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The 20th Women in Leadership Summit 2017

Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
18 January 2017 - 19 January 2017

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The growth of women in leadership roles is not just important to an organisation, it is critical for long-term economic growth and social equality. The contribution of women in the workforce has long been recognised as a significant contributor to the commercial growth and the socio-economic health of nations across the Asia Pacific region. Whether in the Public or Private Sector, organisations that are led by inclusive and diverse leadership teams are proven to make better decisions and deliver better results. In spite of this reality, women still only occupy around 20% of positions at the senior executive tables across the region.

Liquid Learning is proud to celebrate its 20th All-Industry Women in Leadership Summit 2017 with a star-studded, milestone event, bringing together a range of the most inspirational female executives in the region. Case studies and interactive panel discussions will showcase stories of accomplishment, share lessons learned, and give delegates the toolkit for future success. The inspirational themes and development areas explored throughout the summit are reinforced by distinguished leadership experts who will offer innovative tools and practical strategies to overcome career challenges and enhance leadership effectiveness.

The event provides an invaluable opportunity for those who attend to develop lifelong professional connections, mentorships, and lasting freindships. It is a unique opportunity for women from different industries, sectors, and nations to unite and help each other develop and achieve their own vision of success.
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- Inspirational personal stories of achievement and insights from accomplished senior female leaders

- Mastering effective leadership and influencing techniques to advance in your career

- Strategies to build resilience and overcome career challenges and manage conflict

- Skills to become and influential forward-thinking leader of the future
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Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region, including:

- Executive Leaders
- Directors / Assistant Directors
- General Mangers
- Group Managers
- Senior Managers
- Branch / Section Mangers
- Project / Program Managers
- Team Leaders
- Consultants
- Academic Leaders
- Human Resources Professionals
- Leadership Program Professionals

17 January 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Mastering Situational Leadership – Leading with Insight and Intelligence

In times of increasing complexity and volatility, where leaders need to influence disparate and diverse teams, it is imperative that their approach is tailored to the situation at hand. Situational leadership and authenticity are not mutually exclusive and a successful leader will have the insight needed to adapt and refine their natural leadership style without compromising their core values or their vision.

Unconscious bias still permeates most workplaces and women in leadership roles are often assumed to lead in a certain way, whilst imposter syndrome makes some women feel that they must mirror the practices of their peers and predecessors. This interactive workshop will take an in-depth exploration into the effectiveness of different leadership styles in different situations. It will allow delegates to build a multi-dimensional leadership identity which is proactive, agile and effective.

By exploring intellectual, emotional, spiritual and whole intelligence this workshop will equip the leaders of today and tomorrow with the toolkit to employ different leadership techniques in order to enhance team performance and engagement. Delegates will leave as intelligent and adaptable leaders who are self-aware, confident and authentic. 

Understanding your natural leadership style
- Discuss what makes a good leader and create your vision of success 
- Asses how your colleagues and staff see you as a leader
- Understand your instinctive reactions to emerging situations

Exploring different approaches to leadership
- Contrast the different aspects of situational leadership
- Asses when to apply masculine and feminine approaches to different situations
- Workshop challenging real life-situations

Breaking barriers to success
- Understand unconscious bias and how to overcome it
- Develop a workplace and a culture that is emotionally intelligent 
- Overcome imposter syndrome and develop your own authentic identity

Thriving in times of complexity
- Master techniques to inspire, motivate and engage diverse contemporary teams
- Maintain transparency and be the author of your own identity
- Build a full repertoire of leadership techniques to be fully prepared for complex emerging situations

Kellie Tomney - Founder and Director
STAND OUT Advantage

18 January 2017

09:00 - 09:35

Case Study

Executive leadership through times of volatility and change

In times of organisational and industrial revolution, we look to leaders to stand at the forefront and write the narrative of future success. The disruption caused by Asia Pacific’s rapid growth and its emerging generation of professionals entering the workforce creates a new opportunity to address the demands of expanding markets and rising needs. Lynley has extensive experience in disrupted markets across CEO, director, and board roles and is recognised in as an innovative and transformational leader specialising in international business development across the Asia Pacific region. In this keynote address she will discuss:
- Key lessons learned 
- Strategic change leadership that embraces disruptive technologies
- Developing a leadership culture that drives continued success
Lynley Marshall - Chief Executive Officer
ABC International

