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Finance Professionals Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Workshop

Cliftons Wellington

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In order for businesses to operate successfully, they must establish a consistent and streamlined finance function. Key to achieving this is engaging effectively with the rest of the organisation on finance matters, often with parties who have very little or no finance knowledge. To be effective in this context, finance professionals need to focus on acquiring and utilising a diverse range of soft and hard technical skills.

Most organisations are impacted negatively by a lack of inter-departmental communication which often extends the time frame of processes and contributes to unnecessary cost and missed opportunities. Overcoming communication barriers is the key to achieving organisational buy-in for business improvement and is a crucial element to achieving stream-lined processes and increased efficiency.

Creating and communicating a value proposition for finance is a key part of driving change with non-financial business units. By forming strong cross-functional ties, finance teams can create a system that minimises loss and facilitates business success for all stakeholders. Attention must be focused on aligning finance strategies with broader business requirements and objectives.

This interactive workshop will provide participants with the tools and techniques they need to embed positive change and drive finance efficiency in their organisation. It will focus on overcoming the common barriers that prevent organisations from realising their potential in a finance context. Participants will explore different ways to engage internal stakeholders, to encourage accurate execution of protocol.
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• Address challenges created by operational silos within your organisation
• Discuss strategies that will reduce costs and maximise efficiency
• Become a business partner and trusted source of advice
• Create a value proposition that will drive organisational buy-in
• Gain tools and techniques to generate proactive cross-functional communication
• Foster business acumen and financial awareness across the organisation
• Establish processes and procedures that will assist in organisational investment decision making
• Utilise effective communication channels to share critical finance information
• Establish positive relationships and engagement between senior management and finance teams
• Grow capability in non-finance employees that will result in more efficient and consistent processes
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• CFO / Financial Controllers
• Finance Managers / Directors
• Management Accountants
• Financial Accountants
• Accounts Payable / Receivable
• Business Intelligence / Reporting
• Accountants
• Finance / Business Analysts

Gaylene Hughes
Director/Business Coach
JDI Business Coaching
Cliftons Wellington
Phone: +64 4 901 9011
Level 28, The Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street

New Zealand
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