Managing resistance and engaging the community for support 
- Mentoring your staff and creating a positive culture
Neil Worsley - Principal
Northern Beaches Secondary College
Terrie Jones - Deputy Principal - Head of Learning Innovation
Ravenswood School for Girls
Richard Quinn - Director of Development
St Joseph's College
Sally Egan - Director of Improvement Strategy
Pymble Ladies' College

13:35 - 14:15

Expert Commentary

Applying learnings from neuroscience to help you make better decisions

In the constantly evolving landscape of Secondary Education, our brains are still our most important asset. As leaders advance to executive levels, it becomes vital to understand some elements of neuroscience that govern the way we perceive, think and decide. To master the intricacies of decision making, we need to attend to the subtleties of both verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication. In this expert session, Jill will unlock powerful new thinking and capabilities. She will discuss: 
- Asking the right questions 
- How to discipline distractions 
- Successfully creating results in a data-rich, attention-impoverished world
Jill Sweatman - Owner and Neuroscience Strategist
Sweatman Consultancy

14:25 - 15:05

Case Study

Leading through the digital age - Fostering an environment for technological growth as a leader

As the world continues to progress at a breakneck pace, it is increasingly important to introduce and encourage the use of technology as a leader in Secondary Education. School leaders have an incredible influence on the success of technology growth; their attitudes serve as encouragement for all staff and students. Gregory will address methods to encourage staff through technological changes and improve the overall use of technology in your school. He will discuss: 
- Paving the way for innovation by establishing a vision for technology use in your school 
- Securing the resources to support your technology goals 
- Ensuring the effective integration of new technology models with existing practices
Gregory Henshaw - Deputy Principal
North Sydney Girl's High School

15:30 - 16:10

Case Study

Leading through positive psychology - Establishing a healthy environment for your staff

With the demanding world of Secondary Education, good leaders must recognise the needs of their staff, providing a healthy environment that cultivates growth, learning and positivity. Neil Worsley, Principal of the largest secondary school in New South Wales, will present his advice on how to lead through a philosophy of positive psychology to encourage staff to function better in their roles. He will discuss:
- Recognising the needs of your staff
- Leading by example to foster positivity
- Establishing a healthy work and life balance in the school
Neil Worsley - Principal
Northern Beaches Secondary College

16 March 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Shifting culture through strategic planning

Many of Australia's schools are going through an intense process of change. The central challenge is, how do you accomplish this with a smooth transition, whilst mitigating risk? Using a strategic plan as the starting point, Sally has had considerable success creating change through an evidence-based process and will draw on this experience to offer insight into mitigating the risks associated with change for your school. She will discuss: 
- Collecting evidence to develop a strong and informed strategy 
- Supporting colleagues and staff to develop accountability in this change 
- Using strategic planning to shift and strengthen the culture of the school
Sally Egan - Director of Improvement Strategy
Pymble Ladies' College

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Coaching through a crisis - Managing a faculty through challenging times

In the often volatile world of education, a good leader must have the ability to maintain composure and lead through times of strife and conflict. Dr Ian Lambert will offer insight on effectively handling those challenging moments to come out of a crisis strong. He will discuss:
- Presenting a strong image to the school community
- Creating a focused approach to diffusing a situation
- Finding the strength to fight an uphill battle
Dr Ian Lambert - Principal
The Scots College

10:55 - 11:35

Case Study

Creating and implementing a coherent leadership vision

Perhaps one of the most vital components of successful leadership in education is the ability to effectively visualise and communicate a positive future state for your school. But, how do you find that clarity to envisage and implement that central vision to guide your school moving forward? Catherine will share her own success story at Melbourne Girls Grammar School and the path she took to achieving her vision to help you enact your own. She will discuss:
- Developing long-term priorities with opportunities for short-term success
- Designing a road-map to achieving your vision and executing your plan
- Communicating your vision to staff and the community
Catherine Misson - Principal
Melbourne Girls Grammar School

11:45 - 12:25

Case Study

Balancing educational and business priorities for your school

Secondary Education is often highly competitive and it can be extremely beneficial to develop your business and marketing skills as a school leader. However, how do you create a focus on the business needs of a school while maintaining the healthy focus on the educational needs of both staff and students? Tim will address how to strike the proper balance to propel your school toward success. He will discuss: 
- Honing your business acumen as a school leader 
- Increasing your financial literacy and getting past funding barriers 
- Establishing the right equilibrium in priorities for your school
Dr Timothy Wright - Headmaster
Sydney Church of England Grammar School