09:45 - 10:20

Case Study

Authentic leadership - Finding strength in vulnerability

Authentic leadership comes from telling the whole story of who you are, understanding the personal challenges you have faced and drawing on the strength that you unleashed to overcome them. Cindy has thrived in the fiercely competitive world of banking and financial services by refining her technical skills, mastering the soft skills at the core of leadership and ultimately by establishing her own authentic professional identity. In her current role she leads over 2000 staff across 175 business banking centres in Australia. By drawing on her compelling story, Cindy will discuss:
- The core skills required for effective leadership
- Projecting executive presence and confidently influencing others
- Gaining buy-in from team members and bridging the gap
Cindy Batchelor - Executive General Manager, NAB Business
National Australia Bank

10:45 - 11:05

Case Study

Lifelong learning - Backing yourself and other women

By diversifying their skills and knowledge base and creating a culture of constant self-improvement, women place themselves and their peers in a position to transcend their job roles and step forward as leaders. True leaders are focused on developing not only themselves but also those around them through mentorship, sponsorship, and professional support. Cathy’s determination in learning a plethora of skills to has led her to her current C-suite role. The principles of mentorship and sponsorship are fundamental to the International Women’s Forum Australia of which Cathy is a founding board member and membership director. Discuss:
- Creating a culture of self-improvement and peer support
- Developing your skills base to excel as a leader
- The behaviours of successful mentors and sponsors
Cathy Doyle - Non-executive Director
Ambition and Mason Stevens, Founding Board Member for International Women's Forum

11:15 - 11:40

Expert Commentary

The fundamentals of networking

In a world of increased connectivity and constant interaction, it is more important than ever that women are able to find strength in allies, mentors, and sponsors. In advance of the interactive networking forum which invites delegates to form lasting connections and workshop networking skills, Jacqui will discuss: 
- Mastering the key to creating authentic connections 
- Identifying and forming allies, mentors and sponsors 
- Practical exercises to embrace and utilise in the Speed Networking Session
Jacqui Whiteford - Managing Director
Mindset Solutions

13:15 - 14:15


Managing the demands of professional and personal commitments

The complexity of working in an always connected digital world poses an additional set of challenges for women in leadership roles. Agile working presents new opportunities in the workplace but creates the potentially overwhelming burden of constant communication. Progression and success are often claimed to be based on pure meritocracy which intrinsically disadvantages women whose caring responsibilities mean that their career trajectory cannot always go at full speed and in a straight line. In this session the accomplished panellists will discuss:
- Developing working practices that work for you
- Managing career breaks and family / caring responsibilities
- Maintaining a healthy work / life balance for yourself and your team
Liz Morgan-Brett - Chief Executive Officer, Former Australian Olympian
Activate UTS
Angela Howard - Vice President of People and Performance
Carnival Australia
Beth Winchester - Chief People Officer
Fuji Xerox Australia
Georgina Gaussen - Chief Operating Officer
Fairfax Media

14:15 - 14:50

Expert Commentary

Be your best you – Developing your stand out leadership identity

What do you stand for as a leader? What is the brand you project and how is it viewed? By answering these questions, women are able to lead with confidence, authenticity and resilience. In this expert commentary branding and leadership expert Kellie Tomney will discuss how cementing your morals, motivations and expectations paves the way for you to establish your stand out leadership identity. She will discuss:
- Identifying real, tangible goals
- Discovering what your best looks and feels like
- Building your stand out vision of success
Kellie Tomney - Founder and Director
STAND OUT Advantage

15:15 - 15:40

Case Study

Making the jump from technical to tactical, expert to executive

As new opportunities emerge, aspiring leaders face challenges that test their skills, experience and practices. Often it is the toughest tasks that teach women in leadership the most about themselves and their capabilities. After an initial jump into middle management, it is at the executive level that leaders master the skills to set vision, garner influence and develop agility. By reflecting on her remarkable career journey, Hazel will discuss:
- Using your established skills as a foundation for future success
- Transitioning through leadership roles effectively
- Taking ownership of your strategic vision
Hazel Bennett - Chief Financial Officer
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

