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Business Analysts Leadership Workshop

Cliftons Wellington

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Business analysts hold a unique place within their organisation, tackling the complexities of data interpretation and devising solutions to overcome problems. Frameworks and forecasts form the backbone of any successful business analyst role, but in order to transition up to the next level and emerge as a true leader and business partner, business analysts need to expand their knowledge base and master a new set of leadership skills.

This two day interactive workshop will give participants the leadership skills they need to effectively guide and support their team and reinforce best practice. Attendees will learn how to communicate with influence in order to enhance positive outcomes while also progressing their own career goals. Throughout this two-day workshop, participants will experience an overview of essential soft skills that are sometimes overlooked when navigating the increasingly technical field of business analytics.

This hands-on learning program will explore the foundations of good leadership, provide insight into communication styles and effective tools for engaging with staff and stakeholders. The experience will provide practical solutions to real-world problems commonly faced by business analyst leaders.
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- Overcoming obstacles within the dynamic field of Business Analysis
- Developing your authentic leadership style
- Recognising your strengths to positively change your leadership performance
- Achieving an engaged workforce
- Paving your career pathway
- Leading change to add strategic business value
- Building teamwork in the workplace
- Discovering the "soft" and "hard" skillsets required for success
- Understanding the power of positive language and the challenging conversations leaders must have
- Expanding knowledge base and mastering a new set of leadership skills
- Tailoring communciation and behaviours for different circumstances
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Aspiring Business Analysts looking to emerge in their field

15 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day One:

Reinforcing and strengthening leadership fundamentals
- Key strategies for leadership success
- Walking the talk: Leading by example
- Leadership obstacles and opportunities
- The importance of recognising and celebrating milestones

Developing your authentic leadership style
- Incorporating your personality into your leadership style
- Conveying your values as a leader
- Leading through personal power
- Establishing yourself as a trustworthy leader
- Always evolving your leadership style 

Leading with emotional intelligence
- The basics of emotional intelligence
- The emotionally intelligent leader
- Understanding empathy and its impact
- Handling professional and personal set-backs successfully

Building and improving upon personal leadership skills
- Understanding your value as a team member and establishing your personal brand 
- Cultivating a high-performance mind-set
- Maintaining perspective and purpose 
- Defining your leadership pathway 
Stephen Harrison - Leadership and Team Coach, Group Facilitator, Speaker, Change Agent
Harrison International

16 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day Two:

The power of communication and the tough conversations leaders must have
- Learning the language of leadership
- Framing situations to enhance positive outcomes 
- Dealing with communication barriers amongst team 
Working with others to achieve desired results
- Learning how to ask the right questions 
- Effective listening
- Devising productive plans across a team
- Utilising teamwork to drive efficiency 

Pioneering efficiency through mentoring and coaching
- A leader’s role in staff improvement 
- Increasing performance through effective coaching
- Leading by example and upholding organisational values  
- The benefits of having a mentor 

Enhancing team capability and performance
- Analysing key indicators of employee behaviours and productivity 
- Leading through innovation  
- Incentives and the effects they have on team performance 
- Working effectively as a team
Stephen Harrison - Leadership and Team Coach, Group Facilitator, Speaker, Change Agent
Harrison International
Stephen Harrison
Leadership and Team Coach, Group Facilitator, Speaker, Change Agent
Harrison International
Cliftons Wellington
Phone: +64 4 901 9011
Level 28, The Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street

New Zealand
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