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The 3rd PMO Leadership Summit 2017

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 February 2017 - 22 February 2017

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In order to establish and maintain a high performing, valuable PMO, leaders must ensure processes, stakeholders and systems are synchronized and working in complete strategic alignment towards a shared common outcome. Whether operating under the title of enterprise, program, project, or portfolio, the primary goal of a PMO is to unify the organisational outcomes and drive delivery through best practice reporting, governance, and delivery.

Research indicates that a successfully integrated PMO can yield up three times higher project success rate. To add significant, tangible value and reach the level of true partnership with the organisation, PMO leaders must drive strategic, flexible and practical performance measures that align with unique business needs and core organisational values.

Building on the success of the inaugural PMO events in Melbourne and Sydney, the 3rd PMO Leadership Summit for 2017 will once again bring together leaders and professionals from PMOs, EPMOs, Project, Program and Portfolio Delivery units. This event will provide you with the tools required for pioneering PMO excellence; from governance and delivery strategies to advice for successfully executing major projects and programs. This is a unique opportunity to learn from and network with high-performing PMOs at all stages of development from a wide array of major corporations, government departments and industries.
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- Equipping your PMO as a unique business partner
- Developing practical project delivery strategies
- Establishing and sustaining end to end project management capabilities
- Aligning the values and goals of internal and external stakeholders
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• PMO Manager / Director
• Program Manager / Director
• Project Managers / Director
• Portfolio Manager / Director
• ICT Projects
• Capability / Delivery
• CIO / CTO / ICT Director
• Chief Project Managers /
• Head of PMO / Enterprise
• General Managers of Projects
• Project / Programme Office
• Head of Programmes
• Major Projects
• Infrastructure / Capital Works
• Portfolio / Capital Planning /
• ICT / Systems Projects
• Project Consulting
• System Governance

20 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Delivering projects and driving positive change through effective self-leadership

The value of an efficient PMO is often underestimated by senior management and stakeholders and not considered a high priority within an organisation. However, there is significant evidence to show that a well-integrated PMO can improve programme success rates three fold. As a result, leaders within a PMO must be equipped with the skills to proactively drive change, communicate ideas to gain buy in, and bounce back from setbacks. 

Tapping into the latest neuroscience and self-leadership, this full day experiential workshop will equip ambitious project management professionals with the skills to excel as a leader. Participants will assess their strengths and weaknesses and create a leadership skillset that will allow them to not only effectively communicate ideas with senior executives and stakeholders, but also build relationships and influence positive culture within an organisation. Explore:

Recognising and developing your strengths as a leader
-    Improving your value-add for your team and organisation
-    Highlighting your strengths and managing your weaknesses 
-    Applying the neuroscience of leadership to your current challenges

Communicating, negotiating and influencing within the workplace
-    Using powerful language and embedding suggestions
-    Gaining senior management buy in 
-    Translating, presenting and pitching new thinking

Driving change and innovation
-    Recognising and overcoming hurdles to change
-    Stepping outside your comfort zone toward innovation
-    Influencing positive culture in an organisation

Managing crisis with resilience
-    Differentiating between IQ and EQ
-    Building resilience to thrive under pressure
-    Bouncing back from challenging projects
Deborah Bispham - Director and Founder
Life Changing Solutions

21 February 2017

09:00 - 09:50

Case Study

The rise and fall of PMO's

Yvonne is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute of Project Management. With a proven track record of success in corporate strategy, program and portfolio management and professional services delivery, she will open the summit by discussing the changing nature of PMO and the fluctuation of their success in different organisations. She will reflect on her successful career across public, private and not for profit sectors and explore:
- The lifecycle of a PMO
- Strategic context for PMO’s
Yvonne Butler - Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute of Project Management

09:50 - 10:40

Case Study

Establishing and advancing your Enterprise PMO in times of organisational change

During a period of transformational change within an organisation, leading an operational and effective Enterprise PMO comes with a unique set of challenges. In his current role, Stephen has been responsible for developing an EPMO during organisation-wide restructure. Stephen will explore the benefits and challenges experienced while leading an EPMO in a fluctuating environment. He will discuss:
- Collaboration with senior stakeholders: Merging project delivery disciplines
- Finding a balanced delivery approach: Disciplined vs flexible
- Embracing and reflecting organisational changes, values and goals
Stephen Davies - Director Enterprise Portfolio Management Office
The University of Melbourne

