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Dynamic Budgeting and Forecasting Workshop

Cliftons Canberra

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The Public Sector is entering a bold new era of transformation that will see a greater focus on improved public governance, demonstrated performance and results and increased accountability for public spending. Finance professionals in this environment need to update their skills and tools used in order to meet these emerging expectations.

The budget still remains the principal financial instrument in most organisations; however it is on its own a fundamentally static tool. In a dynamic real-time environment the budget alone is often a constraint, not an enabler to achieving an agency’s purpose and objectives.

In today’s global turbulent business environment where agility is a necessity and many traditional opportunities for competitive advantage have disappeared, organisations are expecting more from their finance teams than ever before. To meet the challenges presented by this dynamic business environment, it is becoming more important than ever to pursue the goal of becoming more forward-looking and adaptive in order to support informed decisions and become a true business partner.

This intensive two-day Workshop will rapidly enhance the skill-sets of participants and demonstrate the practical steps required to upgrade the finance function to support better planning and performance in a fast-paced, real-time decision-making environment.

Attendees will be equipped with practical tools and skills for enhancing the flexibility of planning, budgeting and forecasting methodologies, allowing for targets, resources and performance expectations to adapt to changing conditions. Be a part of this exciting program and position your finance team on the cutting edge of unlocking value and enhancing performance.
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•Develop dynamic strategic planning processes for success in a real-time environment
• Re-think the use of strategic planning tools
• Connect planning, budgeting, and forecasting for improved resource allocation
• Fine-tune traditional budgeting activities to support dynamic decision-making
• Apply advanced and forward-looking budgeting techniques for improved allocation of targets and resources
• Recognise the limitations of various budgeting approaches and identify potential improvements
• Understand the process of applying beyond budgeting principles and common challenges faced
• Move towards more dynamic and adaptive forms of forecasting
• Discover how to implement the rolling forecast process in your organisation
• Implement effective performance systems with scorecards, key performance drivers and indicators
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• Chief Financial Officers
• Budget Managers
• Forecasting / Planning Managers
• Finance Directors
• Group Finance Managers
• Financial Control
• Finance Managers
• Management Accounting /Decision Support
• Management Reporting
• Business Analysis / Planning
• Financial Management Systems

Kevin Riley
Managing Director
Riley & Riley - Strategy Advisors
Cliftons Canberra
Phone: 02 6122 0999
Level 2, 10 Moore Street
Canberra, ACT
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