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5th Women in ICT Leadership Summit 2017

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 February 2017 - 22 February 2017

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The demands placed on today’s managers of teams is intense. Not only are they asked to manage, they must also lead. Successful ICT leadership is crucial for driving organisational change and innovation. Despite an improved representation, the gender gap in executive technology roles remains remarkably wide, making it vital that females in ICT roles find professional support structures.

The transition from a technical expert to a leadership position is just one of the many hurdles that women in ICT face. Effective leadership in an ICT role requires not only a technical background and knowledge, but also a diverse skill set that encompasses excellent communication, resilience, the ability to motivate and an authentic leadership approach.

The 5th Women in ICT Leadership Summit 2017 will address the complex roles that women in ICT take on. The conference will feature senior females that are at the top of their game, sharing their own personal and motivational stories,providing practical insight and strategies for aspiring leaders. This Summit is a proven experience that will yield compelling outcomes for leaders who attend.
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• Inspirational personal journeys and advice from influential leaders in ICT
• Key strategies for leading confidently and with resilience through turbulent times
• Building a team culture that encourages innovation and high performance
• Understanding your personal traits and strengths to positively adapt your leadership performance
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Female leaders across industries who work in ICT roles such as:
- Chief Information Officers / ICT Leadership
- Chief Technology Officers
- Director / General Manager / Group Manager / Manager of ICT
- Director / Manager of Technology Services
- ICT Strategy and Planning
- ICT Projects / Program Office
- Information Strategy and Technology Services
- Information Management / Strategy Division
- ICT / IM Consulting
- Network Infrastructure
- Enterprise Architecture
- Systems Administration
- Digital Systems
- Knowledge / Records Management
- Senior ICT / Software Vendor Executives
- Women’s Leadership Programs Managers
- Business Analytics / Business Intelligence

20 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Building Blocks for Emerging Leaders: Sharpening Emotional intelligence

The transition from expert to emerging leader can be complex, requiring far more than technical skills alone. The dynamic, fast-paced and competitive environment creates a number of challenges for those in ICT roles, calling for skill development in order to best position yourself to climb the corporate ladder.  
The ability to successfully manage your external environment as a leader begins with internal awareness. Key to developing internal awareness is the application of emotional intelligence. This  is the foundation for a variety of critical skills and can impact what you say and do each day. Understanding yourself can add huge value to your career and life, but is no easy feat to achieve. Developing an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses is invaluable and hugely contributes to the development of a resourceful leader.
Leaders who recognise the importance of Emotional Intelligence and communicate with empathy can develop a workplace that fuels individual passions, draws on talents and fosters high performing teams. In addition to EI developing an understanding of communication and influence techniques that will enhance your ability tackle difficult conversations and navigating conflict are essential core skills to thrive as a leader in today’s fast paced environments.
This interactive workshop will focus on developing the complex core personal development skills of Emotional iItelligence, Effective Communication and Self Awareness, preparing you to approach your role with new-found confidenc and a better ability to understand and communicate team members, igniting positive change within your workforce. Nikk will cover: 
Emotional Intelligence 
- Self-awareness and self-reflection
- Self management and communication skills 
- External awareness of colleagues and team  
Communicating and managing your team
- The art of influencing peers 
- Anticipating and managing difficult conversations to avoid unnecessary conflict 
- How to respectfully deal with clashing opinions 
Establishing your unique leadership approach with confidence 
- Understanding your leadership style
- Finding your voice 
- Being empowered to make important decisions

Nikk Hughes - Development Coach
Inspire Tribe

21 February 2017

09:00 - 09:50

Case Study

What it means to be a leader

Since entering the workforce, Dorothy has overcome a significant number of roadblocks. Her IT career now spans over 16 years, working from vendor engagement to senior management level. Dorothy’s leadership style has developed and matured, influenced by the hurdles she has overcome turning dead-end jobs into opportunities and getting comfortable with discomfort. In this Keynote, Dorothy will reflect on her journey and the opportunities she has embraced. Dorothy will explore:
- Stepping out of your comfort zone
- Saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities
- How lessons learned in overcoming obstacles can positively influence leadership style
Dorothy Tuck - Enterprise Architect

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Changing paradigms – How does digital transformation affect leadership?