15:50 - 16:20

Expert Commentary

Getting comfortable with conflict

A strong leader understands that in the workplace not everyone will have the same core values, objectives or motivations. Achieving your vision of success is often reliant on being able to have difficult conversations, and navigate conflict with effective and empathetic communication. By drawing on over 20 years professional experience Kate will discuss:
- Having the courage to break down barriers to success
- Techniques for effective communication to manage conflict
- Management approaches to enhance team performance
Kate Muir - Managing Director
Florissant Consulting Pty Ltd

19 January 2017

09:00 - 09:35

Case Study

Flying high in a male dominated environment

Despite progress being made in many organisations, women still face a unique set of challenges ascending to senior leadership positions. This is particularly the case in heavily male-dominated environments where unconscious bias is rife and barriers to success are ever present. Squadron Leader Marija Jovanovich was the first Australian to graduate from the US Air Force Test Pilot School in 25 years. Her example proves that it is possible to shatter the glass ceiling as she has soared through the ranks as she has through the skies. In this compelling case study Marija will share her story of success and discuss:
- Excelling as a woman in a male-dominated environment
- The importance of re-framing the narrative
- Determination and self-empowerment as pivotal factors for success
Marija Jovanovich - Squadron Leader, Qualified Test Pilot
Royal Australian Air Force

09:45 - 10:20

Case Study

Leading in the digital revolution

The leaders of the future will be innovators who thrive in digital landscapes and pioneer new solutions to emerging demands. In this case study Jenny will discuss her unconventional journey to the C-suite and how she navigated the transition from management to leadership in a time of digital disruption and complexity. She will explore:
- Carving your own pathway to success
- Embracing technology to enhance your leadership proficiency
- Practical advice for career transition
Jenny Williams - Chief Marketing Officer

10:45 - 11:45


The art of negotiation - Mastering influential leadership

One of a leader’s key strengths is their ability to negotiate and garner influence. Success can never be completely self-made and it requires a leader to actively promote themselves, their team and their vision. The undeniable fact remains that leadership is not a meritocracy alone, and especially for emerging women leaders the journey relies on successfully navigating unconscious bias and overcoming entrenched cultural norms. This session explores a range of themes around influential leadership, including:
- Techniques for negotiating effectively
- Advocating for brand, team and vision
- Developing a situational influential leadership style
Karen Malzard - Head of Risk, Superannuation and Insurance, ANZ Wealth
Debby Blakey - Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Hofman - Partner
PwC Australia
Michelle Beveridge - Chief Information Officer
Intrepid Group

11:45 - 00:20

Case Study

Employing dynamic situational leadership to navigate workplace complexity

Commercial environments are complex, relentless and often ambiguous. In order to be successful leaders, women need to find their leadership edge and be conscious about the choices they make. By understanding the setting, situation and structures in which they are operating, leaders will be able to anticipate issues and be better able to navigate these environments. This requires high levels of resilience, flexibility, integrity, authenticity and compassion. In this expert commentary Michelle will discuss:
- Practical strategies to adapt your leadership style to changing circumstances
- Tapping into your unbound leadership potential
- Helping your team thrive in complex environments
Michelle Gibbings - Managing Director
Change Meridian

13:30 - 14:30


Practical pathways to achieve your vision of success

To thrive as a leader you must develop your vision of success and master the soft skills needed to achieve it. Future leaders must possess a firm appreciation of the key relationships that will pave the way for success, and develop a clear understanding of the professional paradigms in which they work both now and in the future. This frank and honest discussion will feature advice from inspirational leaders who will discuss: 
- Practical strategies for career progression and real world routes to success 
- What advice they would give to their younger self based on what they know now 
- Future challenges, expectations and opportunities facing women in leadership
Pascale Helyar-Moray - Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Billie Moore - New Zealand Consul General
New Zealand Consulate-General Sydney
Dr Gayle Philpotts - General Manager, People and Performance
Sydney Airport
Roslyn Baker - Chief Operating Officer, Energy Queensland
Ergon Energy

14:30 - 15:00

Case Study

Women's leadership on a global scale

Great leaders are defined not only by their accomplishments but by their values, their advocacy and their legacy. High Commissioner Chohan has had a remarkable leadership journey spanning across different decades, continents and political landscapes and is recognised globally as a distinguished leader. She has assumed a leadership position in 8 different Pakistani missions across the world and was one of the first and most senior women to rise to the highest level Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The High Commissioner is an avid campaigner for women’s rights and an accomplished artist whose work is displayed in five continents. This captivating case study will explore:
- A Personal account of a compelling career journey
- Understanding leadership on a global scale
- Inspiration and advice for emerging leaders

