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Business & Leadership Skills for Higher Education Professionals

Cliftons Melbourne

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Excelling as a faculty leader in today’s evolving Higher Education sector requires a wealth of adaptable skills to keep on top of innovative business transformation management and cultural change. In addition, the ability to provide strategic leadership is essential for delivering outcomes to portfolio areas.

This two-day intensive specifically addresses the required skills to become an efficient and influential faculty leader. It provides practical solutions to fast-track the acquisition of leadership essentials for managers to effectively contribute and lead teams at the executive management level within the Higher Education sector.

This toolkit will provide attendees with practical insights and applicable tips to achieve business management and leadership success.
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• Honing your skills and capabilities to become an effective faculty leader
• Tools to become a transformational business leader
• Practising influential methods to motivate high -performance teams
• Building exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
• Developing a strategic business foresight and outcome focused outlook
• Invaluable stakeholder engagement techniques
• Adopting effective change management
• Maintaining best practices and facilitating a culture of continuous improvement
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Faculty General Manager / Chief Operating Officer / Faculty Manager
Heads of School
Deputy Heads of School
Associate Heads Of School
Vice Chancellors / Deputy Vice Chancellors / Pro Vice Chancellor

08 February 2017

08:30 - 16:30


DAY 1: Business Strategies for Higher Education Leaders in the Global Economy

Academia in the Innovation Nation
Innovation Nation – academics in the innovation and creativity fog 
Research, Education, and Scholarship – reconciling the purist and pragmatists view
The academic in a Government funded research world
The academic and the Business World
Research and Human Centric Innovation
Understanding and managing change in a digitally transformed world
Digital transformation and academic research
Old and New Research tools and techniques
Digital Media and Reporting with Impact
Making It Happen – Delivering on the Promise
The Academic Value Stream – Triggers to Life Long Learning
Project and Portfolio Management Tools
Budgeting and Revenue Management
Beyond the bookshelf – Developing the Partnership
Stakeholder Management
Stakeholders Defined
Stakeholder Managers Toolkit – Communication, Influence and Negotiation
Stakeholder Management - mapping and managing
Walking a mile in yourself into the Stakeholder shoes -360 Degree View
Plenary Session
Academia, Business and Government – strange bedfellows or fruitful partnership
Curriculum and Research Development in the Global Economy
Funding Options – Academic Growth and Employment Creation
Building Brand and Creating Economic Advantage
John Cleary - Chief Executive
Blue Chip Consulting Group

09 February 2017

08:30 - 16:30


DAY 2: Enhancing the Essential Skills to Excel as a Higher Education Business Leader

Understanding the Transition from Manager to Leader
• The leadership pipeline: Critical transitions that successful leaders make
• Understanding the differences between technical management and people leadership
• The attributes of transformational leaders

Assessing Executive Potential
• How to assess the potential for successful leadership under challenging conditions
• Practical exercise around assessing executive potential

The Transformational Leader’s Toolkit: Dealing with the Challenges of Senior Leadership
• Understanding how you react to pressure
• A framework for developing self-regulation (CALMTM)
• How to manage competing priorities

Group discussion
• Individual feedback on your executive potential and group exercise understanding the challenges of senior leadership

The Transformational Leader’s Toolkit: Leading People under Pressure
• Dealing with difficult people
• Giving and receiving constructive feedback
• Conflict handling strategies
• The manager as ‘on-the-job’ coach
• Communicating change to employees
• Achieving improved leadership performance - Your personal action plan
Michael Collins - High Potential Officer
Michael Collins
High Potential Officer
John Cleary
Chief Executive
Blue Chip Consulting Group
Cliftons Melbourne
Phone: +61 3 9993 9999
Level 1, 440 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC
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