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The 5th Women in Leadership Summit 2017

Crowne Plaza Auckland
14 February 2017 - 15 February 2017

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It is commonly known that women leaders are still underrepresented at senior executive level. Research suggests that businesses that value and implement diversity are better able to attract and retain higher performers, actually reduce expenses and improve national productivity. In recent years, many countries worldwide have made significant progress towards gender equality in senior positions, however, statistically women are still less likely to advance in their careers as far as men and still don’t earn as much. Although we are heading in the right direction, there is a long way to go before we achieve gender equity in the workplace.

Liquid Learning is proud to present the 5th Annual Women in Leadership Summit, bringing together influential senior leaders to discuss core technical leadership challenges, skills and strategies and to showcase inspirational stories and insights into their leadership journey. Our speakers are here to offer practical tools and effective lessons to encourage authentic leadership.

This event will provide inspired learning and an essential networking platform. It will equip delegates with crucial leadership lessons, tips to identifying career opportunities, how to remain resilient in the face of challenges and ways to continuously cultivate their skillset. It aims to offer both existing and emerging female leaders the strategies to overcoming these inequity barriers and skills to excel in their careers.
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* Inspirational stories and insights from successful female leaders

* Overcoming core technical leadership challenges

* Developing strategy and vision

* Becoming an authentic and innovative leader
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Advocates for change, established, emerging and aspiring women leaders in a variety of industries and roles, including:

* Chief Executive Officers
* Chief Financial Officers
* Executives and Managers
* Directors / General Managers
* Team Leaders
* Human Resources
* Leadership / Executive Development
* Diversity and Inclusion Managers

13 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Building Self-Confidence - How to Put Yourself Forward to Lead

Confident, resilient leaders lead confident resilient teams.  How is it that some people exude confidence and others struggle with self-confidence and self-belief for most of their lives?  And does a nagging self-doubt put a handbrake on your leadership aspirations?

Confidence is something we can develop and grow throughout our lives. Our confidence grows when we succeed and can take a beating when we fail. When we succeed, we can build on that success to build our confidence.

Conversely, failure is also essential to our growth and development - to our skills, our confidence and personal strength. Making mistakes and failing at something, and being able to recover from this failure, emerging stronger and wiser than before, are all fundamental parts of the leadership journey.

Facing challenging situations is also a necessary part of everyday life. But when we are first faced with signs of obstacles our confidence diminishes and that all too well-known ‘fight or flight’ feeling can kick in and get in our way. Learning what it takes to build self-confidence and resilience and to trust our own decisions in the face of these challenges is a giant leap towards successful leadership.

By mastering the skills for managing your self-talk and growing your self-confidence, women who attend this workshop will be equipped with techniques to create their own leadership presence and will have strategies to face situations that don’t go according to plan with confidence and poise. Learning these skills will not only benefit our delegates, but also teaches skills which can be passed on to their teams.

Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses
- What type of leader are you?
- What are your strengths and areas for development?
- Embracing who you really are

Taking risks
- Learning to deal with failure
- Getting comfortable being out of your comfort zone
- Understanding how to build resilience

Managing self-confidence
- Recognising your inner critic and what it is telling you
- Replacing self-doubt with self-belief
- Developing ongoing strategies to manage your self-belief

Putting yourself forward for leadership
- Creating a vision of success
- Understanding your calling
- Developing strategies to take a leap into the future you want

Yvonne Mclean - Executive Coach
Strategic Direction

14 February 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

A journey into leadership

Leadership is the corner stone of a business' success, drawing on many complex intersecting spheres of influence across an organisation. As one of the country's most respected senior leaders, and Chief Executive of Transpower since 2014, Alison has held executive roles across various industry sectors and businesses including Orica PLC, Fonterra and Fletcher Challenge. In this Keynote Address, she will share her journey into leadership and the valuable lessons she has learnt along the way. Discuss:
- From engineer to CEO
- Overcoming obstacles
- Having a goal and achieving it
Alison Andrew - Chief Executive

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Developing your own leadership style

For women pursuing a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry, there can be many challenges to overcome. Acknowledging unconscious bias, navigating interpersonal relationships and developing resilience in the face of these obstacles are but a few. Kate has had an extensive leadership career, with over 12 years experience leading complex teams in construction and infrastructure organisations like Fletcher Building and now KiwiRail. She brings a vivid and personal perspective on her journey and the challenges typically faced by women in these industry types. Today she will discuss:
- Insights into thriving within typically male-dominated environments
- Developing an authentic leadership style
- Nurturing the mindset of a resilient leader
Kate Jorgensen - Chief Financial Officer