Naela Chohan - High Commissioner
High Commission of Pakistan

15:30 - 16:30


Making visions of success a reality - Future directions for women in leadership

In this interactive closing discussion, delegates will revisit the key themes and topics touched on during the two day summit. Drawing on the interactive round table format and the existing networks that have formed during the event, delegates will consolidate the tools and techniques learned during the forum to inform future directions. Discuss:
- Key lessons learned from the summit 
- Developing a personal vision of success 
- Creating a practical and strategic future leadership plan
Jacqui Whiteford - Managing Director
Mindset Solutions

20 January 2017

09:00 - 16:30


Building Resilience, Revolutionising and Leading through times of Change

Effective leadership is not just firefighting or caretaking; it is about making the bold decisions that need to be made and carving a path in the right direction. Brave leaders are pioneers and innovators and ultimately they have a lot of responsibility and pressure on their shoulders. Women in leadership roles face a unique set of pressures that they must grow resilient to in order to maintain their trajectory to further success. 

This workshop will equip women with the tools to confidently take risks whilst holding on to their core values in highly stressful situations, where unfaltering leadership and resilience is essential. This full-day workshop will equip delegates with the tools to develop an acute understanding of their workplace and working practices. By drawing on this knowledge leaders become proficient at managing stress, improving tense workplace relationships and have increased confidence when managing challenging situations and people.

By mastering techniques for managing change, conflict and stress, women who attend this workshop will be equipped with the tools to transcend the trepidation that holds them back from reaching their full potential. They will be impervious to setbacks and aware of themselves, their colleagues and their workplace. This engaging and perception-altering session will help to create the bold, innovative and fearless leaders of the future. 

Developing a solid base around your core
- Understanding your core values and non-negotiables as a leader
- Developing an awareness of your workplace and its stressors
- Building a toolkit for proactively identifying future challenges

Building confidence and gaining strength
- Strategies to build confidence and exude executive presence
- Techniques to identify allies in challenging or time poor situations
- Robust strategies to deal with setbacks and adversity

Effective communication to facilitate change and minimise stressors
- Leading with transparency, authenticity, and integrity
- Communicating effectively to lead transition from the forefront
- Gaining buy-in from internal and external stakeholders

Turning vision into reality seamlessly
- Mastering strategic planning for organisational change
- Adapting to the changing nature of the workplace
- Translating vision into success with longevity

Martine Barclay - Managing Director
Redefine your Edge
Marija Jovanovich
Squadron Leader, Qualified Test Pilot
Royal Australian Air Force
Karen Malzard
Head of Risk, Superannuation and Insurance, ANZ Wealth
Michelle Beveridge
Chief Information Officer
Intrepid Group
Pascale Helyar-Moray
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr Gayle Philpotts
General Manager, People and Performance
Sydney Airport
Jenny Williams
Chief Marketing Officer
Roslyn Baker
Chief Operating Officer, Energy Queensland
Ergon Energy
Cindy Batchelor
Executive General Manager, NAB Business
National Australia Bank
Liz Morgan-Brett
Chief Executive Officer, Former Australian Olympian
Activate UTS
Michelle Gibbings
Managing Director
Change Meridian
Sarah Hofman
PwC Australia
Angela Howard
Vice President of People and Performance
Carnival Australia
Jacqui Whiteford
Managing Director
Mindset Solutions
Lynley Marshall
Chief Executive Officer
ABC International
Georgina Gaussen
Chief Operating Officer
Fairfax Media
Kellie Tomney
Founder and Director
STAND OUT Advantage
Cathy Doyle
Non-executive Director
Ambition and Mason Stevens, Founding Board Member for International Women's Forum
Hazel Bennett
Chief Financial Officer
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Debby Blakey
Chief Executive Officer
Martine Barclay
Managing Director
Redefine your Edge
Naela Chohan
High Commissioner
High Commission of Pakistan
Beth Winchester
Chief People Officer
Fuji Xerox Australia
Kate Muir
Managing Director
Florissant Consulting Pty Ltd
Billie Moore
New Zealand Consul General
New Zealand Consulate-General Sydney
Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
Phone: 02 9361 8400
36 College Street
Sydney, NSW
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