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Public Sector Legal Officers' Intensive 2016

Cliftons Canberra

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Lawyers in the Public Sector are facing unique set of challenges as legal practice, legislation and the definition of their role are constantly changing. In today’s evolving Public Sector environment, the demands on Government Lawyers not only encompass the variety of responsibilities and duties within the legal capacity, but also possessing strong leadership, communication and stakeholder management capabilities.

While Government Lawyers in Australia have a very good knowledge of the law and legal procedures, the gap is often in providing applicable solutions and practical advice for effective policy-making, project management, statutory interpretation, and dispute resolution and negotiation processes.

This comprehensive three-day intensive workshop will impart essential strategies and practical insights for Public Sector Legal Officers to achieve maximum effectiveness. Drawing on current case examples, group discussions and practical exercises, the interactive workshop experience will help delegates turn concepts into applicable tips and skills to reach their full potential.
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- Developing strong leadership skills and capabilities as a Government lawyer
- Understanding the current evolving Public Sector landscape and its implications for Public Sector legal practitioners
- Building credibility and trust-based relationships with both internal and external stakeholders
- Breaking down ambiguity and mastering the concepts for effective statutory interpretation
- Working effectively with policy officers and drafters
- Providing practical and real-time legal advice for public administrative and policy decisions
- Learning best practices for Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Applying dispute resolution and negotiation theories into practice in the Public Sector context
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- General Counsels
- Senior Legal Officers / Legal officers
- Lawyers / Solicitors
- Legal Branch Directors / Managers
- Regulatory and Compliance Officers
- Drafters
- Legal Policy Officers
- Parliamentary Counsel
- Legal Counsels / Legal Advisors
- Administrative Legal Assistants
- Principal Registers
- Judicial Officers

05 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Day 1 - Leadership Skills for Public Sector Legal Officers

The development of the Public Sector legal profession
- An overview of current and emerging issues, and the implications for Government lawyers
- Leadership in a complex and changing Public Sector environment – Future trends and challenges and their impacts on Public Sector legal practitioners

Being more than a lawyer – Enhance your leadership capabilities and capacity to meet current and future challenges
- Identifying and focusing on the critical priorities for leadership success
- Developing strategic leadership skills – Practical leadership tools for Public Sector legal practitioners
- The Senior Executive public service environment and what your clients need from their lawyers
- Delivering end-to-end solutions and strategic advisory service for your clients
- Enhancing strategic thinking and problem solving skills

Effective communication and strategic influencing skills needed to build trust
- Sharpening your communication skills to become an expert legal advisor
- Building trust, influence and credibility with internal and external stakeholders
- Tips for managing difficult conversations to achieve positive outcomes
- Developing effective communication strategies for different stakeholders and scenarios
- Communicating with a clear direction and vision

Building and sustaining a high-performing culture
- Sustainable leadership in times of Public Sector transformation and disruption
- Aligning legal practice and performance with organisational goals
- Formulating and implementing individual and team goals to create target driven processes
James Fletcher - Principal
Alta Pete Consulting

06 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Day 2 - Legal Advice and Assistance with Policy Development

The Commonwealth legal framework
- Understanding the responsibilities and  ethical duties of Legal Officers and Public Sector professionals
- Legal updates for Government lawyers
- Recent case examples and practical application

Statutory interpretation – Exploring key concepts and frameworks
- Understanding statutory construction, the purpose of a statute, and finding the meaning within the text of the legislation itself
- Breaking down ambiguity and providing clarity in statutory interpretation
- Delivering effective and trusted legal advice
- Group exercise – Interpreting statutes within a specific context and scenario

Complex legislative projects – how legal professionals can add value
- Understanding the importance and value of the legal advice you bring to the project management team
- Risk management – engaging with senior executive clients and key stakeholders
- Understanding the project management aspects of legislative development
- Considerations for designing best practice regulatory and social policy schemes
- Strategic processes that support high quality legal services

Statutory development – Working effectively with policy officers and drafters
- Drawing distinction between legal and policy functions, but how they work hand-in-hand to design effective public policies
- Providing legal advice in a policy-focused portfolio
- Understanding where law comes in within the policy-making process
- Giving practical and real-time legal advice for informed administrative decision making
James Fletcher - Principal
Alta Pete Consulting

07 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Day 3 - Dispute Resolution and Negotiation

Dispute resolution frameworks and processes
- Understanding the context of dispute resolution and negotiation
- Matters to be aware of as a Public Sector lawyer 
- Applicable policies and the Professional Conduct Rules

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
- What is ADR? The values, principles and models of ADR
- The processes and types of ADR
- Confidentiality and ADR
- Group discussion: Drawing on recent case examples to understand the process of ADR

Negotiation theory 
- Defining and understanding negotiation
- Fisher and Ury’s ‘Getting to Yes – Negotiating Agreement without Giving in’
- Identifying different styles of negotiation, and what works best in which situation
- Understanding your own negotiation style and how to be most effective in dispute resolution
- Avoiding common pitfalls

Practical negotiation skills
- Practical guidance for having effective negotiations in a Public Sector context
- Effectively preparing to negotiate – what you need to know?
- Applying different styles of negotiation that are appropriate for the situation
- Group exercise – applying the learnings in a ‘real life’ example (in a supportive and non-threatening environment)
James Fletcher - Principal
Alta Pete Consulting
James Fletcher
Alta Pete Consulting
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