10:55 - 11:30

Case Study

Being comfortable outside your comfort zone

Throughout our lives, change is necessary and inevitable and is essential to the success and survival of businesses and organisations. Without change we will never grow, learn or achieve what we thought to be impossible, however, it is quintessentially human to fear change and the unknown, and to leave the safety of our comfort zones. In order to step up in your career, we must learn to steady the nerves and embrace the changes ahead. In this session, Christine draws on her passion for the continuous improvement of business outcomes and the development of her team. Explore:
- Creating a cohesive investment approach
- Making a commitment to continuously influencing and implementing change
- Taking risks
Christine Jull - Chief Information Officer
The Warehouse Group Financial Services

11:40 - 00:25

Case Study

Introvert vs extrovert leadership

Understanding various management styles is key when journeying towards leadership and it is essential to know what kind of leader you are, your strengths and your weaknesses. Extrovert leaders may be louder, and actively engage their team using public displays of enthusiasm, whereas a more introvert leader prefers logical decision-making, systematic thought-processes and is usually more sensitive to the values of themselves and others. Debbie, a ‘quiet extrovert’, is a highly skilled leader with extensive experience leading Compliance and Risk in the financial services industry. She will explore:
- The challenges and benefits of being a quieter leader
- Strategies she uses to lead with authenticity
- Building relationships and being heard in a management team
Debbie Bourne - Head of Compliance
First NZ Capital

13:25 - 14:15


Seizing opportunities for career progression

Leadership is an inspiring but daunting proposition, and tackling the logistics of actually putting yourself forward for career advancement is not to be taken lightly, nor is it easy. It takes courage, confidence and dedication to establish yourself in a strong position for leadership excellence. Hard work and time is essential, but worth it when leading to further rewards. This interactive discussion panel invites together some of New Zealand's most accomplished and distinguished senior leaders to discuss key strategies used to promote themselves in the workplace. Discuss:
- The benefits of having an effective mentor
- Finding and utilising your strengths
- Effective communication and having your efforts noticed

Alisha Cochrane - Head of Finance
Karen Silk - General Manager Commercial, Corporate & Institutional
Liz May - General Manager, Logistics
Progressive Enterprises

14:25 - 15:05

Case Study

Juggling the generations

Recognising and utilising the strengths of individuals is essential when creating an effective working environment. Influential leaders will combine the unique assets of each team member to ensure the best outcome for their business. Sonya leads a team of people from a variety of age backgrounds and ensures she encompasses the fresh ideas of millennial staff members with the wisdom of her long standing employees. Sonya will explore:
- The value of understanding your team’s perspectives and priorities
- Encouraging and empowering your team
- Creating an effective working environment for all ages
Sonya Crosby - Chief Innovation Officer

16:10 - 16:50

Expert Commentary

Creating strong support groups

The leadership journey can be a lonely one with many difficult challenges. It is essential, then, to know how to build strong support groups with other leaders travelling on similar journeys. This can be in the form of mentors, sponsors and allies all with the same aim, to help one another. In advance of the Networking Session which will invite delegates to workshop their networking skills and form lasting connections, Ruth will discuss:
- Understanding the value of networking
- Empowering and encouraging other women
- Being connected with or apart of male networking and other homo-social groups

Ruth Hamilton - Managing Director
Splice Consulting

15 February 2017

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Taking ownership of your career

We spend a lot of our time in the workplace. We are given a choice to invest ourselves mentally, physically and also spiritually into our work and thereby the satisfaction, enjoyment and success of our working life comes down to the conscious decision of taking ownership of our efforts. As a professional leader, you have great opportunity to make a difference to the lives of your team. You have the opportunity to teach, support and develop individuals and navigate them through the challenges of their career. Melissa has extensive leadership experience with Coca-Cola Amatil, Fonterra and now IAG. In this Keynote, she will share her leadership journey and the importance of taking ownership of your own success. Discuss:
- Embracing your role
- Being brave in the face of objections
- Being lead by core values
Melissa Cantell - Executive General Manager Transformation
IAG New Zealand

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Everyday leadership - Looking at the smaller picture

Leaders are responsible for motivating and inspiring their team on a daily basis. Being an authentic leader does not only mean providing that quarterly strategic update or producing an organisational values statement. Real, impactful leadership happens every day. Debra is New Zealand Publishing Director for the most well-known publishing company in the world, and must deliver effective leadership on a daily basis in order to ensure her team maintains its competitive advantage. Discuss:
- The value of connecting and communicating with your team on a daily basis
- Seeking and responding to feedback
- Understanding what motivates you and your team
Debra Millar - Publishing Director
Penguin Random House Publishing

10:55 - 11:35

Case Study

Knowing your value and maintaining balance.

