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The 4th Annual Women in Safety Leadership Summit 2017

Primus Hotel Sydney
17 January 2017 - 18 January 2017

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Despite significant progress towards gender equity over the past decade in safety roles, women still remain underrepresented in senior leadership roles across the majority industries. Many emerging and aspiring female leaders have the ability and drive necessary to undertake these senior and executive positions, but face common obstacles that often obstruct the prospect of fulfilling their true leadership potential.

Liquid Learning presents the 4th Annual Women in Safety Leadership Summit is designed to bring together experienced female leaders and accomplished leadership experts to offer advice, motivation, and support. This annual two day Summit offers participants the chance to develop and improve the strategies, confidence and skills necessary to effectively lead high performance in a safety context. It will explore the essential qualities required for successful female leadership and will generate a concrete tool kit for emerging and existing leaders to reach their goals and further their careers.

This is an outstanding networking and development opportunity not to be missed. Register your team early to be a part of this engaging conversation!
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- Inspirational stories and career advice from successful leaders in safety roles
- Finding an effective work-life balance as a leader in a fast-paced environment
- Discovering the tools required to excel and engage teams in a changing environment
- Harnessing your strengths and developing an authentic leadership style
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Female leaders across industries who work in safety roles such as:

- Workplace Health and Safety (WH & S)
- Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
- Site Safety Superintendant
- Safety Systems / Training
- Risk Management
- Safety Culture Management / Development
- Injury Management / WorkCover / Compensation
- Organisational Development
- Industrial Psychology
- Safety Consulting

16 January 2017

11:00 - 18:30


Safety in the Limelight: Developing your Communication and Problem Solving Skills while Discovering your Authentic Voice as a Safety Leader

In order to advance to an Executive-level safety role in an organisation, it is critical to have more than just technical knowledge. Effective leaders build meaningful relationships with colleagues, upper management, and customers by demonstrating strong communication and problem solving skills and showcasing their authentic leadership style.  Understanding your own communication style and that of others improves productivity and harmony within the team. Clear two-way communication eliminates misunderstandings and helps to build and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Developing your authentic leadership style is vital when climbing the career ladder. Establishing your voice will help to identify and maximise your purpose and strengths as a leader. At a senior level, the ability to lead authentically directly correlates to an increase in strategic influence, creating real value, and a drive to stimulate innovation and progressive change.

This full day interactive workshop will unpack the critical tools and strategies to build strong communication skills in the workplace by utilising your visual, auditory and kinaesthetic skills. It will provide you with the self-confidence needed to unlock your authentic voice, engage your imaginations more readily and approach your work with increased confidence, commitment and insight to become a successful leader. 

Identifying strategies for developing powerful communication skills
- Techniques for building solid relationships
- Communicating with clarity and precision 
- Collaborating with colleagues 

Harnessing your unique strengths as a leader
- Learning how to leverage your strengths
- Positioning yourself for the roles you want 
- Recognising your weaknesses

Discovering and revealing your authentic voice
- Finding your passion and drive
- Building self-confidence and resilience 
- Demonstrating and embodying the values of your organisation 

Propelling career advancement
- Proven methods to help you grow
- Understanding and articulating your future vision 
- Tips and tricks to achieve your leadership goals    
Sarah-Jane Dunsford - Managing Director/ Principal Consultant

17 January 2017

11:00 - 11:40

Case Study

Propelling into leadership

Being a leader is more than just a title or job, instead it is about building meaningful relationships, driving change, and communicating effectively. To be a successful leader requires finding and creating your unique leadership skills while overcoming personal and professional obstacles. In this session, Samantha will share her personal leadership journey moving from an insurance role to now the Executive General Manager Health Safety Enviorment Quality at McConnell Dowell. Discuss: 
- Strategies for becoming a leader 
- Learning how to be a meaningful mentor
- Leadership as a way of life
Samantha Johnson - Executive General Manager Health, Safety, Environment, Quality
McConnell Dowell

11:50 - 12:30

Case Study

Embracing new and challenging opportunities

For any leader looking to progress in safety, it is vital to take every opportunity with a positive outlook and understanding of the endless lessons that can be learned along the way. In this session, Claere will share her journey of starting as an Occupational Health Safety Advisor at Australia Post to a National Workplace Health Safety Manager at Southern Cross Protection. Discuss: 
- Recognising every opportunity as a learning opportunity 
- Understanding the way you think vs others 
- Linking positive behaviour to an enhanced team atmosphere
Claere Kay - National Workplace Health Safety Manager
Southern Cross Protection

12:55 - 13:35

Expert Commentary

Trusted advisor – Getting close to the business to generate value

In increasingly turbulent times, safety professionals are being required to understand their organisations business and demonstrate value-add to the bottom line. This way of working requires an internal consulting mind-set and an ability to develop trust with a range of people. Janet will share thinking on the elements of trust and provide skills and techniques to assess your relationships with key stakeholders. She will share her experience and thinking in this area and provide you with an opportunity to apply these principles within your work context. Explore: 
- The shifting role of the safety professional 
- The trust equation 
- Authenticity - Fundamental to building trust
Janet Hohne - Founder and Owner
Meetingpoint Partnership

