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Women in Property Leadership Summit 2017

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
21 February 2017 - 22 February 2017

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The future of the property industry hinges upon the next great leaders to forge the way. As research continues to show the value of a diverse leadership team, it is increasingly important to step up your game as a female leader in the property world.

This mercurial and unpredictable industry often brings unexpected challenges and obstacles to female leaders. Yet, despite the challenges, you have the tools within you to construct your ideal leadership future. Liquid Learning's inaugural Women in Property Leadership Summit brings together experienced female leaders and accomplished industry experts to provide insight, advice, motivation and support for your journey.

Through anecdotal case studies and inspiring commentaries, this Summit offers participants the chance to develop and enhance the skills needed to assemble a strong structure of your leadership success.
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- Understand your core strengths and build the confidence to lead with authenticity

- Establish a healthy work and life blend

- Enhance the communication skills to expand your influence

- Position yourself for the next promotion
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Female leaders and emerging leaders or 'high potentials' within a variety of property and related roles, including:

- Heads of Property, Transactions, Projects, Lease Management, Fund Accounting, Retail, Product Development
- General Managers of Property, Retail, Investment, Leasing
- National Managers and National Operations Managers
- Group Managers
- Senior Managers of Property, Research, Valuation
- Facilities Managers
- Asset Managers
- Business Development Managers
- Team Leaders
- Leasing Executives
- Property Financial Services
- Property Consulting
- Legal Services for Property

20 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Leading through Stress and Fear - Finding your Strength in Any Situation

The property industry can be extremely unpredictable and volatile leading to stress and fatigue amongst even the most seasoned leaders. Stress and uncertainty can overwhelm you and derail your effectiveness. Whether dealing with periodic restructures or economic changes, the inner strength you develop to understand and manage the triggers of stress will be what propels your career even in times of crisis. This ability is a vital part of a leaders formula for success in this environment.
To be a good leader, you must make effective decisions quickly and efficiently and think outside the box when it comes to solving problems. Fear, if poorly managed can paralyse our ability to execute that process. In reality, fear does not have to be your enemy and, in fact, the fallacy of fearless leadership can be incredibly misleading. Once you understand your fears, you can learn to use them productively and get through any situation.
Conflict resolution is also an incredibly important tool to develop. You must learn to objectively understand the problems presented and nurture your relationships to overcome the source of conflict in your life. Finally, you must learn to build your resilience from within as a way to approach your external stresses by establishing a place of strength internally.
This experiential, full day workshop, presented by a leading expert in resilience and personal development, will go into the depths of what it means to find the strength within yourself to tackle all the triggers of stress in your life.

Learning to make good decisions and creatively solve problems
-    Defining and fully understanding the issues at hand
-    Learning to prioritise your problems accordingly
-    Identifying alternative approaches to problem solving and making your final decision

The myth of fearless leadership – Leading through fear
-    Recognising your fears and challenging them productively
-    You are not alone – Identifying the people you can turn to for advice
-    Accepting imperfection and striving for improvement

Understanding the art of conflict resolution
-    Separating people from problems
-    Listening carefully to different interests
-    Exploring options together and nurturing relationships

Building your resilience from within
-    Developing a mindset based on strengths
-    Improving your confidence and self-esteem
-    The seven factors to build everyday resilience            

Valerie Orton - Speaker, Author and Coach
Head Hand and Heart Management

21 February 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Leadership, philosophy and happiness - Achieving harmony in your world

Achieving harmony in life and leadership may seem like a perpetual balancing act, where at any moment you feel poised to topple off the tight-rope. Finding harmony does not have to be a struggle if conceived within. Rachel believes in encouraging the heart as a means of success and is dedicated to nurturing a positive environment. That dedication extended to her appearance on Undercover Boss, where she scrubbed, cooked and cleaned alongside her team to learn how to improve the environment of her own staff. Today, she will share her advice on not just how to find that balance, but on the benefits of leading from a place of emotional agility to connect your philosophy and happiness with your leadership. Discuss:
- Self-management - Taking responsibility for your own well-being 
- Beyond compartmentalisation – Other techniques to coping
- Leading through philosophy

Rachel Argaman - Chief Executive Officer
Toga Far East Hotels

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Take a closer look at yourself - Managing your personal brand for greater success

