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The Queensland Public Sector Directors, Managers and Emerging Leaders Forum 2016

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
06 December 2016 - 07 December 2016

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The future of the Public Sector in Queensland will be driven by bold and capable leaders who learn from both the achievements and mistakes of their predecessors. Successful leadership requires the courage to take calculated risks; to pioneer innovative solutions which improve efficiency with limited resources. This forum will provide existing and emerging leaders with resilience and the necessary frameworks to thrive in times of complexity and embrace the core values of Queensland’s Public Sector.

Contemporary leadership cannot be reliant solely on authority. This forum will explore the transition from management to leadership and how to develop and maintain synergetic stakeholder relationships. During the two days, successful senior leaders will reflect on the devolution of authority to enhance team performance and impart the tools and techniques to effectively lead and empower diverse and disparate teams.

Aimed at aspiring executive leaders and those in management and senior management roles, the forum will showcase stories of success from Queensland’s most prominent and distinguished leaders. By delving into the true meaning of leadership and holding customer-centric practices at its core, the forum will inspire, inform and unleash the potential of those who attend.
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- Developing a courageous, innovative and authentic leadership identity

- Practical advice and inspirational stories of success from distinguished Public Sector leaders

- Establishing and embodying the core values which keep customers at the heart of the Public Sector

- Key skills to lead through times of change in a volatile political landscape
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-AO 5-8
-EL 1-2
-APS 5-6
-Assistant Directors
-Assistant Managers
-Team Leaders
-Branch / Section Managers
-Program Managers
-Project Managers
-Regional Managers

05 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Courageous Leadership – Building a bold and authentic leadership identity

Senior Leaders in Queensland’s Public Sector inevitably face the everyday reality of leading teams in a constantly changing, volatile political landscape. Leaders need the courage to innovate and to take risks in order to be able achieve their vision. Only by understanding your strengths and opportunities as a leader can you make the bold moves which lead to success. 

Courageous leadership isn’t just about taking risks, it’s about having the knowledge to make the right decisions at the right times and the integrity to be accountable for them. Successful leaders are transparent with their customers, their teams and their managers because they are empowered by the knowledge that they have held on to their core vision and taken the right steps to achieve it.  

This interactive workshop equips emerging leaders with the building blocks of bravery by understanding the past, present and future of their leadership journey. By embracing the core values of Queensland’s Public Sector this interactive session will empower participants to be courageous and position themselves at the intersection of true leadership, risk-appetite and accountability.  

Laying the foundations – Reflecting on your Journey so far
-Understand your value in the organisation
-Reflect on your personal successes and failures
-Identify your core values as a leader

Building the core – The fundamentals of leadership
- The capabilities, attributes and skills of an influential leader
- Understand your authority and responsibilities
- Overcome Imposter syndrome

Illuminating your Identity – Transparency and accountability
- Encourage authenticity and Integrity
- Be both the author and the publicist of your success
- Overcome unconcious bias

Improving the blueprint – Taking calculated risks
- Use Self-empowerment to underpin career progression and risk-taking
- Give yourself a license to fail in the pursuit of success
- Develop a personalised and practical leadership plan

Shaneen Meyers - Chief Executive Officer
Meyers Consulting

06 December 2016

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Managing the maze - The art of possibilities

Successfully traversing the landscape of the Public Sector involves working with people while negotiating policies and managing the politics of governments and the bureaucracy. Cheryl will share her insights and experiences on navigating the maze of the Public Sector and policy terrain to successfully deliver on behalf of the government to improve the lives of people. In this keynote Cheryl will reflect on her remarkable career and explore:
- Lessons learned – people and politics
- Managing tensions between personal values and government expectations
- What it means to be a leader
Cheryl Vardon - Principal Commissioner
Queensland Family and Child Commission

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Transitioning from a ‘manager’ to ‘leader’

The challenge of career transition is embracing the complexities of leadership and letting go of the confines of middle-management. In this session, Simon will reflect on his extensive experience of delivering long-term projects to dissect the anatomy of leadership. He will discuss:
- The different roles of a manager and a leader
- Diversifying your skills and experience to reach your leadership goals
- Developing, promoting and delivering strategic visions with longevity
Dr Simon Blackwood - Deputy Director-General, Office of Industrial Relations
Queensland Treasury

10:55 - 11:35

Case Study

Empathetic decision making

Leading with empathy is not simply about sympathising with the people around you, it is about making the right decisions for the right reasons and embracing and encouraging the strength in those around you. Empathetic leaders have the bravery to challenge structures, take risks and go against the status quo with their customers in mind. Taking the right risks for the right reasons led Kevin Cocks to be awarded the Australian Human Rights medal in 2005 and made a member of the Order of Australia in 2010, and in this session he will share insights from his career and his appointment as Queensland’s Anti-discrimination Commissioner. Discuss:
- Using strength based leadership to empower your team
- Leading with vision and understanding the bigger picture from a human rights perspective
- How to truly put people who are recipients of your services first
Kevin Cocks AM - Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