10:55 - 11:40

Case Study

Cross-sharing and collaboration: Unifying and aligning goals

In order to drive and support the implementation of effective project management, PMO leaders need to align the values and goals of internal and external stakeholders. As such, a collaborative and unified framework must be embraced across the organisations in order to provide the most valuable PMO outcomes. Barbora will explore Siemens’s global approach to their PMO and will highlight the importance of aligning stakeholder values in the region. She will discuss:
- Cross-sharing: uniting key drivers and goals
- The importance of a strong PMO framework
- Siemens’s PMO journey
Barbora Muzikant - PMO Manager, Australia and New Zealand

11:40 - 00:20

Case Study

PMO leadership and how it supports delivering value for our clients

As the focus and demands of our client base shifts the need to make changes to our service experience has changed on a number of fronts. To continue to deliver excellent service it is essential that the PMO take a lead role in partnering with the business to deliver changes that have the greatest outcomes for our clients. This case study will explore the TAC’s journey and challenges in shifting from a traditional “command and control” type PMO to a facilitator of business outcomes. Discuss:
- Setting up to manage the breadth of services the PMO provides
- Developing partnerships whilst maintaining an independent oversight role
- Challenges and mistakes we have made along the way
Paul Davies - Director, Portfolio and Program Delivery
Transport Accident Commission

13:35 - 14:25


Breaking the mould – Pioneering a unique PMO built on best practice

In order to thrive as a PMO leader, it is essential to develop a clear understanding of not only the unique business drivers of your organisation but also its core values, its people and its culture. A successful PMO works because it is operationally linked to the business need, and is shaped by the paradigms in which it operates. That is to say that a PMO setup that thrives in one organisation could flounder in another and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution; replication is not the route to success. In this interactive panel discussion, PMO leaders from a diverse range of organisations will discuss:
- Adapting and redefining your PMO in terms of your organisation
- The key principles and non-negotiables of PMO leadership
- Transferable best practices that can be refined to improve PMO performance
Michelle Murray - Executive General Manager, Enterprise Projects and Change
National Australia Bank
Wendy Marshall - General Manager Program Management Office
Myer Pty Ltd
John Waddington - Director - Project Services
Department of Education and Training VIC
Sonny Ng - General Manager, ePMO
Public Transport Victoria
Stephen Pearson - Programme Director
Oil Search Limited

14:25 - 15:15

Case Study

Embracing Lean and Agile at the Portfolio Management Office

Agile and lean are terms used interchangeably across the project world with many PMOs seeking to understand how they may support these practises at an enterprise level. IAG has taken the notion of an enterprise PMO and turned it into the Lean Governance Office. The Lean Governance Office, takes key approaches from Portfolio Management and Governance, and overlays the principles of Lean and the practices of Agile to ensure visibility and flow of the right work at the right time to achieve continuous value. Explore:
- Establishing Visual Systems to display work in progress, measure flow and highlight bottlenecks for resolution
- The on-going focus to build in quality and assurance at the source as part of effective governance
- The next phase of maturity in the balancing, planning and delivering upon an adaptive portfolio plan
Chris Keogh - Senior Manager, Lean Governance

15:30 - 16:20

Case Study

The marketing of a project - balancing stakeholder engagement in evolving environments

A marketing savvy PMO will not only apply sufficient policies from day one but also be mindful that proper change management techniques and constant “market research” will help energize customer focus and their support for the project. All this can be achieved by occasionally tweaking governance rules, communication frequency and even language styles to increase our “products’” appeal and make it more suitable for the “market place”. Pete will share his experience on how stakeholder engagement needs to constantly adapt to the changing behaviours of its diverse target audience. Explore:
- Attracting stakeholders from day one and developing a firm and open engagement
- Recognising when it is time to reenergise and embrace a new approach to reflect new and changing behaviours
- Dealing with flexibility and change of customer/stakeholder needs
Piotr Samulik - General Manager Project Management Office Australia & New Zealand
CEVA Logistics

22 February 2017

09:00 - 10:00

Case Study

From Telco to Techco – The role of the PMO in driving this change

As the environment in which Telstra operates rapidly changes, it is important to ensure it's leaders are positioned to respond. To remain aligned with their vision, Telstra must have a continued focus on their core business and a strong focus on new growth areas. As General Manager of the Global and Enterprise Services PMO, Carly says that their investment and execution disciplines are key to facilitating this change and there is a fantastic opportunity for their PMO’s to truly influence and support this direction. She will explore the step change the PMO needs to make to be a key part of this journey and discuss:
- What does a ‘world class technology’ company actually mean for Telstra?
- What are the challenges and opportunities for Telstra?
- What is the ongoing value proposition of the PMO in this change journey?
Carly Rees - General Manager, Portfolio Management Office