How do you want to be perceived? What do you stand for? The importance of perception is omnipresent in business and establishing a strong personal brand is a powerful tool for gaining traction in your career. But how do you develop the right image to propel you forward as a natural leader? Suzette posits that success doesn’t occur in an entirely linear fashion; rather, more often you climb a career lattice than the ladder. To do this well, she suggests your personal brand maximise your strengths instead of striving for the impossible dream of perfection. Discuss: 
- Adaptability and personal growth 
- Looking in the mirror to find your true strengths 
- Differentiating yourself from the crowd and maintaining an engaging brand
Suzette Lamont - Director of Client Solutions, Asset Services
CBRE Group

10:55 - 11:35

Case Study

Leading with authenticity – Having confidence in your value and staying true to your identity

In a male-dominated field, it can seem tempting to try to fit into the office culture by adapting your personality to be ‘one of the boys.’ But, this robs you of your authenticity and, bit by bit, the dissolution of your own leadership style and values, can wear you down. Kate believes that success stems from recognising and having confidence in your own business worth. Drawing on her own learning experiences, she hopes to share with you the value of remaining authentic, even when you are the minority, and the importance of building confidence in your contributions. Discuss:
- Staying true to yourself in a diverse team
- Following your passion against any odds
- Building confidence and recognising your value

Kate Langan - Group General Manager, Property
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

11:45 - 12:35


Designing a positive future as a leader

A good leader understands the needs of their team and can guide them through difficult challenges. As obstacles appear in the pathways of so many women in the industry, finding ways to help those early in their leadership journey is an important skill to develop. As a leader, how do you articulate a vision and apply the skills of a change agent to break through rhetoric, challenge the status quo and take action to achieve that vision? Our accomplished panellists will offer insight into their own leadership methods and provide ways to foster a positive future for your team. Discuss:
- The mutual benefits of mentorship 
- What it means to be a sponsor and how to find your own 
- Overcoming imposter syndrome to recognise your own business value
- Leading with vision and providing the line of sight needed to make achieving it a reality
Melissa Taylor - National Director People and Performance
Colliers International
Aaron McGhee - Managing Director, Asset Managment Services
Knight Frank
Anna Welanyk - Executive Director, Valuation Services
Property NSW
Rachel Argaman - Chief Executive Officer
Toga Far East Hotels
Mark Broomfield - Director of Property
Macquarie University

13:35 - 14:15

Case Study

Being positively impatient - Channelling advice into action

When we left childhood behind and gained our own wealth of responsibilities, we generally let go the idea of having a role model to guide us through life's decisions. Yet, regardless of our own level of success, we can still benefit immensely from the wisdom of those we admire. Deborah will speak to the importance of role models and channelling their guidance into action.  Pulling both from history and her own personal experiences, she will share tidbits of the advice she has enacted over the course of her career. Discuss:
- The women who paved the way before us
- Drawing inspiration from those close to you
- Taking initiative to reach your goals
Deborah Coakley - Executive General Manager, Customer and Marketing
DEXUS Property Group

14:25 - 15:05

Expert Commentary

Invest in YOU to achieve peak performance

Juggling the high-pressure demands of today's workplace can make it appear impossible to take the time to look after your own well-being. Yet, pausing for even just a moment to understand yourself and then regenerate, can help build your internal resources to tackle that next big project with more fervour. With her holistic approach, Valerie will show you the benefits of taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health, to reflect upon your work and to rejoice once you have succeeded. Discuss: 
- Practising healthy habits to improve your productivity 
- Using the process of reflection to grow on an intellectual and emotional level 
- The importance of acknowledging your achievements
Valerie Orton - Speaker, Author and Coach
Head Hand and Heart Management

15:30 - 16:10

Case Study

Understanding and managing your stress in a volatile environment

When working in an often unpredictable environment, it can feel difficult to cope with mounting pressures and changing expectations. Maintaining resilience throughout these fluctuations and learning to effectively contain your emotions is incredibly empowering. It is important to understand that keeping your emotions in check does not mean you have to let go of your personality. Anastasia will recall her past experiences, particularly through the heart of the Global Financial Crisis, to explore strategies for you to find your own path to emotional strength. Discuss: 
- Understanding and managing your stress 
- Making difficult decisions under pressure 
- Recognising the root of your emotions to develop emotional strength
Anastasia Clarke - Chief Financial Officer
The GPT Group

