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Records, IM, and ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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The evolution of technology-driven data and IM systems is reinventing the role of Records, Information Management, and ICT professionals. While traditionally seen as the custodian of company records, Records, Information Management, and ICT professionals now need to go beyond ensuring IM compliance and security to lead transformation and provide strategic and analytical foresight for business growth. On top of having technical knowledge and competence, they must hone broad leadership skill-sets that include driving change management, stakeholder communication, enhancing team collaboration, as well as delivering innovation and IM project excellence.

This practical workshop is specifically designed to prepare the next generation of Records, Information Management, and ICT leaders for future challenges and potential growth. Focusing on the leadership essentials for Records, Information Management, and ICT career success, delegates will learn practical tips, tools and strategies to ride the tides of disruptive change and deliver expert solutions for robust business outcomes.
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- Sharpening your skills and capabilities to become an effective Records, Information Management, and ICT leader
- Navigating challenges and leading through the complexity revolving Records, Information Management, and ICT
- Stepping up from a technical IM specialist to become an analytical and strategic business enabler
- Practicing effective communication strategies to break down complex processes in IM and ICT transformation
- Driving and leading effective IM and ICT transformation that aligns with business goals
- Fostering collaboration and partnering with teams to achieve successful business outcomes
- Understanding, creating and delivering seamless user experience
- Progressing through incremental IM and ICT change projects and continuous improvement
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- Records Management
- Information Management
- Knowledge Management
- IT / IM Systems Management
- EDRMS Projects
- Document Control
- Archives Management
- TRIM Administration
- SharePoint Administration
- Business / IT Services
- IT Change Management
- ICT Strategy and Planning
- ICT Projects / Program Office
- Information Strategy and Technology Services
- Information Management / Strategy Division
- ICT / IM Consulting
- Network Infrastructure
- Enterprise Architecture
- Systems Administration
- Digital Systems
- Knowledge / Records Management
- Senior ICT / Software Vendor Executives
- Women’s Leadership Programs Managers
- Business Analytics / Business Intelligence

23 February 2017

11:00 - 18:30


Essential leadership tools for Information Mangement and ICT leaders

Enhancing leadership skills for Information Management and ICT Professionals 
- How Records, Information Management and ICT is evolving and how do you prepare for future challenges of disruptive change
- The importance of developing strong leadership skills for Records, Information Management and ICT Professionals
- Essential leadership qualities for Records, Information Management and ICT Professionals
- The importance of leading change
- Understanding professional strengths and working together 

Transitioning from an IM specialist to become a strategic business enabler
- Growing beyond technical capabilities to develop analytical, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills
- Reflecting on your own leadership styles and drawing on your unique strengths
- Building your influence as a Records, Information Management or ICT leader

Developing effective communication skills as an Information Management and ICT leader
- Breaking down complex jargons and processes to communicate effectively with non-IM business peers
- Providing clear direction and strategic goals
- Practical communication strategies to gain management buy-in
- How to demonstrate and present the ROI value of your IM project

Establishing networks and connection for IM and ICT project success
- Identifying and understanding the internal and external stakeholders that you work within a Records and Information Management environment
- Practical approaches to build better connection, collaboration, and how to facilitate co-creation
Supporting and partnering with others to achieve greater efficiency and productivity
Kate Fuelling - Director
Kate Fuelling Consulting

24 February 2017

11:00 - 18:30


Building and aligning leadership qualities for Information Mangement and ICT professionals

Leading IM and ICT transformation
- Understanding how businesses are evolving and the impact to the existing IM and ICT structures in your organisation
- Aligning your IM and ICT transformation plan with the growing business needs
- Creating and leading an integrated IM and ICT approach – Navigating the common challenges
- How to drive incremental changes that lead to bigger transformation  

Developing skills for change management and leadership
- Leading an IM change project – what is required, what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid the pitfalls
- Be aware of the risks involved
- Breaking down silos in an IM change management project

You as a change leader and enabler
- Communicating change effectively and in a timely manner
- Practical ways to approach resistance to change
- Managing difficult conversations
- Providing consistent messages around the visions and goals of your IM and ICT transformation plan

Considering factors to creating and delivering seamless user experience
- Users don’t understand systems – Understanding IM and ICT from the users’ perspective
- Embedding continuous improvement in your IM and ICT change project
- Building momentum through your project that facilitates to future change
- Supporting an organisational culture that welcomes innovation and change
Kate Fuelling - Director
Kate Fuelling Consulting
Kate Fuelling
Kate Fuelling Consulting
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Phone: (03) 9235 8000
1 Convention Centre Place
Melbourne, VIC
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