11:45 - 00:15

Case Study

Prioritising people over politics

In a volatile political landscape and times of uncertainty, change is inevitable but how do leaders ensure that this change is for the benefit of their customers and not to appease the political agenda of the time? The juxtaposition of Stephen’s 26 years’ experience in the Public Sector and his current shadow ministerial appointment allows him a unique insight into what it takes to put people over emerging political paradigms. Discuss:
-Overcoming negative misconceptions and improving poor practices
-Engaging the Public Sector with the Private Sector and its best practices
-Developing strategic plans with longevity which are resilient to changing political policy
Stephen Bennett MP - Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works
Queensland Parliament

13:25 - 14:25


Managing without authority - Building synergetic stakeholder relationships

Successful senior Public Sector leaders are experts at advocating for their teams across different business areas and with external stakeholders. A true leader will build synergetic relationships and garner influence outside of traditional hierarchies. Investing in strong partnerships can be vital to break down barriers so that the right doors can be opened in the right order. In this panel discussion accomplished leaders will draw on their experiences and offer practical solutions on how to:
- Communicate and develop influence effectively outside of your team
- Authentically manage multidisciplinary projects
- Embrace your role in the wider strategy
Cathy Heffernan - Assistant Director-General, Human Resources
Department of Education and Training
Cheryl Vardon - Principal Commissioner
Queensland Family and Child Commission

14:25 - 15:05

Case Study

Adaptable agile leadership

Innovative leaders thrive on the complexities of contemporary working practices and the opportunities that they present. In this session, Ian will discuss how to engage cutting edge technology to improve service delivery and efficiency while maintaining an adaptive leadership style that is conducive with organisational agility. True innovation and risk are inseparable and in this session he will explore how to mitigate strategic risk-taking through the effective implementation of organisational strategies relating to front-line services, culture, people, processes and systems. Discuss:
-A courageous and innovative leadership journey
-Using Technology to improve service delivery
-Accepting and mitigating risk as a consequence of innovation
Ian Stewart - Queensland Police Commissioner
Queensland Police

15:30 - 16:05

Expert Commentary

Building your brand and seizing networking opportunities

In today’s world of globalisation, where communication is instant and social media is second nature, contemporary leaders’ greatest assets are often each other. This session will equip leaders with the skills to effectively build their personal brand, market it to their peers and build effective, meaningful relationships. Every interaction, be it face-to-face or virtual, offers an invaluable opportunity to find mentors, advocates and powerful allies. In this session Amanda will discuss:
- Effective communication techniques across different channels
- Engineering and optimising important interactions
- Identifying and shaping the way you are perceived professionally
Amanda Cole - Managing Director
Spark Consultants Pty Ltd

07 December 2016

09:00 - 09:40

Case Study

Embracing your mistakes

Mistakes are the portals of discovery’ – James Joyce

True leaders achieve success, not by being perfect from the outset but by embracing criticism as a mechanism for improvement. As Queensland Ombudsman, Phil has the responsibility to identify opportunities in the service delivery across many different aspects of Queensland’s Public Sector. In this keynote address Phil will present a series of real life examples where complaints have improved strategy, to inspire the leaders of the future to be able to learn from their mistakes. Discuss:
- Using complaints as strategic information
- What do complaints tell you about team performance
- Turning bad news into good news
Phil Clarke - The Queensland Ombudsman
Queensland Ombudsman

09:50 - 10:30

Case Study

Caretaker to risk-taker - Putting innovation into action

Great leaders are seldom remembered for toeing the line or for being the guardians of yesterday’s practices. They are remembered for the risks they took and the decisions they made. Sometimes Imposter Syndrome drives new leaders to try and replicate the practices of their predecessors or peers rather than taking the risks to define their own leadership identity. Leanne leads an organisation where innovation is essential due to our digital revolution and stark the changes to tourism. Discuss:
- Overcoming internal and external risk aversion
- Stepping up to challenges
- How to put ideas into action
Leanne Coddington - Chief Executive Officer
Tourism and Events Queensland

10:55 - 11:35

Case Study

Anchoring vision into reality

Accomplished leaders in the Public Sector are visionaries, but enhancement and innovation are driven not by the strength of a vision but by the precision with which it is delivered. A proven track record of turning vision into reality has led Wade to ascend the ladder of the Public Sector into his current role. In this session he will discuss techniques to put your ideas into action by compromising where you need to but never on your integrity or intent. Discuss:
- Understanding the strategic environment
- Finding your opportunity and timing it right
- Gaining buy-in for your vision
Wade Oestreich - Deputy Director-General, Strategic Policy and Racing Industry Governance
Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing

13:35 - 14:15

Case Study

The dividend of diversity

‘Diversity’ is an easy word to say, but a more difficult concept to truly realise. With 20% of Australians speaking a language other than English at home, are we getting the best out of this workforce as it continues to grow? Michelle leads one of Queensland government’s most diverse teams – a globally dispersed network of highly educated professionals comprising over 50% women and more than 15 nationalities. In this session Michelle will explore how to leverage diversity and the diaspora advantage. Discuss:
- Dynamic diversity, and realising “inclusion”
- Communicating across a diverse workforce
- Recruitment and progression challenges
Michelle Wade - General Manager, International Operations
Trade and Investment Queensland