22 February 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Cultivating the power to overcome obstacles through stronger relationships

Every woman has the power to generate ideas and take the required action to make them a reality. In so doing they can transform their own lives, and the lives of others. Follow along on Sadhana’s journey from receptionist to CEO as she shares how she learned to cultivate this power by creating and nurturing better relationships and converting challenges into opportunities to achieve extraordinary results. Her gender was not a hurdle to overcome, it is her power. Discuss: 
- Relationship building 
- Finding common ground in a diverse team 
- Dealing with discrimination and staying true to yourself in a challenging environment

Sadhana Smiles - Chief Executive Officer
Harcourts Group Victoria

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Maximising your leadership potential

Leadership is an attitude, not a title. Leanne Pilkington, the Managing Director of Laing + Simmons Corporation, has been fine-tuning her exceptional leadership skills in the property industry for over thirty years. Drawing from her own career journey and the tools she has picked up along the way, she will show you how to stand out as a leader and take initiative, ensuring you always showcase your leadership potential. Discuss: 
- Reaching your full potential 
- Understanding the motives of others as a key tool 
- Culture by design - Having fun is part of the journey
Leanne Pilkington - Managing Director
Laing+Simmons Corporation

10:55 - 11:35

Expert Commentary

Building better stakeholder relationships through effective communication skills

Stakeholders can have a massive impact on the success of a project, especially when juggling the input of multiple stakeholders, each with their own interests. The challenge lies in how do you keep your partners happy without relinquishing control of your project? Ultimately, the key to this challenge relies on building better relationships through expert communication skills. Arabella will explore techniques to handle even the most difficult of stakeholders so you can keep working together as content and committed collaborators. Discuss: 
- Building rapport and trust through conversation 
- Understanding the true interests of your stakeholders 
- Using body language to convey confidence and positivity
Arabella Macpherson - Founder and Communications Coach
Resonate Communications Coaching

11:45 - 12:25

Case Study

Maintaining productivity through flexibility

Many companies across the property industry are learning the value of workplace flexibility. However, there is a potential challenge: how do you take advantage of flexible work while maintaining your productivity? With over two decades of experience, Christopher Mourd has had an incredibly successful career and is a vocal supporter of workplace flexibility and better parental leave conditions. He will offer methods to increase your productivity and performance outside the office, while suggesting insightful tips to maintain your career progression. Discuss: 
- Maintaining productivity while working remotely 
- Increasing performance at home and on the road 
- Positioning yourself for promotions while working flexible hours
Christopher Mourd - Head of Real Estate
LJ Hooker Real Estate

13:35 - 14:25


Reaching a balance - Bridging the gap between your professional and personal lives

In today's hectic world, the pressures from both our personal and professional responsibilities can create conflict in our lives. Contrasting demands pull us in different directions creating considerable stress. They can make us feel like we must make the difficult choice between pursuing career goals and maintaining the responsibilities we share at home and within the wider community. When your life inside and outside the office are at odds, how do you bridge that gap and continue to progress in your career and lead a fulfilled personal life? In this session, our highly experienced panel will provide insight and techniques to achieve an optimal balance in both worlds. Discuss: 
- Returning to the workforce after career breaks 
- Maintaining a sense of self whilst juggling priorities both inside and outside the office 
- Reaching a healthy equilibrium between your work and personal life
Meaghan Davis - Head of Human Resources - Australia
Claudette Leeming - Head of Workspace
Australia Post
Michelle Abbey - Fund Manager
AMP Capital
Vanessa Caputo - Principal Lawyer
Caputo Lawyers
Diane Christensen - Vice-President Human Resources, Asia Pacific
Cushman and Wakefield

14:25 - 15:05

Case Study

Finding the courage and confidence to take career risks

As with much in life, the biggest rewards in your leadership career often come from the greatest risks taken. It can be one of the most difficult challenges you encounter - to actually step out of your comfort zone and take those leaps. Sally is no stranger to risk-taking; throughout her career she has taken on seemingly unachievable challenges and has found a way to rise to the occasion.  Referencing her own experiences, she will explore confidence and the courage needed to seize the opportunities that seem potentially out of reach and the importance of taking a risk to achieve greatness. Discuss: 
- Having the confidence to promote yourself and your abilities 
- Finding the courage to apply for and accept new and challenging roles
- Ensuring your success in positions that stretch your expertise and capabilities
Sally Franklin - Group Executive, Real Estate Services & Business Operations
Investa Property Group