Too many women question their abilities when faced with their career opportunities. Knowing your value is important.  Having self-belief is important. Your brand is important.  And understanding your limits is essential in maintaining balance. When juggling professional and personal demands, it is difficult to know when to prioritise. Rawinia has extensive leadership experience and plays a major role with Sky Television, and will discuss how she made the most of opportunities in her career and how to maintain a healthy work/life balance in her demanding leadership role. Discuss:
- Having confidence in your abilities
- Prioritising your commitments
- Working smarter and knowing your limits

Rawinia Newton - Director of Advertising
Sky TV

11:45 - 00:25

Case Study

Overcoming obstacles on the road to leadership success

In any leadership position there are challenges. Some of these are small and some require immense courage and resilience to overcome. Learning to be adaptable, strategic, responsible and steadfast in the face of these challenges is all part of the journey towards leadership. With over 20 years experience as CEO, Wendy is responsible for a team of over 2,500 people and has implemented strategies for developing and maintaining exceptional leadership standards. Wendy will discuss:
- Her journey into leadership and the valuable lessons she has learnt along the way.
- Learning to be resilient in the face of challenges
- Developing a determination for success
Wendy Alexander - Chief Executive Officer
Barfoot and Thompson

13:35 - 14:15

Expert Commentary

Developing emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a key leadership attribute. These days it is viewed as being as important as technical competence. It is the key to effective communication and engagement. Yvonne McLean will explore the definition of emotional intelligence, what it is, why it is important for you to understand your level of emotional intelligence and ideas for developing your emotional intelligence to make you a more effective leader and communicator. Discuss: 
- Understanding levels of emotional investment
- Dealing with stress
- Using emotional intelligence to communicate effectively
Yvonne Mclean - Executive Coach
Strategic Direction

15:30 - 16:30


Future directions for female leaders

This interactive discussion will allow participants to revisit the key topics and themes touched on throughout the two day forum. Delegates will have the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and prioritise a set of changes they can make to improve their effectiveness as leaders. Explore:
- Essential leadership lessons for aspiring female leaders to take the next step
- Success factors for finding your voice, influencing and initiating change
- Support systems for emerging leaders: coaching and mentoring

Kym Niblock - Former CEO Spark Media and Lightbox
Spark Media, Lightbox

16 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Maximising Your Team’s Potential - Pride, Praise and Professional Recognition

Successful leaders effectively motivate, encourage and instill vision at both an individual and organisational level. Creating a team environment is an effective way of instilling pride and must promote a desire for success and inspire your team to achieve. At the core of this vision, there are three critical ‘P’s’: Pride, Praise and Professional Recognition. By creating a strong, positive and hard-working working environment, you will then naturally attract and retain strong, positive and hard-working candidates.

Not many individuals are encouraged when working alone. Being a part of a high-achieving working environment with reward benefits, professional recognition and genuine gratitude is essential. Working, not only for ourselves, but for a bigger picture, goes a long way when motivating a team.

By constructively developing people beyond their current skill set, confidence and knowledge, we help them to become a more valuable member of the organisation and to themselves. Not only does properly developing people achieve this, but by having firm trust in them develops a more responsive, loyal team member.

By attending this workshop, you will be equipped with practical tools to develope your team effectively and instill pride in their work. You will be taught ways to create loyal and hard-working team members and techniques to becoming a strong, positive influence and deliver value to your business.

Motivating and encouraging your team
- Instilling pride
- Developing hard-working individuals
- Techniques to building a supportive team environment

Maximising performance
- The use of praise to encourage hard work
- Techniques to developing loyal team members
- Fostering your team’s strengths

Maintaining a positive influence
- Effective communication with your team
- Being a reliable and effective leader
- Practicing integrity

Coaching and developing others
- Developing trust
- Encouraging promotion
- Providing effective benefits and reward systems

Ruth Hamilton - Managing Director
Splice Consulting
Pamela Bonney
Executive Manager, Marketing and Corporate Affairs
Wendy Alexander
Chief Executive Officer
Barfoot and Thompson
Christine Jull
Chief Information Officer
The Warehouse Group Financial Services
Rawinia Newton
Director of Advertising
Sky TV
Debbie Bourne
Head of Compliance
First NZ Capital
Alison Andrew
Chief Executive
Melissa Cantell
Executive General Manager Transformation
IAG New Zealand
Sonya Crosby
Chief Innovation Officer
Yvonne Mclean
Executive Coach
Strategic Direction
Kym Niblock
Former CEO Spark Media and Lightbox
Spark Media, Lightbox
Ruth Hamilton
Managing Director
Splice Consulting
Liz May
General Manager, Logistics
Progressive Enterprises
Jolie Hodson
Chief Executive Officer
Spark Digital
Cheryl Crooks
Head of People and Culture
New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
Anna Campbell
Chief People Officer
The Warehouse Group
Kate Jorgensen
Chief Financial Officer
Debra Millar
Publishing Director
Penguin Random House Publishing
Alisha Cochrane
Head of Finance
Karen Silk
General Manager Commercial, Corporate & Institutional
Crowne Plaza Auckland
Phone: (09) 302 1111
128 Albert Street

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