14:25 - 15:15


Navigating the politics for progression - How to secure your next job role

Career progression is political by nature, but especially so against the backdrop of the ever changing Queensland Public Sector. Emerging leaders must possess a firm appreciation of the complex internal and external relationship dynamics that form the foundation for future success, and a clear understanding of the real-world expectations, from both above and below. This interactive panel session brings together some of the Queensland Public Sector's most distinguished leaders for a frank and free-flowing discussion, offering personal, practical advice and insights into the paradigms, expectations and crucial skills for success. The panel will discuss:
- Real-world routes to success
- Challenges, opportunities and expectations facing future leaders
- Negotiating external and office politics
Stephen Johnston - Deputy Director-General, Local Government and Regional Services
Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
Major General Stuart L Smith - Deputy Chief of Joint Operations
Department of Defence
Maria Mohr - Deputy Director-General, Conservation and Sustainability Services
Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

15:30 - 16:30


Future Directions for Queensland’s Public Sector leaders

This interactive closing discussion will allow participants to revisit the key themes and skills explored during during the two day forum. Shaneen will reflect on the lessons learned and advice imparted throughout the forum, allowing delegates to consolidate the practical takeaways from each session into a framework for future success. Explore:
- The current future challenges facing Public Sector Leaders
- The key strategies for success to take-away from the forum
- Unleashing your leadership potential in your future career
Shaneen Meyers - Chief Executive Officer
Meyers Consulting

08 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Workplace Innovation: Connecting and Leading through Times of Change

It isn’t just the workforce, but also the workplace that is rapidly evolving across the Public Sector. With large restructures taking place across Queensland government and due to continue, it’s imperative that the leaders of today and tomorrow are equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead through times of change.

Transitional times produce particular challenges, and demand both competence and resilience of their leaders. Sometimes putting ideas into action requires leaders to work across boundaries, and challenge the frameworks that exist. True leadership is collaborative and only by encouraging and embracing innovative ideas and approaches can it be achieved.

Following this interactive workshops participants will walk away with practical strategies to manage transition, understand agile working practices and lead diverse teams. By exploring multiple change methodologies, neuroscientific approaches and challenging the practicalities of ‘innovation’, this comprehensive training will aid existing and emerging leaders to seamlessly deliver a better, more agile workplace strategy for Queensland.

Be the expert to become the innovator
-Identify your current and future workplace requirements and challenges
-Understand Baby boomers, Generation X & Y and Millennials
-Reflect on the anatomy and neuroscience of successful leadership

Develop a workplace and workforce that work for you and your customer
-Pioneer practical and engaging customer-focused agile solutions
-Develop high performance communication frameworks
-Explore strategies and technologies to lead a diverse mobile workforce

Take the Lead in Times of Change
-Evaluate established change methodologies to understand why change may fail
-Create a clear timeline for change centered on your current and future needs
-Advocate considered change to gain buy-in from your team and colleagues

Remain adaptable and resilient
-Bounce back from adversity by understanding the neuroscience of resilience
-Embrace situational leadership in changing work landscapes
-Master the art of constant feedback and re-evaluation
Greg Pritchard - Chief Executive Officer
LEAD N EDGE Consulting
Michelle Wade
General Manager, International Operations
Trade and Investment Queensland
Stephen Johnston
Deputy Director-General, Local Government and Regional Services
Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
Dr Simon Blackwood
Deputy Director-General, Office of Industrial Relations
Queensland Treasury
Phil Clarke
The Queensland Ombudsman
Queensland Ombudsman
Leanne Coddington
Chief Executive Officer
Tourism and Events Queensland
Amanda Cole
Managing Director
Spark Consultants Pty Ltd
Stephen Bennett MP
Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works
Queensland Parliament
Cheryl Vardon
Principal Commissioner
Queensland Family and Child Commission
Shaneen Meyers
Chief Executive Officer
Meyers Consulting
Greg Pritchard
Chief Executive Officer
LEAD N EDGE Consulting
Ian Stewart
Queensland Police Commissioner
Queensland Police
Cathy Heffernan
Assistant Director-General, Human Resources
Department of Education and Training
David Mackie
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Wade Oestreich
Deputy Director-General, Strategic Policy and Racing Industry Governance
Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing
Todd Jacob
Director for Queensland Community Service Resolution
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Dean King
Resilience Coach
Personal Edge Consultancy
Kevin Cocks AM
Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
Major General Stuart L Smith
Deputy Chief of Joint Operations
Department of Defence
Maria Mohr
Deputy Director-General, Conservation and Sustainability Services
Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Phone: 07 3308 3000
Cnr Merivale and Glenelg Streets
Brisbane, QLD
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