The changing relationship between Business and IT calls for a paradigm shift. It is essential for female ICT leaders to embrace technological development, to navigate through the digital environment and stay ahead of the game. Karin approaches digital transformation with a design-thinking lens and will reflect on her expertise as Chief Information Officer in the Public Sector. Karin will cover:
- Overcoming leadership challenges presented by technology
- Embracing digital transformation
- Finding the fit for technological tools
Karin Geraghty - Chief Information Officer
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

10:55 - 11:35

Expert Commentary

Leading with head, heart and gut

Working in an environment that is networked, interconnected, rapidly changing and in motion requires generative and adaptive leaders who are able to set strategy, build trusting relationships and collaborative capacity, whilst doing the right thing based on personal values. We are seeing a move toward “whole” leadership that integrates head-based intellect with heart-based care and gut-based intuition and courage. In this session, Jane introduces the latest neuroscience research showing we have separate and interconnected brains in our head, heart and gut and what this means for our ability to show up as a leader able to act with creativity, compassion and courage. Jane will explore:
- The three brain model
- Implications for personal leadership
- Using the model to access and use their three core intelligences (head, heart and gut) to make smarter decisions and take action
Jane Strangward - Neuroscience based Coach
Profile Plus

11:45 - 12:35


Leading with integrity - Becoming the decision maker

All leaders must make tough decisions. Emerging leaders must learn to balance emotion with reason to make decisions that positively impact themselves, their teams and their organisations. However, often decisions are clouded with a complex concoction of emotions influenced by stakeholder pressures, leaving them unsure whether they have made the right decision. This panel will explore:
- How to make the best decision for the circumstance
- Tackling the difficult conversations
- How to move forward after a decision
Anna Manojlovic - Manager IT Strategy and Enterprise Analytics
United Energy and Multinet Gas
Aarti Joshi - Head of Enterprise Application Technology
Woolworths Limited
Jon Thomson - Chief Information Officer
Fair Work Commission
William Confalonieri - Chief Digital Officer and Vice-President
Deakin University
Rita Zonius - Head of Internal Digital Communications
ANZ Bank - Australia

13:35 - 14:15

Case Study

Removing roadblocks to nurture future leaders

There can be many obstacles encountered on the road to leadership.  For emerging and aspiring ICT leaders, a solid grounding in technical expertise is a must. However, without access to support structures and mentors, fostered in a collaborative environment, it may only be possible to climb the career ladder so far. Moving forward in a truly collaborative environment is the best way to unlock an individual’s potential for growth . The importance of actively seeking opportunities to mentor and be mentored cannot be overstated. In this session, Charmaine will draw on over 30 years of ICT leadership experience, reflect on her own career to date and explore on the mutually beneficial mentoring dynamics. She will discuss:
- Finding mentors and mentoring
- Empowering others to grow
- Maintaining a support structure
Charmaine Steward - Group Manager, Enterprise Applications
MMG Limited

14:25 - 15:15

Case Study

Risk, courage and the 'Accidental Technologist' - Embracing challenges with open arms

Uncertainty is a fundamental aspect of life. The future always holds unpredictable changes for us all and often those changes can deliver significant benefits if you have the courage to transform a challenge into an opportunity. Aspiring leaders must prepare to push beyond their comfort zone and take that leap of faith to open the door to positive change. As a self-described “Accidental Technologist”, Melinda’s expertise spans everything from the development and implementation of strategy to several roles in management, marketing and sales. She will reflect on her career journey, the risks she embraced and her rewarding undercover mission. In particular, she will touch upon:
- Understanding your motivations
- Setting personal goals
- Overcoming the fear of change
Melinda Duke - Head of Architecture, Banking Products, Markets and Operations
National Australia Bank

15:30 - 16:20

Expert Commentary

The art of networking

In a world that is increasingly connected, relationships serve as a catalyst for professional success. Although networking may push you beyond your comfort zone, the ability to continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network can be an invaluable resource. In this practical and interactive session, Bev will explore strategies and techniques to develop the skills you need to build sustainable networks. Bev will cover:
- Tips and tricks to networking successfully
- How to network strategically - fostering mutually beneficial relationships
- Going beyond introduction - How to form lasting relationships
Bev Brough - Networking Specialist
Master Networking

22 February 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Leading through times of change

Rapid change brings both obstacles and opportunities. The constant and fast paced evolution of ICT roles calls for the need to lead with confidence. Larry is acknowledged for his strengths in driving organisational change and will reflect on his extensive experience in ICT leadership; steering strategy and visionary technology plans across multiple industries. Larry will cover:
- Tackling common challenges and pitfalls
- Seamlessly leading through turbulence
- Steering innovative strategies
Larry Howard - Chief Information Officer
Bluescope Steel Limited

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Stepping into leadership – Future-proofing your steps

In an evolving and demanding technological and business environment, women who pursue a career in ICT are constantly faced with the need to solve complex problems. Leadership based on position and technological expertise quickly finds its limits in this changing environment.  Future-proofing your leadership is about building up the character traits of courage, curiosity, creative insights and engagement. Joyce will share ‘snapshots’ from her global career journey, from a crisis of confidence as an engineer to her current executive position. She will explore:
- Key character traits of future-proof leaders
- Finding opportunities for development
- Leaders developing leaders
Joyce Harkness - Chief Information Officer
Avant Mutual Group Limited

