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Higher Education Women's Leadership Workshop

Cliftons Perth

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Women equate to 57 percent of staff in tertiary education within Australia; however, they hold only around 30 percent of leadership positions. The benefits of diversity are well known therefore imperative to identify catalysts that will redress gender inequality within the workplace. Leading and managing in the evolving Education environment brings challenges few other professions experience. In this constantly evolving sector, authentic and resilient leadership in the face of change is pivotal to success. In order to lead individuals and teams effectively, it is essential that leaders understand and capitalise on their unique strengths, whilst still aligning their approach with the framework and values of their specific organisation.

This Workshop focuses on allowing existing and aspiring female leaders to be more aware of the way they exercise leadership and its impact upon others. Participants will be encouraged to think about their organisation holistically and to understand the opportunities and avenues in which they can be effective change agents. Expert facilitation will allow delegates to explore the unique skills required to lead effectively in Education. Practical and interactive sessions will equip delegates with the strategies and techniques to enable them to reach their full potential, to pursue their chosen career path and to achieve success.
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• Recognise your key unique strengths as a leader
• Understand how to exercise leadership and the impact it has upon others
• Gain an insight into alternative leadership styles that will enable you to maintain authenticity
• Identify different techniques that will aid strategic communication and relationships
• Recognise and overcome conscious and unconscious gender bias
• Generate a professional network of sponsors and mentors to maximise your professional opportunities
• Develop skills for self-promotion and accelerated career progression
• Discuss Women in Leadership on both an Australia-centric and global level
• Build a personal leadership plan
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Advocates, Decision Makers and Emerging Leaders in Education – in both academic and management / governance positions including:

• Professors / Associate Professors / Academics / Researchers
• Lecturers / Senior Lecturers
• Deans / Heads of School / Faculty
• Management / University or ITP Governance
• Women’s Leadership Program Managers
• Human Resources / Diversity
• Education Policy / Government
• School Business Management / Principal / Heads of Department

20 February 2016

08:30 - 16:30

Case Study

Adaptive Leadership for a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World

The Australian Tertiary Education landscape is a dynamic, multifaceted and continually evolving environment which presents a multitude of leadership and management challenges. Strong leadership is essential for success in today’s rapidly changing world, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the norm. 

Leadership itself is constantly developing with cutting edge thinkers calling for a paradigm shift in what is required. Some leadership models, approaches, and tool kits are better suited for facing such rapid change and uncertain times, and this workshop will create a unique opportunity for the female leaders of the future to dissect the anatomy of leadership, and position themselves as forward-thinking pioneers. 

Future leaders must be able to able to face the unknown with confidence and agility and embrace the emerging opportunities that arise in 'VUCA' times. In this wide-ranging interactive workshop, participants will unpack what it means to thrive as a leader in the current landscape. They will be offered strategies and tools to use within their own institutions and be encouraged to reflect on their past, current and future leadership practices.

Through a sequence of mini-lectures, shared real work scenarios, case studies, activities, and discussion this workshop will equip participants with the tools to become stronger steadfast leaders. Attendees are encouraged to ask themselves ‘What is the biggest leadership challenge I face in my workplace?’ and day one will provide a forum for solutions. 

Exploring the need for dynamic and forward-thinking leadership
- Understanding the business case for strong, effective leadership
- Articulating the relationship between leadership and decision-making
- Uncovering and overcoming unconscious bias 

Understanding how to effectively frame organisational problems in VUCA environment
- Exploring the four components of VUCA and their drivers
- Utilising the Cynefin complexity framework to approach challenges
- Recognising the difference between technical problems and adaptive challenges

Identifying and managing the current and future challenges in Tertiary Education
- Applying the four archetypes of VUCA to individual environments
- Building an essential leadership toolkit for succeeding in VUCA times
- Learning tips and developing habits to thrive in complexity

Strategically applying and consolidating the lessons learned
-Making the shift from patriarchy to partnership
-Developing and applying a peer consulting methodology
-Creating a robust strategic master plan for the future

Jen Sheridan - Principal
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21 February 2017

09:00 - 17:00

Case Study

Mindfulness and Resilience for Enhanced Leadership

Confronted with mounting workloads and new complex challenges in their operating environment means that tertiary education leaders find themselves stretched by ever-expanding role expectations and the associated increase in stress levels of both themselves and those they lead. In this environment it is the quality and agility of thinking that determines a leader’s ability to innovate, excel and remain competitive. Yet, the increasing rate of change and general pace of their daily cultures undermines their ability to think effectively. 

This highly interactive session will introduce an experience of the AXIS Neuro-performance profile and its associated models and frameworks. It will give a practical insight into how neuroscience and mindfulness can improve the performance and self-awareness of leaders as well as strategies for maximising thinking states, managing stress and anxiety and building resilience. 

By linking neuroscience to everyday language, the AXIS system teaches leaders how to have more constructive, insightful development conversations that lead to greater engagement and improved performance.  It also helps both leaders and employees to manage up more effectively, take control of the management process and be responsible for their own professional development.

More than providing answers, AXIS sparks reflection and collaborative conversations that level the playing field and support learning in the workplace to ensure insights translate into new behaviours, habits and results. Developing a mindfulness practice is now well recognised as fundamental to providing leaders with the skills to not just survive, but to thrive in the workplace. 

Using neuroscience to manage yourself and others 
- Linking resilience, stress responses and environmental factors to your mindset and perspectives
- Exploring what drives performance and how to move people into more effective, productive behaviours
- Understanding ‘Ready to Learn’, how to nurture people’s readiness and why some will never come to the table

Mastering CLEAR© leadership and using mindfulness for leadership growth 
- Gaining insight into thought processes and the impact of ‘default mode’ thinking 
- Developing a greater sense of self-awareness as a leader 
- Exploring how mindfulness improves attention and retention 

Managing yourself to better manage others 
- Understanding how to improve your ability to innovate and think creatively
- Easy to use mindfulness tools to maximise your thinking state and proactively combat stress and anxiety
- Understanding how stress effects leadership  and the impact of stress on the mind

Building your leadership skills by understanding how your behaviours impact others 
- Increasing your emotional intelligence
- How to focus attention and respond instead of reacting
- Understanding the importance of mindful listening instead of listening to respond 
Jo McNeilly - Owner, Principal Coach, Facilitator and Consultant
Facilitating Possibilities
Jen Sheridan
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Jo McNeilly
Owner, Principal Coach, Facilitator and Consultant
Facilitating Possibilities
Cliftons Perth
Phone: 08 9480 0999
Parmelia House 191 St Georges Tce
Perth, WA
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