10:00 - 11:00

Case Study

Foxtel’s PMO journey

As a result of starting from less-than-stellar outcomes, with internal audits and external reviews of the project management practices, Foxtel has been on a transformational PMO development journey. With much flexibility and change, they have developed a high performing and valuable PMO. Tony will reflect on his experience leading his PMO through this journey and will explore: 
- Challenges and triumphs throughout the journey 
- The path to effective project management practices 
- Lessons learnt along the way
Tony Mitchell - Director, Program Transformation

11:15 - 11:45

Case Study

Investing in and Assuring the Value of Science and Technology for Safeguarding Australia

The Department of Defence and the Government have clear expectations of science and technology (S&T) portfolio, program and project management.  The alignment of defence strategy, capability and resources is the fundamental quality of the 2016 Defence White Paper which necessitates alignment of S&T capabilities, resources and programs with Defence strategy. The White Paper policy includes growth in external partnerships, including with Australian “defence industry and science and technology research organisations” and international defence partners to “develop innovative technologies and deliver essential capabilities”. The 2015 First Principles Review Creating One Defence included a recommendation that the then Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) “clearly articulate its value proposition”. The Australian National Audit Office’s (ANAO) Managing Science and Technology Work for Defence 2015 performance audit on the Defence Science and Technology Group found that “DSTG has yet to fully embed a more strategic approach to the way it administers its science and technology work”. In this session, Dr Mike Davies will share how the Department of Defence is transforming its S&T portfolio, program and project management to: 
- Increase the strategic alignment, transparency, accountability and contestability of S&T investment decisions; and
- Maximise the impact that Defence Science & Technology provides to Australia’s defence and national security through ongoing and efficient assurance of its value
Dr Mike Davies - Chief, Defence Science and Technology Program
Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence

11:45 - 12:35

Expert Commentary

Building Sustainable Capability in Complex Organisations

For the past 20 years Rod has successfully delivered large scale transformational change to some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations worldwide. A key enabler to this success is establishing and sustaining end to end project, program and portfolio management capabilities. Rod will reflect on his experience, including his role as Head of PMO at NAB, and draw on a number of case studies highlighting common challenges, causes and pragmatic responses that have enabled organisations to successfully deliver critical strategic outcomes. Explore:
- Why building capability is central to organisational performance
- How good do you need to be? Best practice vs good practice vs needed practice
-The criticality of Operating Governance
- PMO – part of the problem or value creating organisational enabler?
Rod Gozzard - Integrated Solution Delivery Director

13:25 - 14:25


Pioneering PMO prominence – Adding the most value to your organisation

PMO’s are a valuable aspect of an organisation, but how can a PMO actually contribute significant and tangible value that strategically aligns with the organisation and its overarching goals? When it comes to demonstrating and enhancing the value of PMO outcomes, it is critical for PMO leaders to continually reassess measures of performance, develop practical project delivery strategies and have a clear understanding of the organisational needs and goals. This interactive panel will discuss challenges, strategies and best practice to develop and maintain a high performing and valuable PMO. Explore:
- Reaching full potential :Taking your PMO to the next level
- Driving strong, measurable and consistent project management
- Effective stakeholder and business leader engagement
Manisha Sethi - General Manager, IT Portfolio Management & Delivery (Acting)
Ian Burton - Principal Program Manager
Yarra Trams
Mark Welsh - Head of Project & Programme Management, Australasia
Orange Business Services
Karen O'Driscoll - Executive General Manager - PMO and Business Engagement

14:35 - 15:25

Expert Commentary

Influencing and gaining stakeholder buy-in

A successful PMO actively engages with a business at all levels, including stakeholders and senior management. The ability to influence is an integral part of leadership and the key to enhancing a project’s effectiveness can often lie in the ability to engage and influence stakeholders. However, many aspiring PMO leaders struggle with this due to a lack of professional relationships with both stakeholders and internal management. Georgina will provide some important influencing tools and techniques in this interactive expert session. Explore:
- Understanding what, and who, you are trying to influence and your desired outcome
- Navigating challenges of the people and the politics
- Unleashing the power of networking
Georgina Rowe - Project Management Capability Consultant
Georgina Rowe Independent Consultant