15:30 - 16:20


Looking into the future - Your picture of career success

As the event comes to a close, take one last journey of reflection and focus on key take-away lessons to guide your future. Our chair, Dianne Cassen, will draw upon the important lessons learned throughout the conference to propel your career and guide you through the process of implementing your own personal development plan. She will discuss: 
- Key skills required to succeed as a leader in the property industry 
- Mapping out your own leadership pathway 
- Putting your plan into action to succeed as a leader
Dianne Cassen - Head of Human Resources

23 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Breaking Down the Walls - Communication Skills to Elevate your Leadership

Communication is a fundamental element of good leadership - it is the foundation upon which you build your ongoing success. Not only is it necessary to build and maintain relationships, be it with employees, clients or your superiors, but is a major driver in establishing cohesion within the group. Your communication skills as a leader directly affect the direction of your leadership career.

Becoming a brilliant communicator requires skills beyond simply the effective expression of your own thoughts and ideas. You must have the ability to understand and read people, to constructively receive communication and to master the art of nonverbal language. Even the subtleties of pitch, tone and speed are instrumental in creating the right rhythm to make an impact on your audience. As the property industry continues to expand into international markets, intercultural communication will also play a large role in success as you must learn to best handle any situation with a diverse clientele.

This interactive workshop will explore these important elements to enhance your natural ability to effectively communicate. You already have all of the core skills with you; join our innovative, experienced, and expert facilitator to learn to better apply this important foundation to further develop your career. 

Reading people – Tailoring your style to personality types
-    Understanding the different personality types in people
-    Quickly identifying personality types and communication preferences
-    Adapting your communication style for the best response

Receiving communication – Active listening and effective questioning
-    Listening with your whole body to establish rapport and demonstrate attention
-    Employing strategic listening to understand the speaker’s real needs and motivations
-    Asking reflective, deflective and leading questions to provide structure, direct the flow of the conversation and reach closure

Beyond the words – Non-verbal and para-verbal communication
-    Using eye contact and posture to convey meaning
-    Effective gesturing to illustrate a purpose
-    Fine-tuning pitch, tone and speed of your speech to make an impact

Cross-cultural communication in a growing multicultural world
-    Identifying barriers to cross-cultural communication
-    Improving your cultural understanding
-    Avoiding faux pas in intercultural interactions            
Arabella Macpherson - Founder and Communications Coach
Resonate Communications Coaching
Sadhana Smiles
Chief Executive Officer
Harcourts Group Victoria
Suzette Lamont
Director of Client Solutions, Asset Services
CBRE Group
Leanne Pilkington
Managing Director
Laing+Simmons Corporation
Aaron McGhee
Managing Director, Asset Managment Services
Knight Frank
Rachel Argaman
Chief Executive Officer
Toga Far East Hotels
Christopher Mourd
Head of Real Estate
LJ Hooker Real Estate
Michelle Abbey
Fund Manager
AMP Capital
Anastasia Clarke
Chief Financial Officer
The GPT Group
Anna Welanyk
Executive Director, Valuation Services
Property NSW
Arabella Macpherson
Founder and Communications Coach
Resonate Communications Coaching
Vanessa Caputo
Principal Lawyer
Caputo Lawyers
Valerie Orton
Speaker, Author and Coach
Head Hand and Heart Management
Kate Langan
Group General Manager, Property
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Meaghan Davis
Head of Human Resources - Australia
Dianne Cassen
Head of Human Resources
Melissa Taylor
National Director People and Performance
Colliers International
Claudette Leeming
Head of Workspace
Australia Post
Ralph Kemmler
Director of Property
Woolworths Group
Deborah Coakley
Executive General Manager, Customer and Marketing
DEXUS Property Group
Sally Franklin
Group Executive, Real Estate Services & Business Operations
Investa Property Group
Diane Christensen
Vice-President Human Resources, Asia Pacific
Cushman and Wakefield
Mark Broomfield
Director of Property
Macquarie University
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
Phone: 02 8214 0000
27 O'Connell Street
Sydney, NSW
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