13:45 - 14:25

Case Study

Establishing a career in safety

Keeping up with the revolving world of safety is a constant challenge requiring leaders to embrace change and discover their drive. It is imperative for safety leaders to create their own opportunities by finding their vision and developing a game plan for leadership success. Anna will share her experience of working in multiple industries, including the Navy, utilities, FMCG, and now as the General Manager of Health, Safety, Environment at CBRE. Explore:
- Seizing opportunities to initiate change
- Taking charge of your career and driving change
- Leading with a vision
Anna Blaikie - General Manager Health, Safety, Environment - Pacific

15:35 - 16:25


Breaking through career plateaus with confidence and resilience

In a demanding and constantly changing environment it is critical that leaders are able to push past career barriers and challenges. Successful leaders overcome obstacles by building self-confidence and a resilient attitude. This panel of successful safety leaders will discuss how they overcame personal and professional barriers while building their self-confidence and propelling their career forward. Explore:
- Finding your inner self-confidence
- Discovering your driving force to successful leadership
- Reframing negative experiences as learning opportunties to bounce back
Nan-Maree Schoerie - General Manager Utility Services
VENTIA Utility Services Pty Limited
Robert Groves - Executive Director Safety Environment Quality & Risk (SEQR)
Sydney Trains

16:25 - 17:05

Case Study

Always being intentional about your career path

As an aspiring and emerging leader there will always be opportunities to expand your knowledge beyond your current industry and role. It is critical to identify early on what you want from your career to help you progress and develop the experience necessary for career advancement. Cath will share her personal journey of discovering how her experiences were able to help her succeed as a leader in the safety role.
- Making intentional career decisions
- Identifying your career path early on
- Building real world experiences
Cath McTigue - Director Environment, Health & Safety Australasia
Otis Elevator Company Pty. Ltd.

18 January 2017

11:00 - 11:40

Case Study

Achieving your maximum leadership potential

Reaching your potential as a leader entails finding your authentic voice, conducting yourself in difficult situations, and displaying confidence. The hunger for success must continue to remain in order to stay at the top of the corporate ladder. Sue will share her leadership journey starting in the Education sector to now the Chief Executive of the National Rail Safety Regulator in Australia. Discuss:
- Fulfilling career aspirations
- Discovering your authentic voice
- Tips and tricks for overcoming challenges and sustaining career momentum
Sue McCarrey - Chief Executive Officer
National Rail Safety Regulator

11:50 - 12:30

Expert Commentary

Learning to engage, influence and lead within your organisation

As safety professionals we have a unique opportunity to use our natural intuitive, strategic and authentic selves to coach leaders into incorporating safety into day to day operations. When a safety professional understands their own and their organisations ‘WHY’ and aligns those with safety goals, a dramatic improvement in worker engagement, culture and compliance results. With many years under her belt working as a health and safety consultant, Sue has seen from the ‘outside’ the good, the bad and the average in how safety professionals engage, influence and lead within organisations. Explore: 
- Finding your safety ‘WHY’ and the ‘WHY’ of your leaders, company and workers 
- Using the ‘WHY’ to drive safety and organisational improvement 
- Learning how to lead co-workers
Sue Chennell - Director and Principal Consultant
Shared Safety and Risk Consulting

12:55 - 13:35

Case Study

Learning the difference between management and leadership

Leadership and management are not the same thing but instead are complementary of each other and high performing executives need to be able to display competencies in both. Management focuses on the administration and process side while leaders help to mentor and inspire team members. In this session, Vanessa will share her experiences in learning how to be a successful and effective leader and manager. Discuss:
- Identifying the key distinctions between leadership and management
- Becoming a leader that makes a difference
- Knowing when to lead vs manage
Vanessa Saunders - Corporate HSEQ Manager
Calibre Global

13:45 - 14:35


Achieving a practical balance between your professional and personal life

Managing your personal well-being is a constant challenge in the age of 24-hour communication with cell phones bringing emails and phone calls in at all hours of the day and night. It is critical to maintain the expectations from both by creating time management and strategies for setting boundaries. This interactive panel will discuss key dilemmas and strategies for finding a healthy balance. Discuss:
- Balancing work and life challenges
- Managing stakeholder expectations
- Time and priority management
- Lowering your stress levels while staying focused
Amanda Murrihy - Former General Manager Health, Safety, Environment
UGL Limited
Kenan Hibberd - Executive Manager People, Culture & Safety
Nicole Lawler - National Health, Safety and Environment Manager
Boral Australia
Melanie Jensen - Divisional Health & Safety Manager
Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers
Marian Merrigan - National Health and Wellbeing Manager