15:40 - 16:30


Future directions for PMO leadership – Leading and Pioneering Valuable PMO's

A high-performing PMO has the capacity to create extraordinary value by unifying business objectives in project and programme delivery. As the summit comes to a close, Deborah will encourage delegates to discuss the advice given by speakers and panellists, whilst also reflecting on the theme for this year’s summit. This is the opportunity for participants to translate what they have learnt into an action plan. Explore:
-    Key learnings and takeaways from the summit
-    Putting it into practice – drawing up an actionable plan 
-    Leadership transition strategies and how you can support other business unit leaders
Deborah Bispham - Director and Founder
Life Changing Solutions

23 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day 1

Leading with emotional intelligence
- The physicality of leadership
- The emotionally intelligent leader
- Why empathy works
- Managing professional and personal set-backs effectively
How leadership styles impact project success
- Aligning values to impact project performance
- Recognising how your leadership style may hinder or enhance project performance
- Identifying how your leadership style can be a blocker or enabler of change
- Navigating changing leadership presence and styles in an organisation
Engaging Stakeholders and real-time management
- Analysing stakeholders for purpose not process
- Friends with benefits – Working collaboratively to manage change
- Creating a common ground for dialogue to facilitate inclusive communication
- Effective communication and issues management
Strategies for Effective Project Governance
- Encouraging support and buy-in from senior management
- Collaborating with external groups for effective partnerships
- Managing difficult conversations and resolving conflict in a project cycle
- Building your circle of influence – networks and leadership
Georgina Rowe - Project Management Capability Consultant
Georgina Rowe Independent Consultant

24 February 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Day 2

Effective problem solving for increased project performance
- Taking a proactive problem solving approach
- Backing the hunch with the data crunch – getting your facts right
- Breaking down the barriers to critical thinking
- Roadblocks to effective solutions

Managing by exception and the efficiency of delegation
- Realistic performance measures for managing by exception
- Setting up your project for effective delegation – understanding expectations
- Barriers to effective delegation and the micro manager
- Identifying triggers of non-performance

Driving effectiveness through mentoring and coaching
- The role of the leader in improving staff experience
- Coaching staff for increased performance
- Leading by example: Setting positive behaviours 
- Seeking out and working with a mentor to strengthen personal leadership

Building personal leadership traits 
- Understanding your value as a project leader and how to increase that unique value 
- Cultivating a high-performance mind-set 
- Leading with perspective and purpose 
- Setting your leadership blueprint
Georgina Rowe - Project Management Capability Consultant
Georgina Rowe Independent Consultant
Michelle Murray
Executive General Manager, Enterprise Projects and Change
National Australia Bank
Ian Burton
Principal Program Manager
Yarra Trams
Tony Mitchell
Director, Program Transformation
Karen O'Driscoll
Executive General Manager - PMO and Business Engagement
Paul Davies
Director, Portfolio and Program Delivery
Transport Accident Commission
Manisha Sethi
General Manager, IT Portfolio Management & Delivery (Acting)
Wendy Marshall
General Manager Program Management Office
Myer Pty Ltd
Carly Rees
General Manager, Portfolio Management Office
Stephen Pearson
Programme Director
Oil Search Limited
Deborah Bispham
Director and Founder
Life Changing Solutions
Chris Keogh
Senior Manager, Lean Governance
Georgina Rowe
Project Management Capability Consultant
Georgina Rowe Independent Consultant
Rod Gozzard
Integrated Solution Delivery Director
Piotr Samulik
General Manager Project Management Office Australia & New Zealand
CEVA Logistics
Yvonne Butler
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Institute of Project Management
Stephen Davies
Director Enterprise Portfolio Management Office
The University of Melbourne
Barbora Muzikant
PMO Manager, Australia and New Zealand
Dr Mike Davies
Chief, Defence Science and Technology Program
Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence
Bob Fowler

CA Technologies
John Waddington
Director - Project Services
Department of Education and Training VIC
Sonny Ng
General Manager, ePMO
Public Transport Victoria
Mark Welsh
Head of Project & Programme Management, Australasia
Orange Business Services
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Phone: (03) 9235 8000
1 Convention Centre Place
Melbourne, VIC
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