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Public Sector Financial Modelling Workshop

Cliftons Canberra

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Financial models provide leaders in the Public Sector with the insight needed to inform major strategic decisions. It is crucial for finance professionals to create accurate models based on relevant data in order to provide leaders with the metrics needed to drive organisational direction. However, without the correct resources and information, it can be difficult to build an accurate and outcome driven financial model. In order to access both the funding and data needed for a successful financial model, finance professionals must actively engage with internal stakeholders throughout the modelling process.

In the turbulent environment of the Public Sector, budget changes and staff restructures are inevitable and often interfere with financial modelling. In order to adapt to changing variables, it is imperative that finance professionals are equipped with the skills to accommodate uncertain parameters in their financial models. Through the use of software and organisational skills, finance professionals can keep complex models user friendly and visually appealing to meet the needs of senior management and internal stakeholders.

This intensive two-day Workshop will rapidly enhance the hard and soft skill sets of participants required to create a precise and informed financial model whilst working in an uncertain and political environment. Attendees will be equipped with the practical tools and skills to create a clear and comprehensive model that can be easily interpreted and manipulated.

Training Delivery:

The Workshop will be delivered using a three tiered approach. The structure of each session is as follows:

1. Technical overview and review of research into the topic area under discussion
2. Practically building a financial model using PCs
3. Discussion of soft skills, implementation challenges and outcomes
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• Developing and applying technical excel skills to produce a best practice financial model
• Exploring tools to obtain critical data for financial modelling
• Gaining the analytical skills needed to interpret complex or big data
• Developing a robust and informative financial model to drive strategic direction
• Overcoming the common challenges associated with financial modelling in the Public Sector
• Understanding key variables and their impact upon model outcomes
• Exploring evaluative techniques to test model quality and effectiveness
• Optimising dashboards to clearly present model outcomes to senior management
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• Financial Modellers
• Financial Analysts
• Business Analysts
• Forecasting Managers
• Budgeting Managers
• Strategic Planning
• Investment Analysis
• Finance Managers
• Planning Managers
• Financial Reporting Officers
• Management Accounting

Nico Mellett
Axium Solutions Pty Ltd
Cliftons Canberra
Phone: 02 6122 0999
Level 2, 10 Moore Street
Canberra, ACT
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