15:35 - 16:15

Expert Commentary

Stepping up into a strategic safety leadership role

Moving from a technical safety role to a strategic leadership position requires building a new skill set. A successful leader must know how to expand their influence by building stakeholder engagement and addressing and identifying the strategic impact of organisational governance and culture on safety outcomes. Clare will share her expert knowledge on the long road from a front line operating supervisor at British Rail to the Director of Safety, Environment, Quality and Risk at Rail Corp to now a Consultant at Kitcher Risk Solutions. Discuss:
- Expanding your influence and impact from local to organisational stakeholders and goals and on to whole industry reform
- Aligning H&S systems and processes with organisational objectives, strategy and risk appetite and what to do if there is poor alignment
- Engaging stakeholders through strategic risk reporting and how assurance can drive better strategic safety decision making
Clare Kitcher - Founder and Director
Kitcher Risk Solutions Pty Ltd

17:30 - 18:20


Moving forward - What's next for women in Safety

As Sarah-Jane brings the summit to a close, she will summarise the important lessons from the conference and distil the key requirements for success in safety leadership. Delegates will have the opportunity to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader and prioritise the factors that they can implement to improve safety outcomes through leadership. This discussion will explore:
- Key learning outcomes from the summit
- Future directions and transformational strategies for safety leaders
- Personal leadership plans and priorities 
Sarah-Jane Dunsford - Managing Director/ Principal Consultant

19 January 2017

10:30 - 18:30


Day One:

Executive leadership dynamics
- Understand leadership behaviours and their impact
- The common attributes of successful executive-level leaders
- The common causes of leadership derailment
The neuroscience of leadership
- How we react to challenging job demands and its effect on decision making and leadership behaviour
- Understanding the role of self-regulation on our thoughts, emotions and leadership behaviour
- The role and impact of judgement and emotional resilience on performance at higher management levels
Dealing with the challenges of senior leadership
- Developing self-awareness: Identify strengths and development needs
- Understanding how you react to pressure
- A framework for developing self-regulation (CALM)
- How to deal with uncertainty or ambiguity and manage competing priorities
Influencing and managing your colleagues and senior leaders
- Understanding the different role requirements at executive leadership levels
- Influencing without authority
- Develop emotional intelligence - a vital skill to better connect and communicate with diverse teams
- Developing your self-awareness to encourage an active learning culture in your team
Michael Collins - High Potential Officer

20 January 2017

10:30 - 18:30


Day Two:

Leading under pressure
- Dealing with difficult people
- Techniques for effective conflict resolution in difficult or complex scenarios
- Self-management exercises and coping mechanisms that foster resilience
Developing advanced coaching skills for increased performance
- Conducting effective coaching conversations as a mechanism for embedding learning and influencing culture
- Coaching as a style of leadership
- Giving and receiving unwelcome feedback
- Influencing upward: Challenging conversations with executive leadership
Change management and leadership essentials for Safety Leaders
- The role of the Safety Leader in designing and leading organisational change
- Understanding the human impact and reaction to change in a safety context
- The cognitive and emotional processes underpinning ‘resistance to change’
- The Safety Leader’s role in helping to change, shape or influence culture
Michael Collins - High Potential Officer
Greg Sellar
Speaker, Coach, Facilitator
Clare Kitcher
Founder and Director
Kitcher Risk Solutions Pty Ltd
Claere Kay
National Workplace Health Safety Manager
Southern Cross Protection
Sue Chennell
Director and Principal Consultant
Shared Safety and Risk Consulting
Sarah-Jane Dunsford
Managing Director/ Principal Consultant
Nicole Lawler
National Health, Safety and Environment Manager
Boral Australia
Robert Groves
Executive Director Safety Environment Quality & Risk (SEQR)
Sydney Trains
Vanessa Saunders
Corporate HSEQ Manager
Calibre Global
Nan-Maree Schoerie
General Manager Utility Services
VENTIA Utility Services Pty Limited
Samantha Johnson
Executive General Manager Health, Safety, Environment, Quality
McConnell Dowell
Janet Hohne
Founder and Owner
Meetingpoint Partnership
Anna Blaikie
General Manager Health, Safety, Environment - Pacific
Marian Merrigan
National Health and Wellbeing Manager
Melanie Jensen
Divisional Health & Safety Manager
Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers
Amanda Murrihy
Former General Manager Health, Safety, Environment
UGL Limited
Kenan Hibberd
Executive Manager People, Culture & Safety
Cath McTigue
Director Environment, Health & Safety Australasia
Otis Elevator Company Pty. Ltd.
Michael Collins
High Potential Officer
Nicole Everingham
General Manager Health & Safety
David Provan
General Manager Health, Safety and Environment
Origin Energy
Sue McCarrey
Chief Executive Officer
National Rail Safety Regulator
Primus Hotel Sydney
Phone: +61 2 8027 8000
339 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW
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