13:35 - 14:25

Case Study

Principalship as a journey - Continuing to grow and adapt as a school leader

Principalship is a journey, not a destination and to successfully lead a school into the future, school leaders must maintain their agility and adapt with their staff, students and the changing times. Andrew firmly believes that being a principal is an invitation to begin improving and is only the beginning of your career journey. He will discuss: 
- Anticipating the changing needs of your staff and students 
- Continuing your personal development as a professional 
- Creating and realising a shared purpose to accomplish unexpected possibilities
Andrew Blair AM - Executive Director
Wesley College

14:25 - 15:05

Expert Commentary

Applying self-regulated learning strategies to your leadership

A good leader knows how to self-regulate, be it with emotional intelligence or professional improvement. But, a great leader knows how to instill those practices in their staff to foster their own staff's efficacy. Shyam will explore the concept of self-regulation and the importance of championing this strategy as a method to developing a learning organisation. He will discuss:
- What it means to be self-regulated in both resiliency and learning
- How your knowledge and beliefs about self-regulated learning (SRL) impact its effectiveness
- The power of a self-regulated leader for staff well-being and development
Shyam Barr - Consultant, Coach and Speaker
Shyam Barr Consulting

15:30 - 16:20


Putting strategies into practice - Preparing for the future

Reflecting on the inspirational advice and practical strategies from our esteemed speakers, review the key take-away lessons to guide your future as a leader in Secondary Education. Our chair, Lynne Stone, Educational Consultant and former Headmistress of St Catherine's School, Waverley, will draw upon the important lessons learned throughout the conference and offer a look at implementing these lessons into your roles. She will discuss: 
- Fostering innovation, growth and improvement in your school 
- Key skills to succeed as a leader in Secondary Education 
- Looking into the future - Being prepared for the unexpected
Lynne Stone - Education Consultant and Career Coach
SeedPod Consulting

17 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


The Psychology of the Self-Regulated Leader – Managing Yourself to Effectively Lead Others

The education landscape is changing rapidly and with a significant increase in the scope of work now required by school leaders, the sheer volume and diversity of the role can be incredibly overwhelming. To remain strong while navigating these shifting circumstances, effective leaders require a heightened sense of self-awareness of their thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and the tools to manage them well.
Self-regulated leaders possess a knowledge of their motivational states and cognitive processes that transcends that of others. This meta-cognitive ability to identify, monitor and modify behaviour enables the necessary adaptation and agility to thrive in any situation.
This experiential workshop, presented by a specialist in cognitive psychology and educational practice, will go into the depths of what it means to self-regulate your leadership in the school environment. Through a highly reflective and hands-on process, you will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to improve the impact of your leadership and cope with the ever-changing complexities of leading a school.
Maximising your driving force and motivations
- Shifting perspective on leadership

- Harnessing the power of mindset, self-efficacy and GRIT in your work
- Developing an orientation for process over outcome
Leveraging your memory for deeper understanding and higher performance
- Reducing cognitive load and maximising mental resources
- Choosing effective strategies for information rich environments
Focusing your mind for quicker processing and decision making
Meta-cognitive strategies for the busy leader
Increasing your emotional intelligence through greater awareness
- Embedding prompts for regular reflection
- Listening and responding with purpose – A mindful practice
Self-regulating your leadership – A process of ongoing refinement
- Realising the ongoing cyclic nature of self-regulated leadership
- Building resilience by using learning as a lens to solve problems
- Looking into the future – Applying the tools for your own success
Shyam Barr - Consultant, Coach and Speaker
Shyam Barr Consulting
Gregory Henshaw
Deputy Principal
North Sydney Girl's High School
Martin Culkin OAM
Former Principal
Dandenong High School
Dr Paul Burgis
Presbyterian Ladies' College Sydney
Dr Ian Lambert
The Scots College
Catherine Misson
Melbourne Girls Grammar School
Neil Worsley
Northern Beaches Secondary College
Sally Egan
Director of Improvement Strategy
Pymble Ladies' College
Richard Quinn
Director of Development
St Joseph's College
Dr Timothy Wright
Sydney Church of England Grammar School
Andrew Blair AM
Executive Director
Wesley College
Shyam Barr
Consultant, Coach and Speaker
Shyam Barr Consulting
Pam Ryan
Author and Education Consultant
Pam Ryan Consulting
Lynne Stone
Education Consultant and Career Coach
SeedPod Consulting
Terrie Jones
Deputy Principal - Head of Learning Innovation
Ravenswood School for Girls
Jill Sweatman
Owner and Neuroscience Strategist
Sweatman Consultancy
Robyn Hughes
North Sydney Boys High School
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
Phone: 02 8214 0000
27 O'Connell Street
Sydney, NSW
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