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Policy Professionals Leadership Workshop

Rydges World Square, Sydney

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In today’s evolving and volatile government policy environment, the quality of leadership is one of the most crucial determinations of effective policymaking and implementation. Whilst policy professionals often have a wealth of technical abilities, stepping up into executive positions within the field requires a refined skillset of leadership qualities.

This two-day intensive workshop specifically addresses these required skills and related issues to policy leadership. It provides practical solutions to fast-track the acquisition of leadership essentials for policy practitioners to step up into executive positions. It is imperative to master effective communication skills, build trust and credibility with stakeholders, inspire teams to achieve high performance, and drive robust policy outcomes. This workshop will provide attendees with practical insights and applicable tips to achieve leadership success.
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• Honing your skills and capabilities to become an effective policy leader
• Stepping up from a policy professional to become a strategic implementer and driver
• Practising effective communication strategies to build credibility and influence
• Recognising talent and growing your teams to their full potential
• Managing, motivating and empowering your team to achieve sustainable potential
• Developing a strategic business foresight
• Building resilience and emotional intelligence for effective leadership
• Invaluable stakeholder engagement strategies to become a trusted policy executive
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Policy Officers / Managers
Policy Developers / Analysts
Policy Advisors / Senior Policy Advisors
Branch / Section / Division Managers
Program Managers
Research Officers
Evaluation Specialists / Managers
Stakeholder / Community Engagement
Policy Consulting
Service Delivery Managers / Directors

09 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Effective policy that delivers measurable results

  • Developing policy fit-for-purpose
  • Drafting policy for implementation- what separates the good from the bad
  • Understanding different models and methods of policy development and implementation
  • Building the capacity of people and organisations to understand policy and its role within organisational and cultural change
  • Understanding people management in the context of policy practice
  • Managing policy teams and retaining and growing talent through effective people management skills
  • Building trust-based relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Focusing on individual and team performance to deliver results
  • Inspiring policy teams to reach their highest potential
  • Practical communication skills to achieve outcomes
  • Understanding effective communication and tailoring your approach to different scenarios
  • Key communication skills for increasing your credibility and influence
  • Approaches and tools for managing stakeholder meetings and partnerships when developing and implementing policy- key dos and don’ts
  • Tips for enhancing team work and stakeholder relationships when delivering required policy outcomes
  • Policy Advocacy and Negotiations
  • Leadership skills and self-awareness related to policy advocacy and negotiations
  • Investing in your strengths, health and well-being – Finding ways to sustain you to perform at your peak
  • Effective approaches to build on your policy practice and manage high-pressure and stressful situations
  • Your role as a leader in contributing to positive policy practice and a healthy workplace in general
Edwina Deakin - Principal
EJD Consulting & Associates

10 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Taking leadership to the next level of your policy profession

  • From policymakers to policy leaders – honing your leadership skills and capabilities
  • An overview of leadership models and proven practical skills for building leadership capability
  • Transitioning from policy practitioner to strategic thinker and leader
  • Demonstrating your value as a leader
  • Making policy leadership work tactically, strategically and practically
  • Developing a strategic direction and perspective as a policy leader
  • Understanding the evolving sector in which you and your team operate
  • Keeping up with both policy and commercial developments
  • Then and now – Changes in the policy professional landscape, and preparing for future leadership challenges
  • Embedding strategic business perspectives – Linking core organisational priorities and outcomes with individual policy effort
  • Becoming a trusted policy executive
  • Growing your strength as a policy driver and implementer
  • Delivering end-to-end solutions and programs and building trust with your stakeholders
  • Developing advisory skills to provide practical solutions for strategic decision making
  • Understanding risks and forward-planning
  • Leadership success: Collaboration and communication
  • Growing your leadership strengths by building key relationships and tapping expertise
  • Managing your case: Communicating policy issues and ideas to achieve a favourable outcome 
  • Accessing new opportunities for networking, personal development and growing your credibility
  • Effective interpersonal skills to leverage your leadership capabilities
Edwina Deakin - Principal
EJD Consulting & Associates
Edwina Deakin
EJD Consulting & Associates
Rydges World Square, Sydney
Phone: 02 8268 1888
389 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW
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