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Asset Management Professionals Leadership Toolkit

Cliftons Sydney

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While technical tools, systems and compliance frameworks typically govern Asset Management of an organisation, Asset Management professionals are key decision makers in managing the risks and opportunities revolving asset activities, costs, performance, integrity and reliability. This highlights the importance for Asset Management professionals to hone effective leadership skills that will enable them to merge the elements of processes, systems, people, and technology to maximise the value of assets and drive business outcomes. They need to possess a broad range of skill-sets that include driving change management, stakeholder engagement, effective communication, and team management, in order to build a strong and sustainable Asset Management culture within their organisation.

This practical two-day workshop is specifically designed for Asset Management professionals to develop the leadership essentials required for navigating the complex challenges in today’s dynamic business environment to facilitate Asset Management excellence. Drawing on real-life examples and scenarios, delegates will learn effective strategies, tools and tips to excel in Asset Management leadership and achieve robust business performance.
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- Harnessing essential leadership skills and capabilities to drive asset management excellence
- Navigating complex challenges in asset management through effective leadership
- Practising effective communication strategies to deliver desired asset management outcomes
- Effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders to enhance asset performance
- Driving change and process improvement that aligns with business goals
- Tips and tools for leading asset risk management strategies
- Enhancing your influence as an asset management leader
- Building a sustainable asset management culture within your organisation
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Public and private sector professionals working in:
- Asset Management
- Infrastructure
- Construction
- Project Management
- Capital Works / Public Works
- Engineering
- Facilities Management
- Asset Integrity and Reliability

06 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Day One

Enhancing leadership skills for Asset Management Professionals
- The essential leadership qualities needed for Asset Management Leaders
- The importance of developing strong leadership skills for Asset Management Professionals
- ISO55000 for Asset Management
- Bringing together the elements of processes, people, systems and technology in Asset Management through leadership

Transitioning from a technical specialist to a tactical leader
- Reflecting on your leadership style and drawing on your unique strengths
- Growing beyond technical knowledge to develop strategic foresight, analytical decision making, and problem solving skills
- Understanding effective people management approaches that will support strong Asset Management culture
- Leading a sustainable Asset Management culture within your organisation

Developing effective communication skills
- Providing clear direction and vision with consistent communication 
- Understanding your communication behaviours and why you respond the way you do
- Building your influence as an Asset Management leader through effective communication
- Tips for effective communication to gain management support and buy-in

Building connection and strong working relationships for Asset Management excellence
- Leading and managing high-performing teams
- Enhancing connection and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
- Tips for building strategic partnerships for Asset Management project success
Colin Grainger - Chief Executive Officer
Consultz International Pty Ltd

07 December 2016

09:00 - 16:30


Day Two

Leading change in Asset Management 
- Understanding the difference between change management and change leadership
- Aligning strategic planning for Asset Management with the changing business needs, and how to achieve sustainability
- Breaking down silos in Asset Management to facilitate change 
- Communicating change effectively in a timely and transparent manner

Driving process improvement for Asset Management excellence
- Navigating challenges in communicating and leading process improvement
- Understanding the reason for resistance to change and winning the hearts and minds of your team to work towards process and performance improvement
- Addressing the need for behavioural change and reinforcing positive behaviours for desired outcomes
- Embedding a culture for continuous improvement

Leading asset risk management strategies 
- Aligning asset risk management with organisational business processes and outcomes
- Broadening and cascading asset and risk management accountability
- Developing a proactive framework and policy to managing asset risk 

Building and enabling an asset management culture within your organisation
- Cultivating transparency, accountability and performance through leadership
- Leading from the ground-up vs bottom-down – Deriving best practices for your organisation
- Empowering and supporting teams to work towards asset management excellence
Colin Grainger - Chief Executive Officer
Consultz International Pty Ltd
Colin Grainger
Chief Executive Officer
Consultz International Pty Ltd
Cliftons Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9250 0999
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Sydney, NSW
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