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The 5th Public Sector Director and Executive Level Leadership Forum 2017

Hotel Realm Canberra
15 March 2017 - 16 March 2017

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Public Sector organisations continuously confront difficult challenges where simple solutions are usually absent. There is a renewed focus on permanence and accountability in Government and as a result budgets are tightening. In this environment, resource commitments require greater justification and leaders are held more accountable for driving performance and delivering outcomes. Against this backdrop of performance and accountability, there are the ongoing operational and organisational challenges of change. Leaders in this environment must be innovative, agile and resilient in order to thrive. A strategic approach to leadership is needed to support your team while still facing larger external challenges.

Strategic management is crucial when operating within a turbulent political environment . Innovative thinking, calculated decision-making and accountable leadership encourages the replication of these behaviours throughout your team. This forum is designed to be an inspirational leadership development experience for aspiring EL and SES Band leaders across the public service. Case studies and insightful expert insights will provide existing and aspiring leaders with practical strategies, key skills and networking opportunities to maximise their potential.
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- Developing skills to lead teams through transition and organisational reform
- Techniques to deal with political turbulence and disruption
- Strategies to implement positive and innovative leadership
- Tools to deal with a continuously evolving environment
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Executive Level Senior Management in the Public Sector including:

• Executive Banded Officers (APS6, EL1, EL2)
• Director
• Assistant Director
• Manager
• Assistant Manager
• Branch / Section Manager
• Division Manager / Director
• Business Manager
• Program Manager
• Project Manager

14 March 2017

15 March 2017

09:00 - 09:50

Case Study

A leadership journey from Police to the Public Sector

Michael Outram has experienced a wide range of leadership roles at both national and international level. He has overseen huge operations as Deputy Commissioner for the Australian Border Force and has led a diverse range of specialised areas throughout his career. Michael has played a leading role in developing and implementing national approaches for managing agency operations, leading to significant improvements in his sector. In this Keynote, he will discuss his leadership journey and the challenges he has faced and overcome. Discuss:
- Strategies to climb the career ladder 
- Transitioning roles and overcoming the challenges that present themselves
- Maintaining a positive influence in times of change
Michael Outram - Deputy Commissioner, Operations Group
Australian Border Force

09:50 - 10:40

Case Study

Stepping up during times of evolution and chaos

Change is a prominent aspect of Public Sector life and requires highly skillful levels of management, initiative and flexible leadership approaches. In this session, Nadine will share her experiences in managing change and the key attributes needed to successfully overcome obstacles that accompany a continuously changing environment. Discuss:
- Overcoming major personal and professional obstacles and challenges
- Developing your ability to manage, lead and adapt to change
- Remaining a positive influence during times of uncertainty
Nadine Williams - First Assistant Secretary, Community and Economic Development
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

11:45 - 12:35

Case Study

Developing a mindset and appetite for continuous improvement

In order to successfully build a culture of continuous improvement, both yourself and your team need to be engaged in the incremental initiatives and innovations that allow us to achieve best practices. This can be done by providing encouragement and implementing incentives to encourage active commitment to development, and to achieve a collaborative working environment. Karen is an expert in bringing new ways of thinking and working and in building leadership confidence. She will discuss the value of:
- Developing a student mentality
- Embracing critical feedback
- Celebrating progress
Karen Simmons - Managing Director
The Change Executive

13:35 - 14:35


Surviving and thriving in the Public Sector

As the Australian Public Service continues to evolve, organisations are confronting considerable strain as they try to adapt, and the outlook still looks challenging. Faced with further unparalleled financial cuts both now and in the foreseeable future, it is essential for leaders to prepare for the upcoming demands. Pressure is mounting on leaders who must continue to run leaner and more efficient operations, achieving more with less, while guiding teams through difficulties. Innovative thinking is required to transform the way we manage, lead our teams and deliver excellent services to the public. The panel will explore:
- Reflections on, risk, performance and accountability
- Understanding the human factors at play and the psychology of change
- Maintaining resilience and applying emotional intelligence
Linda Franklin - Executive Director, Transformation and Delivery
Electoral Commission NSW
Lynn White - Acting Assistant Commissioner IT / Chief Information Officer
Australian Electoral Commission
Ross Lambie - Assistant Secretary, Economics
Department of the Environment and Energy

14:35 - 15:25

Case Study

Understanding value - Positioning yourself as a leader in a new role

New roles present new challenges, whether this role be a transfer from another department or a promotion. To maintain successful and effective leadership during these transitions, it is important to understand your value and to recognise the expertise of others. Self-awareness is integral. Matt Cahill will discuss key lessons from his career where he has successfully managed teams across a range of Public Sector departments. Discuss: 
- Leadership strategies and how these must evolve
- Knowing what inspires you 
- Fostering self-awareness
Matt Cahill - First Assistant Secretary, Environment Standards
Department of the Environment and Energy

15:40 - 16:30

Expert Commentary

Strategies for stress - Crisis management within the Public Sector

For Public Sector leaders, dealing with challenges comes with the job. A leader must deal with huge amounts of stress and often face very public organisational 'catastrophes'. During these difficult times, it falls to the leaders to manage not only their own stress, but also the stress of her team and coworkers. Louise has had a highly successful career helping businesses and individuals cope with the stress and constraints of working life. She will discuss:
- Maintaining resilient in challenging situations
- Dealing with stress
- Maintaining trust and credibility during organisational 'catastrophes'
Louise Carter - Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Performance Partnership

