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Accelerating ISO55000 Compliance for Integrated Asset Management

Cliftons Wellington

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The management of physical assets is for many organisations a core business activity, therefore it is integral to business success. For some businesses, assets provide the entire means of revenue generation, while for others, assets support the continued success of the organisation. Assets (and their capabilities) need to be designed, acquired and maintained with careful consideration across their entire life cycle, if the business is to achieve the optimal result from their investment.

The ISO:55000 Standards set the worldwide benchmark for the design, acquisition, operation and maintenance and disposal of physical assets. The application of these standards delivers a high level of assurance that assets are and remain, both “fit for purpose” and “safe to use” over their life cycle – while always providing the required return on investment. As more and more organisations adopt these standards, however, certain challenges in implementation are becoming apparent.

Implementing ISO55000 standards requires transformational change which affects multiple business units. Leaders seeking to implement this standard need to be equipped with the right knowledge and strategies to embed the principles and requirements of ISO55000 standards in their organisation.

This interactive workshop is designed specifically for organisations who are grappling with the implementation of ISO55000 standards across their organisation. The focus is on equipping participants with the insight and strategies necessary to lead this change, develop appropriate means of monitoring success, and create engagement at all levels of the organisation.

The two days will work through the process logically, breaking apart each step and giving participants the opportunity to explore their own organisation’s problems and develop practical solutions to accelerate the roll out.
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- Drive performance and ROI through efficient implementation
- Develop a clear roadmap to achieve ISO55000 compliance
- Plan new processes, roles, responsibilities and KPIs
- Using performance measurement to assure asset performance
- Build change and project management skills to lead transformation
- Leverage ISO55000 to achieve business and financial outcomes
- Optimise roll out through effective communication and feedback
- Harness the full benefits of integrated asset management
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Public and private sector:

• Asset Managers / Directors
• Operations Managers
• Business Planning Managers
• Infrastructure Managers / Directors
• CFO’s / Financial Controllers / Managers
• Asset Investment Program Managers
• Project Managers / Directors
• Capital Works / Infrastructure
• Network Asset Management / Services

26 January 2017

09:00 - 16:30

Case Study


Identifying core business goals for the implementation of ISO55000
•    Consolidating the fundamentals of asset management
•    Understanding how ISO Standards align with key business principles and your desired outcomes
•    Identifying where different units fit in the Asset lifecycle and building a set of key actions to achieve implementation outcomes
•    Developing a clear vision for the business and its assets and conveying this to all relevant stakeholders

Forming an action plan for the rollout of new standards
•    Using a gap analysis to see where the business stands in relation to intended outcomes
•    Drawing on gap analysis data to identify strength areas and areas for development
•    Creating training frameworks for relevant staff to ensure competency with the new standards
•    Utilising feedback from staff to increase the effectiveness of training and internal processes

Leading transformation without impacting organisational performance
•    Transformational leadership fundamentals as a basis for leading the implementation of ISO55000
•    Setting benchmarks and measures to monitor change progress and keep staff on track
•    Communication strategies to keep staff up to date with the transformation and their role within it
•    Forecasting the commercial environment to make sure the organisation remains functional

Driving asset efficiency through effective design and contracting measures
•    Considering whole of life necessities during early stages of asset planning to maximise long-term results
•    Engaging internal and external stakeholders with the full process and building a unified vision
•    Including maintenance costing and data to futureproof the financial viability of an asset
•    Discussion: Strategies for planning asset lifecycles before the asset is constructed
Guy Brandon - Director and Principal Consultant
Brandon Asset Management

27 January 2017

09:00 - 16:30

Case Study


Costing and financing to maximise asset ROI
•    Exploring different contracting arrangements to limit maintenance expenditure without compromising asset quality
•    Utilising existing financial data to inform the planning and maintenance of assets
•    Evaluating existing internal processes and how they relate to asset financing to maximise ROI
•    Benchmarking asset budgets to track and forecast costing throughout the lifecycle of individual assets

Frameworks to drive compliance after ISO55000 implementation
•    Developing and utilising KRAs and KPIs developed for specific business units
•    Tracking and monitoring compliance in key areas and using data to develop better processes
•    Techniques to help staff understand their individual and team role within ISO compliance
•    Strengthening asset information collection systems to improve ongoing performance of assets and staff

Learning from and rectifying asset failures
•    Establishing frameworks for investigating inefficiency or inadequacy
•    Minimising loss of return by being proactive and taking charge of the situation
•    Using audits and feedback from multiple stakeholders to identify and avoid potential hazards early on
•    Understanding internal and external responsibilities and managing risk

The next step – Developing a plan to accelerate ISO55000 implementation
•    Summarising the core components of the two day course
•    Open discussion: Exploring the challenges faced by individual businesses and organisations
•    Formulating an ISO55000 action plan and strengthening existing frameworks and KPIs
•    Creating a step by step guide for implementing new standards and engaging staff with the changes  
Guy Brandon - Director and Principal Consultant
Brandon Asset Management
Guy Brandon
Director and Principal Consultant
Brandon Asset Management
Cliftons Wellington
Phone: +64 4 901 9011
Level 28, The Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street

New Zealand
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