10:55 - 11:45

Case Study

The mutual benefits of mentorship

Mentoring is a crucial part of broadening your horizons, nurturing talents and expanding your network. Influential leaders, particularly women wanting to rise in their careers, understand the need for effective mentorship. SA Power Networks are committed to promoting gender equity in the workplace, a core philosophy with a dedicated focus on the importance of building strong mentor relationships. This session will share key insights into their Gender Diversity Strategy exploring the mutual benefits of mentoring. Discuss:
- Strategies to increase a gender-balanced environment
- Key conversations to promote a more gender-diverse workplace
- The benefits of being a mentor and a mentee
Chris Ford - Chief Information Officer
SA Power Networks

11:45 - 12:25

Case Study

Walking the talk - From emulating to developing an authentic leadership approach

Effective leadership relies on striking the right balance between organisational values, personal values and your ability to connect with your team. Although adaptability and flexibility are marketable leadership traits, it is crucial for emerging leaders to stay true to who they are and develop their own unique approach. As IT Director for Treasury Wine Estates, Janine leads, manages and mentors high-performing team of senior IT professionals on a global stage. In this session she will draw on her career experience and expertise, exploring how her leadership style has matured from emulating a leader to becoming a leader. She will discuss:
- Aligning professional and personal priorities
- Developing a grounded leadership style
- Building authentic relationships
Janine Kennedy - Global IT Director Customer, Supplier and Distribution
Treasury Wine Estates

13:35 - 14:25


Motivating your team to thrive

Your team may have all the expertise in the world, however, without motivation they will never reach their full potential. Effective leaders are consistently moving forward with a focus on their team's progress. This interactive panel will explore both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that act as a catalyst for an infectious desire to succeed and achieve. This panel of experienced leaders will explore:
- How to identify and bring out the best qualities of your team
- Principles for keeping your team on track
- Celebrating success
Punita Udeshi - Head of IT
PZ Cussons
Claire Jorgensen - Director, Digital Strategy
University of Sydney
Shirley Ferrier - General Manager IT, Digital Channels
Telstra Corporation Limited

14:25 - 15:15

Expert Commentary

Limitless leadership - Building on your motivations and strengths

How powerful would it be to understand what motivates you? Self-leadership can assist in motivation, commitment and connection. Did you know that motivation can account for up to 65% of the predictability of success in a role! In this dynamic and highly interactive session Renée will unpack the power of motivation combined with the importance of building on your strengths. She will explore:
- How to discover your motivations
- Utilising your strengths
- Decoding language of others to tap into what motivates them
- Shifting from having a technical expert mindset to an empowering leadership mindset 
Renée Giarrusso - Founding Director
Renée Giarrusso

15:30 - 16:20


Future direction for women in ICT leadership

Reflecting on the strategies, tools and concepts discussed at the Summit, this interactive roundtable will provide delegates with the opportunity to share their comments and insights and encourage other participants to harness this information and create an action plan. The facilitator of this session, Yolande, will assist in helping you to distil the learning outcomes and effectively drive positive change.
-  Discuss valuable advice and formulate an action plan
-  Run the interactive think-tank exercise and facilitate idea sharing
- Consider practical application of lessons
- Examine advice from the conference
Yolande Hughes - Development Coach
Inspire Tribe
Charmaine Steward
Group Manager, Enterprise Applications
MMG Limited
Anna Manojlovic
Manager IT Strategy and Enterprise Analytics
United Energy and Multinet Gas
Janine Kennedy
Global IT Director Customer, Supplier and Distribution
Treasury Wine Estates
Kate Fuelling
Kate Fuelling Consulting
Punita Udeshi
Head of IT
PZ Cussons
Larry Howard
Chief Information Officer
Bluescope Steel Limited
Rita Zonius
Head of Internal Digital Communications
ANZ Bank - Australia
Melinda Duke
Head of Architecture, Banking Products, Markets and Operations
National Australia Bank
Claire Jorgensen
Director, Digital Strategy
University of Sydney
William Confalonieri
Chief Digital Officer and Vice-President
Deakin University
Joyce Harkness
Chief Information Officer
Avant Mutual Group Limited
Jon Thomson
Chief Information Officer
Fair Work Commission
Yolande Hughes
Inspire Tribe
Chris Ford
Chief Information Officer
SA Power Networks
Dorothy Tuck
Enterprise Architect
Jane Strangward
Neuroscience based Coach
Profile Plus
Renée Giarrusso
Founding Director
Renée Giarrusso
Bev Brough
Networking Specialist
Master Networking
Shirley Ferrier
General Manager IT, Digital Channels
Telstra Corporation Limited
Aarti Joshi
Head of Enterprise Application Technology
Woolworths Limited
Nikk Hughes
Development Coach
Inspire Tribe
Karin Geraghty
Chief Information Officer
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Phone: (03) 9235 8000
1 Convention Centre Place
Melbourne, VIC
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