16 March 2017

09:00 - 10:00

Case Study

Leading in a complex world

Public Sector organisations are being asked to provide increasingly better services while still coping with financial reductions, fewer staff and a pressure to deliver exceptional performance. Leaders must deal with these challenges while remaining resilient, reliable and while still maintaining their exceptional leadership standards. Teena has a diverse range of experience across the disciplines of policy development and administration, budget strategy, program and people management, and development policy. Today she will share elements of her personal leadership journey and discuss the importance of:
- Building and expanding positive networks
- Adapting to change
- Making difficult decisions
Teena Blewitt - First Assistant Secretary, Efficiency and Assurance Division, Governance and APS Transformation
Department of Finance

13:15 - 14:15

Expert Commentary

Leading in a dynamic environment

Continuing to grow is an ongoing challenge for leaders who get caught up in the challenges of daily operations. Essentially, as a leader, it is your job to role-model values and professional behaviours and thus inspire and motivate the team to follow your example. Effective and successful leadership comes down to instilling your values and ideals in a reliable and consistent manner. Hugh has extensive leadership experience from within both the public and private sectors with significant experience in strategic reviews, business planning and change management. Today he will discuss:
- Characteristics of high performing leaders
- Developing commitment at senior management level
- Creating a dynamic and engaged workforce
Dr Hugh Watson - Director
Hugh Watson Consulting

14:15 - 15:15

Case Study

Maintaining exceptional leadership through times of change

Throughout the leadership journey, there are inevitable transitions into new roles, both within and outside of your department. Transitioning into these new roles can be challenging for even the most experienced leaders and it is essential to remain authentic, protect your confidence, and maintain general well-being. Sharon McTavish has had an extensive career with the Australian Federal Police and will share her experience in managing the complex and difficult leadership challenges that leaders face as they progress through their career. She will discuss: 
- Experimenting with new leadership strategies 
- Managing competing expectations 
- Taking care of your general well-being
Sharon McTavish - Commander
Australian Federal Police

15:30 - 16:30


Review, revise and reflect

This interactive round table discussion will provide delegates with the opportunity to revise and reflect on the themes and topics that have been discussed over the course of the two day conference. Delegates will have a chance to share their personal challenges and leadership techniques and discuss their personal experiences working in the Public Sector. Discuss:
- Insights and reflections on key leadership themes
- Creating an individual development plan
- Sharing ideas on overcoming common challenges
Jane Boardman - Executive Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

17 March 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Leading through Change

The demands on senior managers have grown exponentially.  They must be effective and efficient leaders in times of stability and in times of change and uncertainty. They have to manage people, policy, processes, politics and projects.   Successful leadership is essential in order to ensure changes are implemented and performance can be sustained. 

Employees look to leaders to bring meaning and to find purpose and value in their hard work. This means they require a steadfast, resilient and conscientious leader who effectively motivates, influences and drives results as well as one who listens, is mutually respectful and is understanding. This is not easy, and with the ever-changing environment that is the Public Sector, and therefore the stress and worry that accompanies this change, it isn’t always possible. 

This workshop will provide essential tools to initiate and implement effective and necessary tactics when optimising performance in the workplace while meeting organisational objectives. Attendees will leave with strategies that will be available for immediate effect. 

Hugh Watson will provide leaders with up-to-date techniques and advice to encourage, motivate and inspire staff, develop resilience in leaders and to optimise organisational performance.   

Thriving in times of change 
- Taking the lead in times of change 
- Being proactive and seeking opportunity 
- Driving effective transformation and change   

Resilience in leadership  
- Focusing on what matters 
- Managing organisational restructures 
- Managing your own career 

 Developing self-confidence 
- Trusting your initiative and judgement 
- Embracing flexibility and endurance as key leadership skills 
- Being an influential and reliable leader and communicator 
Dr Hugh Watson - Director
Hugh Watson Consulting
Martin Brooker
Former Director General Military Strategy
Quench Group
Michael Outram
Deputy Commissioner, Operations Group
Australian Border Force
Karen Simmons
Managing Director
The Change Executive
Dr Hugh Watson
Hugh Watson Consulting
Sharon McTavish
Australian Federal Police
Matt Cahill
First Assistant Secretary, Environment Standards
Department of the Environment and Energy
Teena Blewitt
First Assistant Secretary, Efficiency and Assurance Division, Governance and APS Transformation
Department of Finance
Ross Lambie
Assistant Secretary, Economics
Department of the Environment and Energy
Jane Boardman

Linda Franklin
Executive Director, Transformation and Delivery
Electoral Commission NSW
Nadine Williams
First Assistant Secretary, Community and Economic Development
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Lynn White
Acting Assistant Commissioner IT / Chief Information Officer
Australian Electoral Commission
Louise Carter
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Performance Partnership
Frances Southward
Assistant Commisioner
Australian Taxation Office
Tony Corcoran
Assistant Secretary, Information Management and Access
Department of Defence
Allaster Cox
First Assistant Secretary, South-East Asia Division
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
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